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Famous Furries?
  • I appreciate that John Ottiver is packing heat.

  • People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?
  • I'm definitely a 1, and generally I don't. I do, however, really like interactive fiction in both work safe and non work safe contexts. I think I really enjoy being able to visualize it in my mind more than I do watching it.

    I'm not sure if it factors into your pet theory, but I'm asexual so the appeal of physical forms is also very lost on me. That's a different can of worms that I'm happy to open if interested, but I'll leave it be if not.

  • what are some furry communities on lemmy??
  • Oh rad! Keep your eyes peeled for conventions!

  • what are some furry communities on lemmy??
  • Speaking of, Anthrocon actually just wrapped up this year. You should go next year! It's always a blast!

  • When is it "enough" money?
  • Ah, well, fair. Would have made for a great story! πŸ™‚

  • Hello, I bought art
  • Hey, I hear repeated sounds of exoskeleton bumping into glass. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

    In all seriousness though, that's a very cute piece!

  • When is it "enough" money?
  • A big swing, but I'm genuinely rooting for you.

  • What’s the worst piece of technology you’ve ever owned?
  • I bought my parents a laser printer after years of them being incredibly frustrated by inkjets. I got them the same model as me, as well as a spare toner cartridge.

    I'm still on my original toner cartridge, and I've had it for probably six years or so.

    My parents are in their late 40's and early 50's. I think I might have accidentally gotten them a lifetime supply of printing.

  • I uh... Don't really have a lot to help you with your direct situation, but I do know that nair is designed to (mildly) chemically burn you. That's how it destroys the hair. Make sure you have it all off of you so it doesn't continue to work (it sounds like you did but it bears repeating). From there it should just be time until it stops feeling uncomfortable.

    In the interim, you could take something OTC to manage the pain, if appropriate. Motrin/ibuprofen/paracetamol, whatever you've got on hand to deal with aches and pains. That should help you deal while it's actively hurting, and hopefully by the time the medicine wears off, it'll be back to feeling normal.

    Edit: I'm not sure what Destin is - double check to make sure it doesn't interact with whatever pain medicine you take.

  • As a new, one year, software developer who retrained late. How do you know when you're ready to apply for a new role with more money?
  • In this industry, change is the only constant and your ability to learn, grow, and adapt is going to be more important than any singular technology you can learn.

    I can promise you're not as stupid as you may feel you are. You've made it a year, and that means something.

    I've been pushing myself hard to get some certifications to really deepen my skill set. You may find that's valuable to you, or you may not. I've found that it's improved my ability to take a step back and understand the systems I'm building from an architectural perspective. It's been helpful for me.

    I've helped coach interns and new hires at my company before. I actually like when they ask me questions even if it's something I've answered before, because it shows me that they want to learn. And even better is when they ask "why do it that way?", because it forces me to check my own understanding of the problem set. It also means that I can really dig into the explanation and hopefully they walk away with at least one more tool in their toolbox.

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • You're right, but I was thinking of the buckets that are basically terrible quality slop that's borderline inedible.

    I might still call it a grift because they're asking for payment as "donations" to skirt paying taxes on them. That, and like you said, it's not a great value for what you get. Maybe not pure snake oil, but there's definitely still enough dishonesty involved imo that I'd be comfortable calling it a grift.

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • Anti-5g dongles? That's new for me, but I consume a lot of these grifts secondhand through a few podcasts I listen to. I might be behind.

    Sounds like the bones of a good scam are there though, assuming the anti-5G conspiracy still gets traction and clicks.

    Edit: Do you know if someone like bigclive got one? He takes those sorts of devices apart a lot to explain them and I'd love to see what's inside. I just don't want to pay the money for one to fund the grift.

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • I have a couple from the hip actually, because America has grifting baked into it's soul. In no particular order:

    • MMS (Drinkin' bleach)
    • Crystal healing (most sellers)
    • WitchTok kits (TikTok influencers selling expensive spices)
    • Brain pills
    • Any product peddled by a megachurch (see the Baker bucket for a great example)
    • Chiropractors

    As more of these come to me, I'll try to expand the list.

    Update: I can't believe I forgot chiros! They turned themselves into a religion at one point to try to dodge medical licensure laws.

  • Almost cake day
  • Yeah, thank you! I poke my nose in here now and again and it's always good to see this community active!

  • Is this a mosquito?
  • Tough to tell for sure from your picture, but it might be a mayfly. One of these fellas.

  • Being called dumb by people on mildly infuriating, for no reason.
  • And also to misuse a document marked "for official use only", for an exam taken four years ago, on a functionally meaningless aptitude test. It serves a purpose for the military and that's it. And only during intake. You probably wouldn't get in trouble for sharing this doc out in the grand scheme of things, but the US military is collectively a petty bitch and they can find ways to make life difficult.

    I'm not sure why you choose to be so defensive about an Internet argument, OP, but learning to let go can lead you down a much more peaceful psychological road. The stakes were and are nil. The outcome of the argument changes nothing. Take a deep breath, calm down, and move on.

  • Insects and Bugs, Cute or Creepy?
  • See, I'm cool with millipedes - mainly because they fall in the camp of "not venomous". And if they actually are venomous, I don't want that information haha.

    The basement centipedes creep me out but I'm not necessarily afraid of them.

    Giant centipedes actually present a roughly equivalent danger as a venomous snake. It can be treated with antivenom (I think anyway), but left untreated can actually be fatal.

    Spiders fall in a camp of genuine phobia for me. It's a pure lizard-brain fear reaction when it comes to them and it's really hard to overcome.

  • Insects and Bugs, Cute or Creepy?
  • Insects are ok. Mostly. I have a thing about the combination of "too many legs" and "venomous". Centipedes are a no-go for me, genuine visceral terror. Same with spiders - except jumping spiders, they're bros.

  • The people who made Scrunchies understand this concept better than trash bag manufacturers.
  • You could also get yourself a pack of bungee cords. Bungee the bag the same way you'd use one of those bands.

    It's the kludgy option, but you'll probably get a bunch of spare bungee cords out of it and those are always useful.

  • Troubleshooting a fully custom build

    Hey y'all, I managed to hack together a printer from scratch and I'm struggling to get it to print well. It's a CoreXY system that's being controlled by a Octopus 1.1. Dual z screws, the works.

    I have it moving under it's own power and all. It's able to actually print, but the results are atrocious.

    I'm just trying to diagnose what's wrong here.



    The bottom/first layer actually looks kinda good. It's just completely shredding subsequent layers.



    Any advice would be appreciated!


    Building a Hypercube and looking for advice

    Howdy y'all, much like the title says, I'm looking to build a Hypercube. I have what was once upon a time an Ender 3 V1 that I've rebuilt with an Ender Extender kit. I'm not happy with the aggressive ghosting I get from the 400x400 bed so I wanted to cannibalize the electronics and build the frame from scratch. I was also planning on keeping the bed since it's got a stick on heater and thermistor that'll work well with the new setup. Hotend too, probably, since it's an all metal Micro Swiss.

    Any gotchas to look out for? I know belt tension is a biggie once I get it together, but any gotchas to look out for in the build process?

    I'm not too nervous about throwing together a custom firmware for this, it's not my first custom firmware and I'm a software guy by trade so it's pretty straightforward for me.


    Fursona Inspired Blankets

    I've been putting these things together for a few years now and I wanna show them off a little bit. I originally started making them to solve a problem - I'm kinda tall, and I like having a blanket that can cover me up from my head to my feet. I hadn't found any that could do that, so I started making these 6'x12' blankets. The example here is fleece on top and flannel on the bottom!

    The heart is my maker's mark. Orange because leggy.