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Why doesn't NA beer have nutrition fact labels in the USA?
  • The (absolutely gutted) organization for requiring things like nutritional information is primarily responsible for keeping people safe in the foods they consume. Should it be on there? Probably. But on the scale of things to do it's so absurdly insanely low with so many horrific things ahead of it that it probably isn't gonna happen. Nevermind the fact that it's lobbied against pretty hard at the same time.

    I think it probably should have nutritional and allergenic info required on it, but hearing the horror stories of my friends in food safety who go to plants that produce dangerous products with so little rules and oversight, I can't imagine thinking it's a good idea to take any amount of FDA time and attention away from that for things like beer.

    Most big breweries have nutritional info on their site for their beers, fwiw.

  • Why doesn't NA beer have nutrition fact labels in the USA?
  • Brewery process engineer here. The reasons beer doesn't need as strict of regulation in terms of food safety and in terms of labeling is twofold.

    Part of that is because it's lobbied to keep it that way, because if you put numbers down they're not great (no surprise)

    Part of it is because beer's pH and alcohol content makes it nearly impossible for human-harming-pathogens to grow. On the scale of danger for you from a food safety perspective, beer is low.

    NA beer is full strength beer with the alcohol removed. It goes through the same kill steps and processes as normal beer. Alcohol removal can be done a few ways (RO, filtration, boiling) but is I think always or effectively always followed by pasteurization.

    Not saying it should be beyond labelling, but that's the reasoning why it's not a high priority for labeling like food.

  • To those with 2+ monitors on your machine: What's your use case, and how much does it actually boost your productivity?
  • I always have used 2. I use multiple desktops really hard (for a long time in Linux and MacOS, and with third party Windows stuff till they finally caught up) and find it more convenient for compartmentalizing than multiple monitors.

    The only times I want to (and occasionally do) go more than 2 is watching F1 with data viewing and so many camera angles up

  • Gameplay mechanics were also a lot better with more replayability.
  • Oh man, I was coming in here to recommend the same. I'd say to look up nearly nothing about it in order to enjoy the mystery the best.

    Sometimes you'd beat a boss, get a manual page from it, and it's like "oh I could've done this the whole time, holy crap"

    For any of the Outer Wilds or Obra Dinn fans, play tunic for the mystery. For the ALTTP fans, play it for the combat!

  • F1 owner Liberty Media set to finalise purchase of MotoGP
  • I think it's unlikely for a few reasons. The biggest reason being that F1 is sold out at most permanent race tracks (non street circuits) these days.

    Having raced both cars and bikes at an amateur level, I don't think the safety features are similar enough. You move a lot of air fence/tecpro and widen or lessen gravel traps to switch between cars and bikes.

    They may once for a promo type of thing, but I doubt it'd be a consistent thing. Happy to be proven wrong for sure, but it seems logistically too tough.

  • F1 owner Liberty Media set to finalise purchase of MotoGP
  • I've been watching both motoGP and F1 for a while (2010 and 2008, respectively), and I think liberty was really good for F1 fans. Yes, it's more popular and harder to go to some races now for sure. But the production value, amount of coverage you get is significantly higher than Bernie-era-F1. I'd be excited for better MotoGP coverage honestly.

    Give me a package deal to watch both and I will buy it

  • Scarb's analysis of Max's brake failure
  • Ugh. Scarbs doesn't post multiple places when he does typically. So it'll be a thought on twitter, a random post on reddit. So this is probably not duplicated anywhere. Best I can do is someone who was Twitter screenshotting so I can poorly post on here :)

  • Scarb's analysis of Max's brake failure


    Sorry for the poor quality. Only twitter screenshots I could find

    Lemmy Babies of the Rexodus - it's been 9 months, how has Lemmy changed you?
  • I stopped using reddit, I'm on my phone a lot less. It makes me less angry and more present, and I really like that. I also comment more, as many of you have said here.

    I really miss Ask Historians. It'd send me down some lovely rabbit holes, get me reading books about niche topics I never knew I wanted to learn more about.

  • FIA Statement – treatment of tires for the 2023 Qatar GP

    Sprint race pushed back 20 minutes to allow for a short testing session with new track limits. If the sprint data isn't favorable, they will mandate a 3 stop during the race with 20 laps max per tire


    My experience for the Mexico City GP 2022

    Hello all--

    I'm already missing reddit for r/GrandPrixTravel, so here's a little write-up of my experience in Mexico City last year for the GP.

    I've been to COTA, Montreal, Shanghai, Mexico City, Suzuka, and Silverstone for the GPs. Mexico City was absolutely fantastic and one of the best experiences I've had at an F1 weekend.

    We went in large part because we were sticker shocked at the GA prices for COTA last year (and this year at that), and said "surely we can fly to CDMX and see the GP for the costs of flying to Austin for the GP." and we could! let's break that part down:

    We were lucky and nailed the timing to get a Scott's Cheap Flights from CLT to MEX directly for $279 per person. Typical prices are $400-500 for that route.

    We ended up missing the window for seats booked directly through the circuit (which we usually prefer to do) and ended up buying them through Grand Prix Events. We spend $1065 ($533pp) for 2 tickets in Foro Sol Norte (the stadium!).

    Hotel was super cheap, and super nice. Just over $90 per night, and we did Friday - Monday (so 3 nights).

    Food was also cheap and fantastic. Both at the stadium and just around the city. There's a weird system at the GP: you buy a card, load it with money, then can only spend that to buy stuff. Water was ~$1.50 and beer was ~$4.

    Transport was cheap*, since it was all by train. 5 pesos per direction per person (like $0.30). Trains were of course busy, especially after the GP, but it didn't take much longer than normal.

    This gives up $946.5 per person for travel, hotel, and F1 tickets, plus whatever food costs. You can definitely do much cheaper there, but for the $1,000 mark it's hard to have better seats from the US.

    We mostly did F1 and Dia de los Muertos stuff, but there was a ton to see nearby. For Dia de los Muertos there was a subway station closed near the plaza (where we stayed), so we had to talk one subway stop away. Like any F1 race, we gave ourselves a few hours of buffer so it wasn't a big deal.

    As for the race, we had AMAZING seats, got free Checo shirts (to make the crowd look like the Mexican flag in the stadium), cheered a ton (especially for Checo; when in Rome), got bootleg merch for almost nothing right outside the event.

    It's a slightly weird one, in that you can only get in to your section with your ticket and can't freely roam around (even on Friday). So you don't see the whole track.

    Of course after the GP, we went onto the track to watch the podium and have a beer on track. We walked down the whole front straight, checked out the pits, take photos, etc. All said, a really cool weekend, not horrifically expensive, and a very fun crowd. If you're on the fence, go to CDMX!

    *I did get my phone pick pocketed immediately after the Friday session at the train station. A few people bumped into me in a row and next thing I knew my phone was gone from my front pocket. I spend $180 on a cheap random phone in Mexico and restored my backup and was off to the races again (with bad battery life and a terrible camera). That was a bummer; definitely keep a close eye on your stuff in CDMX.