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  • You probably can give it a static ip through your router and block any access to the internet for it. Could even set up pihole to block the ads from coming in to any device. That said, it's possible the TV has built in ads or error messages to show in place of the ads when offline/blocked, or may just not even work if offline for longer than x minutes/hours/days

  • Justice Alito questions possibility of political compromise in secret recording
  • Religious extremists: everyone should follow my religion, beliefs, morals, and rules or be punished

    Atheistic extremists: religion is dumb and should not have their beliefs taught as facts (creationism not evolution, etc), but people can believe what they want. Also, don't give religious people preferential treatment (tax-free churches, absolved of crimes for being a "good Christian", etc)

    I think "you must believe only my stuff" is intolerant, but "believe what you want, just don't push it on others" is only intolerant because religion wants to be pushed on everyone else

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Even if my wife and I get our meal fully comped because the kitchen messed up or it took a long time (has happened a few times, college town. We never complain or get upset, the managers just come over and apologize then comp it), we qt least tip as if it wasn't comped, if we liked our server and/or the food a lot (both, most of the time) then we tip the full amount of the comped meal. Without fail the servers have been surprised that we tip at all when that happens

  • Study Finds That 52 Percent of ChatGPT Answers to Programming Questions Are Wrong
  • I use vim keybinds (via doom emacs) for this sort of stuff if I'm doing it for personal projects, my professional work is all done in an online platform (no way around it) so it's just faster and easier to throw the pattern and columns at the integrated chatgpt terminal rather than hop to a local editor and back

  • Study Finds That 52 Percent of ChatGPT Answers to Programming Questions Are Wrong
  • I use chatgpt semi-often... For generating stuff in a repeating pattern. Any time I have used it to make code, I don't save any time because I have to debug most of the generated code anyway. My main use case lately is making python dicts with empty keys (e.g. key1, key2... becomes "key1": "", "key2": "",...) or making a gold/prod level SQL view by passing in the backend names and frontend names (e.g. value_1, value_2... Value 1, Value 2,... Becomes value_1 as Value 1,...).

  • Millennials are 'quiet vacationing' rather than asking their boss for PTO: 'There's a giant workaround culture'
  • It's great - if you have a good boss.

    Unlimited cons: need approval, don't get paid for unused time when you leave
    Limited cons: needs approval, some places have use it or lose it policy for each year or you need to wait for days to accrue, limited sick days

    Unlimited pros: unlimited, usually comes with unlimited sick days, don't have to worry about accruing days
    Limited pros: get paid for unused days when you leave

  • Political consultant indicted for deep-faked Biden ad telling people not to vote
  • My MIL isn't addicted to Facebook, but fell deep into vegan/plant-based stuff lately and says the same thing about doing her own research and not blindly believing stuff. I already knew a lot of the stuff she has been pushing on us was complete BS but the kicker was when she said meat and dairy cause autism

  • When I die, turn me into soup
  • My MIL went full plant based (vegan but also only raw or minimally processed foods, doesn't even eat tofu or olive oil if she can avoid it) after watching some documentary on Netflix and it is her entire personality now, including trying to force it on my wife I who already eat vegetarian 95% of the time (everything at home is vegetarian, occasionally eat meat out if none of the vegetarian options sound good) primarily for environmental and health reasons. Every time we visit her she makes some snide and not even veiled remarks about us still occasionally eating meat and still eating dairy, her favorite is referring to any sort of cheese as "congealed cow puss".

    She also 100% believes it can cure diabetes, Alzheimers, dementia, and cancer in a matter of months and that meat and dairy cause autism.

  • I absolutely love this idea
  • I tried doing this but I could never visualize the fight or what something looked like... Turns out I have aphantasia and had no idea for 24 years because I just assumed no one else actually "saw" images when told to imagine something either and it was just a phrase

  • MacKenzie Scott donates $640M -- more than double her initial plan -- to nonprofits
  • She has currently donated over $15 billion since the divorce (started with $38 billion in amazon shares, now is worth about $40 billion despite stock price doubling in the 5 years since then), none of it with strings attached or being future promises like most billionaires. She doesn't need tax cuts since she just gets taxed on what she actually spends from capital gains tax (or whatever, I'm not an accountant), she doesn't stay in media spotlights except for when her donations go out, her donation org website does semi-yearly updates so its not trying to be a source of info or drama, etc.

    She hasn't lost money because she amazon stock price keeps going up, she's just not gaining as much as she could be if she hoarded her wealth, but she knows she has more money than she could ever hope to or want to spend in her lifetime, her kids lifetimes, or however many generations $40 billion can support even assuming the amazon stock prices get tanked (very unlikely).

    She just is a good human being with a good heart. It's rare that people like that have this kind of money to give away for purely charitable reasons, but here we are

  • FCC scraps old speed benchmark, says broadband should be at least 100Mbps
  • Why improve speeds when you can keep the same low ones so charging more for the faster speeds seems reasonable, with the added benefit of not having to upgrade infrastructure for as long as possible! Its even more fun when you get big government subsidies for the improvements and don't pass the savings on at all!

    I'm in the US but thankfully I'm on fiber getting unlimited 1000 Mbps symmetric for $65 a month, but my last place was $90 for 1000 Mbps down 10 Mbps up with a 1 tb cap. My parents pay $150 for the same. It's a mess out here.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Free: closed source, Dev can make it non-free any time they want, add monetization, ads, collect and sell data, change licensing, etc at any time and you just have to deal with it or switch software

    Foss/open source: if the Dev tries to monetize, add ads, go private, collect/sell data, people will just fork a non shitty version and maintain that

  • TIL: A man rejected for police job due to scoring too high on intelligence test.
  • And have to be bullied out or fired to prevent that, making the police department lose their expensive investment.

    There are good cops - they just end up getting bullied out or fired for trying to do the right (and legal) thing

  • Help identifying an old game?

    I've been trying to find a game that I played probably 10 or so years ago. I thought the name was digiminer or digimon or something like that but I know it's not those games.

    The game (from what I remember) was about mining as a robot or in a ship of some sort. It was 2d. Whenever you mined areas it dropped pixels to be picked up that you had to fly/jump/move over to. I think it had a vacuum that you equipped to grab everything? You could upgrade and such to mine faster/larger and have a better pickup area. The mining area was mainly on the right side of the screen I think, the left side was all empty. The game was fully free, and I'm pretty sure that to run it you had it all downloaded in a file then ran the .exe.

    I could be getting some of the ideas wrong, it's been a long time since I played or saw the game If anyone can help identify this game I'd appreciate it! I've been trying to find it for a few years, I remember it being a fun time sink

    Edit: the game was dig-n-rig by digipen


    Ran into an issue with the latest arch Linux update, how to prevent in the futur

    I've been using Linux for the better part of 4 years so I'm not new to it, but I've always learned stuff on an as-needed basis. Today I ran into an issue that I want to prevent in the future since I had a mini heart attack thinking about how my last backup on this system was... Never since I'm an idiot who forgot to set it up like I have on my laptop. Here are my steps:

    • Ran sudo pacman -Syu; sudo pacman -Syy like I do every few days
    • packages updated
    • restarted computer
    • can only boot into emergency mode

    The journal was really long so I moved past it and went to the pacman logs, linux had updated from to Nothing else was important enough to cause the system to only boot into emergency (gcc, vbox, some libs) so I did a quick pacman -U to the cached version for both Linux and Linux headers and rebooted - hurrah it was fixed! But I have no idea why it happened, or how to prevent it.

    Has anyone else ran into this issue when updating? Any advice for preventing future crashes or issues like this so I don't fear updating?

    Edit: Thanks to everyone for your advice! I ended up following multiple bits of advice. I reinstalled arch to get btrfs as the filesystem (didn't have anything important other than some docked-compose files and books yet) and grabbed the linux-lts kernal as a backup as well. I haven't configured snapper yet, but it's on my list of things to do.