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Some bad code just broke a billion Windows machines
  • but most people don’t even know what a command line is.

    Still with this? Jeez.. that's like saying people probably won't adopt tv today because it's still black and white.

    Linux cli is great and many of us use it because of that, but it's been at least 15 years that a regular user would not ever NEED to use it to do anything in linux

  • Feds look to limit farmers' ancient practice of saving seed
  • Fuck this. And the excuse to bring us to international standards is also a high pile of shit since we have ALL seen the consequences of what this move causes

    Sad part is that there is zero chance a PP win next year would hault this.

    Absolutely, 100%, fuck this

  • Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • Because we have been led to believe that the "titans" of industry are these super above average smart people. In reality it's a bunch of nepo babies with no unique skills (other than, perhaps, a good education) which only copy each other.

    After covid, all big IT companies started hiring like mad men... Then they all started firing people like crazy. They are driven more by speculation on their stock price and FOMO than any actual business strategy

  • Survey shows most people wouldn't pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware | 84% of people said no
  • AI for IT companies is looking more and more like 3D was for movie industry

    All fanfare and overhype, a small handful of examples that do seem a solid step forward with millions others that are just a polished turd. Massive investment for something the market has not demanded

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • Even so bud, every cent used in R&D is already in circulation

    Even the hoarded money, it's not in an evil lair, it's in some bank, in circulation, making money for the hoarder.

    It may have a slightly less inflationary effect but this money is as much in circulation as the single going into a strippers thong

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • That only happens if you put all that money into circulation - if you were to, say, just give it away as a handout to the military

    How do you give a handout to the "military" without putting that money into circulation?

  • Vegan diet just isn’t that fun 🤷‍♂️
  • I make Chef John's tomato sauce which is not vegan as it has anchovies but could be made so by skipping them. It is delicious.

    While I do like a good pasta with just tomato sauce, I tend to love more complex ones most of which have something else in it that is not vegan unfortunately. Pasta itself would contain eggs (maybe dried pasta uses some vegan friendly substitute?)

  • Vegan diet just isn’t that fun 🤷‍♂️
  • Yes, of course that would be the case.

    We come pre-built with a TON of instinct that initially drives our behaviour but we can override those with some information and effort by our big brains.

  • Oklahoma state superintendent announces all schools must incorporate the Bible and the Ten Commandments in curriculums | CNN

    All Oklahoma schools are required to incorporate the Bible and the Ten Commandments in their curriculums, effective immediately, the state’s chief education officer announced in a memorandum Thursday.

    Oklahoma state superintendent announces all schools must incorporate the Bible and the Ten Commandments in curriculums | CNN
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    BOMBSHELL: U.S. Oil Companies Colluded to Raise Gas Prices

    The FTC uncovered a series of texts between Pioneer Natural Resources CEO Scott Sheffield and OPEC officials agreeing to limit oil production to raise prices.

    They raked in huge profits, while their scheme cost consumers $200 billion a year in higher prices.

    That’s about $3000 a year per family.