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Ex-technologist, now an artist. My art: I'm also on PixelFed:[email protected]

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How FOSS is your setup?
  • I had some chromebooks from 2014 to 2019, and these specifically worked with the MrChromebox's firmware. There's a list on his website about the models supported.

  • How FOSS is your setup?
  • A bunch of older Chromebooks now running a Free firmware, and Debian.

  • M1 Macbook Air
  • Microphone doesn't work yet, if you're doing lots of facebook calls, it won't work.

  • Rural slow living

    Trying to rescue a 1GB RAM laptop
  • You need something like DamnSmallLinux, not Debian. Debian users about 800 MB of RAM with XFce, on a clean boot. It requires a minimum of 2 GB with a modern browser (one tab, 4+ GB with more tabs). DamnSmallLinux uses about 128 MB RAM on a clean boot, and with the Netfront browser about half a gig. Definitely better for such a laptop than any modern distro.

  • What do you think of Richard Stallman?
  • I'm a woman, and have talked to him via email 2-3 times in the last 20 years. While I've met Torvalds, Jobs, and others in the industry when I was living in the Bay Area and working as a tech journalist, I never got to meet RMS -- only via email. I think he has social issues, maybe he's on the autistic side or something similar. I don't think he understands clearly some of the things he's saying when it comes to social stuff. He doesn't get a pass, but at the same time, he's a bit different as an individual, so that needs to be taken into account. When it comes to software, his heart is in the right place, and in fact, if it was me, I'd be even more strict (or more "Free" -- depends how you see it), with GPL.

  • Looking for a Mac OS9 style desktop environment
  • The tricky point to your needs is getting the app's menu bar in the top bar. The rest are easy to do with almost all desktop environments. But getting the menu bar on the top bar, I think currently only KDE supports it (with a plugin), and MATE (with another plugin).

    However, if you want the general feel of how MacOS 9/X feels, then Gnome with extensions would be your best bet. The rest feel more like simpler Windows, but in a mac skin. Gnome+extensions feel more accurately like a Mac, in terms of overall usability (even if the looks aren't 100% there). So it depends what you're after more: the feeling of using a mac, or the exact looks of it.

  • KDE on Debian 12 randomly gets frozen / stuck
  • This looks like a hardware issue to me.

  • What's the best light desktop env to install in a Linux distro?
  • That's fast enough to run the latest Linux Mint with Cinnamon. I have two laptops with the exact same cpu speed (passmark score) and 4 GB of ram. With 2 GB swap file you will be in business.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • I always suggest Mint Edge edition, that has a newer kernel, not the default Mint. But I still suggest Mint, because simply, it's more user friendly than any of the other ones. It has gui panels for almost everything.

  • Usb keyboard unavailable during boot until all usb devices are initialised (solutions?) [solved]
  • You never know how the kernel would behave compared to how the BIOS is setup. There might be some bios settings that force the kernel to behave a specific way.

  • Is pixel 4a too old for a new phone?
  • You can install LineageOS or e/OS on it (instead of Graphene, if that's too controversial), and then the 4a is a good phone to use.

  • Usb keyboard unavailable during boot until all usb devices are initialised (solutions?) [solved]
  • Was there no option about it on the BIOS/UEFI about something like that?

  • Why do some Americans get angry at other people for not speaking English?
  • To each other, of course not. But to others, yes.

  • Why do some Americans get angry at other people for not speaking English?
  • We're talking about people living there, not tourists.

  • Why do some Americans get angry at other people for not speaking English?
  • Sorry, as a Greek-American (currently in Greece), I disagree with most of the people here. When you're part of a new country, you need to be able to do your business with the authorities in the official language. For that, some level of understanding the native language is required. In fact, to get any passport from any country, you need to have a B1-level understanding of that country's language. So yes, being in a country, you need to know the basics. And if you don't, then make sure you learn the basics within 6 months, in order to be able to live there without issues. I don't see that as xenophobia, I see it as common sense.

    I moved to Greece from the US this year with my French husband. He doesn't speak Greek. I can tell you, it has been a nightmare for him doing paperwork, and I need to go with him EVERYWHERE in any government office in order to get setup. It wasn't pretty in the first few months, he was full of anxiety and he wouldn't leave the house without me.

    Also, I worked in Germany in my youth, for a few months. I couldn't understand most of what was said (although I could pick up a few words, but certainly couldn't speak back). It was a nightmare. There were no free programs back then to learn the language, and so I went there without any preparation. Today, I wouldn't have done it that way. I would first learn the language in some basic form (today there are apps to do that), and then move there.

  • Linux in the military
  • Greek military uses Linux Mint, so yeah, it's used in some places. I believe the Indian one does too.

  • Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Forest Witch Dance

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Woman with Cat (Schmincke watercolors)

    Here's what's happening to ad blockers in Google Chrome (and other browsers)
  • Look, I'm a Linux user, and I prefer to use Free apps. However, the truth must be told: Firefox is not as optimized as Chrome. On older devices, Chrome is twice as fast in youtube playback, and it uses way less RAM overall. Chrome is the better browser in terms of architecture, at least for older PCs (and I have a whole bunch of them). On my main PC, running Debian-Testing, which is a newer PC, I do use Firefox, because it can handle stuff ok with enough CPU power. But for all my older PCs (anywhere from 5 to 15 years old), I have to use Chrome.

    Now, if you find me a de-googled, Free, WELL-MAINTANED Chromium browser, I rather use that than Chrome. No, Brave, etc don't cut it. I want a community-driven, well maintained Chromium browser. Currently, all de-googled versions are not well maintained, or not available as native packages on Debian.

    EDIT: So, downvoted, huh? By fellow open source users who don't want to hear the truth?

  • what linux OS should I install on a backup notebook if my main one is debian?
  • Edge is Cinnamon with a newer kernel. So, since you like XFce, try install the XFce version of Mint, and see if it works with your system. If it mostly works and boots, but not completely, you can always install the newer kernel found on Edge using the Update app (there's a menu option to install newer kernels after installation). But if it doesn't install/boot, but you're confident that Linux should support your laptop, then consider the Edge version with Cinnamon.

  • [Solved] Hidamari is not loading on Linux Mint
  • It's not false information. There are a lot of system-oriented things that don't work through appimages or snaps or flatpaks, exactly because they're sandboxed.

  • Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    The princess and the pea

    Watercolors and colored pencils


    Fruits of Life

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    The Greenhouse

    Daler Rowney watercolor


    The Kitty Rider

    Using watercolors and gouache

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    The Tarot Reader

    Using Daler Rowney watercolors, on a small sketchbook.

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Watercolor folk art bird

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Fresh eggs from the backyard chickens

    Painted with Daler Rowney watercolors.


    Snow in the yard

    Painted with LeFranc Bourgeois gouache paints.

    0 meta Eugenia

    Posting takes too long?

    Starting today, I noticed that posting a comment takes upwards of 2-3 minutes until it's committed (the "reply" button is turning round and round for a long time). Is there something wrong with the servers or some sort of moderation? Not sure what's going on or why.

    Lemmy Support Eugenia

    Weird loading screen username

    Hi! Thank you for Lemmy! So, when I load the page with Chrome, I'm always shown as logged out. I have to refresh the page, and then suddenly I'm logged in. I found that this bug exists only on Chrome, on all OSes (Linux, Windows, and Mac), and it exists both on, and on

    But that's not the weird part.

    The weird part is that when I reload the page, half of the times, the username becomes something like "killingcore" or something like that (it doesn't stay On for very long, so I can't read it well) before it changes to "Eugenia". I don't understand what that username is. Is it some kind of security problem? Or some cache, part of the normal code? It's really weird.

    I noticed that that weird username happens only on, not on .world.

    Edit: I reloaded the page a bunch of times to retest, and what I'm reading is something killthrillrope or something like that. And it changes back to Eugenia almost instantaneously. It happens now once every 4-5 reloads of the page.

    Edit 2: A few hours later, and it now loads this user for half a second before it loads mine: Not only that, but it loads his dark theme for that half second (my default is light theme).

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    With Primatek watercolors


    Painting I did for Halloween

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Happy Halloween everyone!! (my watercolor painting)


    Halloween witch ritual (my gouache painting)

    For more of my paintings, follow me on PixelFed:[email protected]

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Sled down the hill with little brother

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    Christmas Choir, with watercolors tonight

    Watercolor / Watercolour / Aquarelle Painting Eugenia

    While preparing a love potion

    Anyone likes my style, feel free to follow me on the fediverse, I do daily paintings:[email protected]