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Fedora Silverblue is the most frustrating distro so far
  • Two days ago my Mint system got borked by a kernel update. I booted from the grub menu with the prior kernel, and rolled back with Timeshift. Pretty painless. You don't need Atomic/immutable distros for that sort of reliability.

    I'm playing with kinoite in a VM, though.

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • "Generally" is the key word. I'm a linux user since slackware on diskettes. My daily driver is Mint, because lazy. I have 2 VMs with kali and kinoite.

    A couple of days ago a kernel update borked my install. A problem with the Ryzen graphics driver.

    For me it was trivial. Boot into the previous kernel, timeshift roll back, and back in business, but I can see how a newbie woul go into panic.

    A satisfied "customer" will recommend you to a friend. A pissed off one will tell 10.

  • Watch: Adobe angers artists with new Photoshop terms
  • I'm hoping. I've been a Serif customer since the 00's. Not much we can do except be very vocal, and remind Serif and Canva that if they go the Adobe route, they'll risk becoming irrelevant. Difference is their power.

  • [Gamesfromscratch] Did Adobe Just %#@$ Up?
  • Not open source, but pro grade, often nicer to work with than adobe stuff. The Affinity suite. Pay once per major revision. Decent upgrade plans. No subscription. Designer, photo and publisher.

  • Why is folder sharing between host and guest in KVM so hard?

    I'm having the hardest tine setting up a shared folder between a Linux host and Win11guest. I want to get rid of dual boot, but there are a few programs that I use which are Win only. I have set up a VB VM, but I want a fine tuned KVM VM. On VB sharing is trivial, but I can't get it to work in KVM. I have the host sharing the folder with Samba, and can see it from another Linux VM, but not from windows. Any clues?


    whare are saved posts?

    I have looked everywhere (so it's probably in front of my face). Where are saved posts? Are they in my instance, in lemmy? How can I find them?