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Netflix Windows app is set to remove its downloads feature, while introducing ads
  • I’ll second Ombi. It has a slick interface to search for any movie/tv show and when the user presses a download button the backend interfaces with other apps to download the media and provide it to Plex. Having your partner interface directly with Radarr or Sonarr just isn’t as user friendly

  • Politicians think a lot about their own interests and care little about the public
  • Big yes to those data labels! The trend lines don’t tell much of a story when there’s only two points along the x-axis. Actually the red trend line is confusing since it trends up I’d expect “more” of a disagree but the data labels show there were 5% less disagree.

  • There are 4336 pages in a foot of shelf, and other ideas about book logging...
  • Love this idea! I’ve mostly read my books through digital means so looking around my house it doesn’t appear I’m much of a reader.

    Estimating how many bookshelves I’d need to store my collection is a fun metric.

  • Which plant milks aren't bullshit?
  • All non-dairy milks have their place, so it depends where you’re using it as a replacement to cows milk.

    I enjoy Oatly oat milk for cereal, coffee, and if a recipe calls for milk I typically use it.

    Coconut milk is delicious in smoothies.

    Nut milks are good in baking.

  • Donald Trump asked to pay NY Times nearly $400,000 in legal costs
  • 'Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.’

    The News Industry is profit driven just like all the rest. I wouldn’t point blame journalists for being dumber when it’s just as likely that it’s management pushing for more content with quicker turn around times.

    Long term investigative journalism is expensive and the output is still only one article. From a profit prospective, why not spend the same investment in puff pieces to produce a dozen articles written to drive engagement.