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Nexus Mods asking for Stardew Valley players to test new Mod Manager -- Linux Included Calling Stardew Valley testers - Nexus Mods app

Get ready, gamers! We're delighted to announce the alpha release of the Nexus Mods app - our next-generation mod manager. This is a very early build with limited features and only supports Starde...

Calling Stardew Valley testers - Nexus Mods app

It's in early stages, and only supports Stardew Valley right now. There's a Trello board for their roadmap with broad outlines.

I don't play Stardew or else I would participate myself. Hope this is of interest to some of y'all!

Will anything dethrone the Steam Deck? Probably not -GamingonLinux
  • This is just my experience, but I have had next to zero issues running games on the Deck that were related to the platform. Most problems I've encountered are along the lines of the game being KBM-centric and it being difficult to play with the controller inputs.

    The only Linux-specific issues I can't think of are related to trying to install or mod games outside of Steam (Skyrim in particular is far more difficult to mod on Linux than I expected).

  • The Art of the Deal
  • Don't forget that from Daniel's testimony, we learned Trump coerced her under threat of blackballing her in the television industry.

    Daniels testified that she thought they would be going to a restaurant, and eventually used the bathroom in Trump's hotel room, but upon re-emerging was surprised to find Trump stripped to his underwear sitting on the bed. Daniels testified she said "I think we should go" and moved toward the door but Trump allegedly stood in her way saying in part, "This is the only way you're getting out of the trailer park." Daniels could not remember how she ended up on the bed, but testified that they had sex in the missionary position and Trump chose not to use a condom. Daniels insisted she was neither forced nor under the influence, but also said it wasn't something she wanted and that she "blacked out".

    Source on Wikipedia

  • ruletation
  • We don't! When I was younger I had a theory that the brain is a 3D representation of an organ that exists in a higher dimension. Granted, I had (and still have) no relevant expertise to properly speculate on how that could work, but it was fun to think about.

  • ChatGPT would have been so much useful and trustworthy if it is able to accept that it doesn't know an answer.
  • My first thought is that you could write a program that does something like this:

    • Receive prompt "how many times does R appear in the word 'strawberry'"
    • Run the prompt through LLM saying "reword the following into a command to generate code that will answer the question" or something like that
    • Run the results through LLM
    • Compile and run the results
    • Provide the output to the user

    Of course, the biggest problem with this system is that a person could fool it into generating malicious code.

  • Gender-affirming surgeries are mostly performed on cisgender people: 'Bitter irony'
  • My mother is fond of saying "God doesn't make junk". Easily disproven whether or not you believe in a god, but she's a "if I don't like it, it didn't happen" variety of Trump supporter, so I err on the side of changing the subject over arguing.

  • How much success have you had with modded Skyrim specifically?

    I've been using ModOrganizer2 via SteamTinkerLaunch, but the performance is not great.

    I haven't tried tweaking anything to get it better, mostly because I don't know where to start.

    Does anyone have advice on modding Skyrim (especially with SKSE) on Linux effectively?


    Where can I find the rules for

    I don't know if I'm blind or getting too old or what, but I cannot find the instance rules anywhere. Can someone help me?

    ETA: for context, a comment of mine was removed and "rule 2" was cited but the rules in the TOS don't seem to be relevant.


    How Unions CRUSH Capitalists

    An excellent video from Adam Conover of "Adam Ruins Everything", both about the history of unions in the US and current events.


    Do you have boots that are comfortable?

    Feels like a dumb question, but I haven't ever worn a pair of boots that didn't hurt in some way. Is this just a feature of boots, or am I doing something wrong?


    The amount of spam texts I get from Republican campaigns

    It's been going on for months and no matter how many I mark as spam and block they keep coming back with new numbers!

    Makes me wonder if someone signed me up for something