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Coming back to a western open world game H:FW after Elden Ring is a massive whiplash

First hour of the game I googled "Aloy Talks too much"

I just finished the Elden Ring DLC and the Tomb Raider remastered trilogy. These games are 30 years apart but share the same mostly quiet protagonists.

Lara is alone, doesn't try to solve the puzzle for the player in the first 5 seconds, let's the player explore and figure things out and soak in the atmosphere. Aloy is as chatty as Nathan Drake but she's just muttering to herself in the wild, she even narrates her actions like an audiobook

The constant hud and text over every in world item also ruins the immersion. Yes I get that you don't see items in Fromsoft games, you get that streak of light. But Horizon firstly hides the item in their busy environment design then forces you to press a button to prompt that streak of light, for immersion!


There are no heists in Heat?

I search for movies like Inside Man and posts recommended Heat.

But there's pretty much just 2 robberies? In the bank scene, they wear masks but have their faces seen before they even put them on and just open the safe.

Reviews also mention this as a heist movie.

Is there a distinction between heist and robbery? I thought heists were like complex thefts that the people didn't even know that the money is gone


What's an activity that you could foresee yourself doing every weekend for the rest of your life?


What makes you feel like you're in the future right now?

I just had an experience with a auto soap dispenser, sink, towels and dryer set in the same place in a public restroom, didn't have to walk to a shared dryer

Plus if electric cars become the norm, the streets will be quiet for the first time since the industrial revolution


Is there a name for apartments that have flat sides, but are protruding like a clover?

For example the living room is a middle square and the kitchen and bed rooms are not aligned but just smaller squares added to the sides


Have you ever seen coal in real life?

I just realised that I have never seen or used it, neither crude oil of course, but there are more variants of it than this natural mineral that powers a lot of the world.

What led to you seeing or touching coal?

Television delitomatoes

Dune and Jack Reacher shows whats wrong with Foundation

  1. Recurring characters.

Movies in general get away with this better than multi season shows with actors contracts and killing off a character early.

Sean Bean humourously being killed off in LOTR and Game of Thrones. This also ties into later seasons when the writers were afraid to kill lead characters. Jack Reacher does well not bringing back 2 of the leads from season 1.

Foundation is deathly afraid of this, having 6 characters that carry over season to season where in the books there are none.

  1. Faithfulness to source material.

For people who have not read the books, Dune part 2 does end with a white saviour story and includes holy war, religious imagery. The distance from 9/11 helps though the middle eastern conflicts don't. A few actions scenes and techy stuff is added and some ideas and scenes are moved around. The daringness to commit to the source material is amazing, weird worm bile, talking babies, drugs and hallucinations

Foundation ignores this, having pacifist characters shoot at each other, adding pointless sex and action scenes that have no impact on the plot. The core premise abandoned very early on. It's like they wanted to make their own sci fi show but just slapped the name on it


Question about First Law series

Hi, I am on a driving trip and downloaded a recommended books, "Best Served Cold" and then the reviews say read the original trilogy first. After several hours of "The Blade Itself" there is no sense of a plot or where the characters are going, they are just meeting up.

I understand that this is a common criticism of his early works. Should I finish the Blade Itself or go on to the sequel standalone novel? I got a bit of the sense of the world.

Incidentally, I loved "Project Hail Mary" and started "Three Body Problem", but the pronunciation of the chinese names turned me off, so I'll read the book instead.


TIL that a billionaire bought Lonely Planet and put an inexperienced 24 year old wedding photographer in charge Meet the 25-Year-Old Wedding Photographer Who Became CEO of Lonely Planet

Daniel Houghton, a former wedding photographer with no prior executive experience, has been trying to turn around global travel guide company Lonely Planet.

Meet the 25-Year-Old Wedding Photographer Who Became CEO of Lonely Planet

Have you had a "Walter Mitty" moment?

There's this Ben Stiller movie where he gets pushed to travel the world alone and find himself.


Engineering feels more like being Tony Stark while Programming seems more like Dr Strange

Am a civil engineer working in tech now. I never felt like engineering was magical, we studied materials and stresses and tested stuff and built things.

While I know software engineers basically do the same things in a digital concept (hardware included) they are basically speaking arcane words that make the machine do things like conjure up images, transport information across the world at the speed of light.

Maybe fantasy writers should write more infrastructure into their stories for their wizards, like undersea cables or satellites built by the generations before


Were Arkane, Bioware, Rocksteady and Naughty Dog done in by live service strategies?

4 top tier single player games developers tasked to build live service games.

Naughty Dog hasn't released anything new, both sequels then silence. Suicide Squad kills the game studio. At least Arkane and Bioware are given chances to carry on with the next game.

We could have had the next big WB superhero game or Wolverine. Prey 2? There's a higher chance of Amy Henning working on a Soul Reaver game than ND coming out with an original IP


Pedro Pascal and Norman Reedus now have 2 IPs where they travel with a kid in tow


Old articles are clogging up search engines

The internet used to be where you found the latest information. But it's old enough that you could easily find info on 10-20 year old articles that are out of date and irrelevant


Does anyone else hear the JoyCon 'snap' in the main themes for ToTK and Mario Wonder?

It's more of a percussion slap in totk though


This console generation seems skippable

I've never skipped a console gen starting from Super NES, PS1 through 4 plus the Switch Oled 5 years after launch of the OG Switch

It seems like exclusives are rarer now with Sony and Xbox pushing games to PC and Nintendo spending resources on remasters. COVID made it incredibly difficult to own a PS5 and they have some disappointing exclusives as well

What do you think? Any reason to own a PS5 or PS5 pro?


Is computer science lightning or rock magic?

Or both? You're basically running electricity through silicon to control satellites, rockets and the cash register in a subway.


Heres an idea, Fromsoft should make the Soul Reaver sequel

They had GRRM write Elden Ring. They can get Amy Henning to write SR before she retires

It has Souls in the name already.

Lords of the Fallen did the dual world thing

A weakened hero taking on bosses who are literally gods?

Worst case we get the Lies of P studio to do it


If Skull and Bones came out and was a 10/10 what would your user review look like?

I haven't seen any trailers and things have changed in a decade and Ubisoft haven't made a universally acclaimed game in a long time.

There's simply no expectations that this game will be good unlike the overhyped Day Before, Starfield, NMS and Cyberpunk 1

What if...


Is PC Dead Space and Jedi Survivor abandoned by EA?

The stutter issues in Dead Space and bugs in JS. They are basically unplayable on PC right?