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Have you seen someone die in front of you?
  • I was with my mom as well. Her health was bad, but we thought she had years left. It got much worse much faster than we expected and in the end my wife and I rushed to get to the hospital in time to see her.

  • Apps that encourage/gamify walking?
  • My wife and I have been playing Pikmin Bloom lately. It's from the same company as Pokemon Go, but focuses a lot more on the actual walking - there are battles kinda like gyms (mushrooms), but you don't need to hang around them at all (if you can see it on the map you can join) and you can even be invited to remote ones from friends. The other important points of interest - that are kinda like pokestops - are called "big flowers" and they require walking around them* to activate them, standing there won't do much.

    There are tasks to complete for events or leveling up which directly require certain numbers of steps or indirectly require certain distance traveled at walking speed*

    (*it's a little more involved but that's the high level overview)

  • Bug: Relative links don't work Trending Communities for Sunday 24th September 2023 -

    ### New Subscriber Growth Home Organization [/c/[email protected]] [], up 33.93% to 1342, (16 posts, 7 recent) just a picture [/c/[email protected]] [], up 1.33% to 28, (22 posts, 11 recent) Art et Design [/c/[email protected]] [], up 0.57% to 4...

    The links inside the linked post are relative links, such as xkcd which is a link to /c/[email protected]

    Boost does not open them when tapped, flashing an error instead.


    Please unban @[email protected]

    There are unfortunately some subreddits which are still the best place to find timely info about certain topics - for example video game subs run by the developers of the game. Lemmit is a way to subscribe to those while not giving Reddit any more "engagement" or ad views.

    The bot that runs Lemmit only posts on its own instance, so users like me only see it when we subscribe explicitly (or the All view I guess, but that's a mixed bag already. Edit: and each user could choose to ban it if they want)


    r/HonkaiStarRail HonkaiStarRail • r/HonkaiStarRail

    Honkai: Star Rail is an all-new strategy-RPG title in the Honkai series that takes players on a cosmic adventure across the stars. Hop aboard the...