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Time to purge AOC and Bernie for being insufficiently pure!
  • They're not unrelated, because they're all advocated for online by people who claim to be "leftist", and they all result in the right winning.

    Feel free to disagree with them on their merits or not instead of just calling them unrelated. You sound like you're criticising @PugJesus for lumping a bunch of stuff together, but here you are dismissing them all purely because you claim they're all irrelevant.

  • Time to purge AOC and Bernie for being insufficiently pure!
  • I wonder if you missed the original point of the post? It's criticising people who call themselves leftist for rejecting AOC and Bernie, the two highest profile most left leaning politicians in the USA, for not being perfect. You know, the two people who got famous by caring about people on low wages.

  • Time to purge AOC and Bernie for being insufficiently pure!
  • I had to Google what Right to Work meant to remind myself. I remembered it was some BS name for some stupid right wing rule, but forgot the detail. At first I came across international human rights meaning people are allowed to work for money, but I knew that wasn't it. Then I came across some countries where some immigrants don't have the right to work, and I knew that wasn't it, too literal, then I added the word state to my search and found what I was looking for - ah yes, in the good ol' US of A, "Right to Work" doesn't mean you have the right to work at all, it means a union and an employer DON'T have the right to make an agreement where the employer collects union funding fees from all employees. Can't let the unions get in the way of that good ol' wage suppression!

  • Academic Indoctrination
  • The point was that when you report the facts, and just the facts, without spin, the right fairly reliably calls it leftwing bias, because it contradicts the rightwing position which was misleading. Why would normal people vote for policies that only make rich people richer? Only because you convinced them it was in their interests. "Reality has a left-leaning bias" means that if you're fully aware of all the facts, you tend to draw a more left wing conclusion. It's unusual that a rightwinger would admit this, but Trump's press officer was told "but the facts are....." and responded with "we have some alternative facts for you" and was widely ridiculed for admitting out loud that their "facts" were different to the objectively verified facts.

  • After their children survived a school shooting, these ‘lifelong Republicans’ entered the gun conversation
  • The bit that gets me is that these new found campaigners for (weak-ass) gun control honestly thought they were going to get something from the Republican legislators they spoke to. Which part of not caring until it was your own kids made you think other Republicans were going to give a shit?