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Turning Point USA is promoting drinking raw milk amid bird flu outbreak
  • Two downsides are that they take healthcare resources to be treated for their own stupidity, and if they have kids I feel sorry for the kids.

  • X is about to start hiding all likes
  • They should also remove the letters T, W, I, E, and R just so no trace of Twitter remains.

  • Tim Cook is “not 100 percent” sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations
  • Yeah it's the old garbage in, garbage out problem, the AI algorithms don't really understand what they are outputting.

    I think at this point voice recognition and text generation AI would be more useful as something like a phone assistant. You could tell it complex things like "Mute my phone for the next 2 hours" or "Notify me if I receive an email from John Smith." Those sort of things could be easily done by AI algorithms that A) Understand your voice and B) Are programmed to know all the features of the OS. Hopefully with a known dataset like a phone OS there shouldn't be hallucination problems, the AI could just act as an OS concierge.

  • How tf do you play X4 foundations?
  • I've played X4 a lot but it's been a while. Travel mode should be Shift-F1, wait for it to spin up and after 5-10 seconds you should be going thousands of meters per second.

    How fast a ship accelerates should depend on the ship, you can view the specs for whatever ship you're flying. Same with top speed and travel speed. At wharfs and repair depots you can swap out different engines and such for different stats.

    Salvagable items should be shown by little squares with a / through them on the map. IIRC you go near them and hold O to pull them in. You can also command AI ships to do the same. Keep in mind you may pull in contraband so be careful.

    Each person (player and AI) has a personal inventory that holds small items and then each ship has a cargo hold as well. The difference can be confusing sometimes. If you have asked an AI ship to collect drops you will need to interact with the pilot and tell them to give you their inventory. Those items can be sold at the shops on various stations.

    Boost and shield both share the same energy pool. This is a big gotcha, if you boost then you lose shields.

    There is a lot to learn in X4 but there is no other game like it. At first you will have to do missions and buy/sell/mine to make money. In the long run what you should be aiming for is building a moneymaking empire of AI-piloted miners, traders, and/or stations.

    Watch Captain Collins on YouTube, he has put out lots of good videos on how things are done.

    The official forums and Reddit X4Foundations subreddit are good too.

  • What's the best US site/app to sell stuff?
  • Be very sure you understand the fees on eBay. They are considerable and they also take a percentage of whatever shipping you charge so if you sell something for $5 with $20 shipping you are paying fees on $25.

  • PlayStation VR2 players can access games on PC with adapter starting on August 7
  • Thanks. I've never tried VR before so I might not know what I'm missing.

  • When was the last time you bought a paper map and why ?
  • I didn't buy it, but I was at Cooter's Garage near Luray VA this spring and on the wall was a big cool detailed map with a bunch of motorcycle routes and bars, restaurants, and attractions to see all over WV, VA, and OH. I asked if they had it for sale and the lady said, no, but there was a little smaller version available with the brochures. So I got a folded-up one that's still neat.

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk could leave if $56 billion pay package not approved, shareholders warned
  • That is the best thing that could happen to Tesla right now.

  • Phone tells me type of bun I am looking at
  • And check out Merlin Bird ID, it will recognize bids songs and tell you what sort of bird made them.

  • What are your ideal temperature and weather conditions?
  • Sunny and 80F (26C) with low humidity.

  • Don't you all get tired of the constant negativity?
  • We need to be informed, and unfortunately a lot of things like orange man and Gaza are depressing. But I try to just get the important details and not dwell on things that I can't change.

    There are a lot of people writing articles and a whole lot more people commenting, but that doesn't mean I need to read even 1% of it.

  • Hypothetical Game Ideas
  • A Star Wars game that is a mix of Minecraft, Elite Dangerous, and X4. Elite Dangerous flight model and galaxy. X4 fleet management and modability. Minecraft type planets but with buildable vehicles. And a dynamic event, economy, and faction system. A big galaxy size sandbox with 4X elements.

  • How Online Privacy Is Like Fishing
  • I know, these corporations got rich selling software but it's not enough any more. Even with more users than ever.

  • If Elected, Donald Trump Would Face Few Hurdles to Prosecuting Rivals- The New York Times (Free Article)
  • And since the Trump fans are talking about election fraud they will probably try to vote early and vote often.

  • Taliban publicly flogs 63 people accused of crimes, including women
  • Only if they are a certain height.

  • 'Democrats have a plan': Marjorie Taylor Greene unleashes new election conspiracy theory
  • The Progressives have a plan, Republicans around me used to talk about how Hillary was going to implement it. Putting left agenda in schools and such. That must be why Republicans are against public education.

  • Rapper Fat Joe wants hospital price transparency. Here's how he's fighting for it in D.C.
  • Conservatives talk about fiscal responsibility but then lower taxes and greatly increase spending for things they want.

  • Feds Closed a Prison Notorious for Abuse. Things Only Got Worse
  • If nothing else these CA inmates are going to be judged negatively in the South for where they are from. A bad idea from the start sounds like they are going from bad to worse.

  • Mexico’s Political Revolution
  • I hear it's not so much of a revolution as continuing the current administration.

  • 60 Percent Of Playtime In 2023 Went To 6-Year-Old Or Older Games, New Data Shows

    A report shows that while the industry is growing, its biggest competition is Fortnite, GTA, Call of Duty, and Roblox

    60 Percent Of Playtime In 2023 Went To 6-Year-Old Or Older Games, New Data Shows

    This data will probably only lead to more live service games. :|

    technology dan1101 Florida Middle Schoolers Arrested for Allegedly Creating Deepfake Nudes of Classmates

    In what appears to be the first criminal case of its kind, two teenage boys were charged under a 2022 Florida law for allegedly creating AI-generated images depicting middle school classmates.

    Florida Middle Schoolers Arrested for Allegedly Creating Deepfake Nudes of Classmates

    This is strange to me. Did the students create the deepfake nudes or did software create those nudes? A normal image editor program won't just create explicit material on its own, the user has to do it with a mouse/tablet/whatever. But AI algorithms will. Even if the kids were giving the instructions to AI, why isn't the software and/or the company that runs it at least somewhat liable for creating child porn?

    Suppose the students drew the nudes themselves, but they were really bad stick figure drawings with a name beside them to say who it's supposed to be? Is that illegal? What if they were really good artists and the drawing looked like a photo? At what point is the art considered good enough to be illegal?

    1 Why Teslas Totaled in the US Are Mysteriously Reincarnated in Ukraine

    Ukraine’s fearless and expert EV mechanics bring electric vehicles declared unfixable in the US and Canada back to life on the other side of the world.

    Why Teslas Totaled in the US Are Mysteriously Reincarnated in Ukraine

    The Ukranian guy in this article didn't like spending $400 a month on fuel for his Jeep. So he spent $53,000 getting a wrecked Tesla imported and fixed, so he could pay about $50 a month to charge the Tesla.

    Now he just has to drive the Tesla for 12 years to break even on fuel costs. Good move. :|


    How do you feel about valet parking?

    Valet parking seems to be getting more common at some city locations that don't have a good parking situation.

    How do you feel about valet parking? Doesn't bother you in the least, will do it if you have to, will never do it, something else?

    Personally I don't like some random person driving my car.


    What does cigarette smoking do for people?

    I've never smoked, but I've been around people that do. What do people feel during/after smoking? It doesn't seem to make people high or hallucinate or anything. It maybe mildly relaxes them?


    UC Vanguard and Freestar Rangers questlines question

    I've been getting diverted on sidequests, capturing ships, and exploration too much.

    But I really don't want to do the Constellation questline yet, I've seen some spoilers and I'm not ready for that . I'm thinking of concentrating on the UC Vanguard or Freestar Collective questlines. Can I complete those without interfering with the Constellation questline?


    Crimson Fleet Captain ship

    Just went through a Starfield experience that sort of awed me. Wanted to capture some pirate ships, I took a mission from Freestar Rangers mission terminal to destroy a "Crimson Fleet Captain." I thought it was a person, but that's the name of a ship.

    Engaged the ship, battle was fairly easy, took out their engines with EM weapons and boarded the ship. I was immediately blown away by how big and full of stuff the ship was. I've got a couple class B ships, but this one was probably 5 times the size of my Aegis. There were rooms after rooms, a few big open areas, several kitchens and sitting areas, a medical bay, storerooms, weapon rooms, armor mannequins, and a medium size trek-like bridge. The ship had at least 3 levels, and had probably 10-15 pirates to fight. Got to the captain's chair and was able to sit in it because I had leveled up my pilot skill enough. The ship was mine! I did this sort of thing last week with a smaller but impressive ship, but wasn't able to sit in the chair because my pilot skill was too low, so I had to abandon it.

    All the time I was fighting my way through the ship I was saying "oh my god" to myself as I saw how much bigger this ship was than the ones I was used to.

    For all it's shortcomings Starfield really nailed the ships, they are very unique and even compare very favorably to ships from Space Engineers, Empyrion, and Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous ships might give them some design competition but you can't walk around in them IIRC.

    ETA: The ship is apparently originally a Crossbow III, it's not all that huge but compared to the starter ship it's massive:


    Biden administration/NHTSA supporting Mass. right to repair law again A Controversial Right-to-Repair Car Law Makes a Surprising U-Turn

    The Biden administration has changed its mind about a Massachusetts state law giving mechanics and car owners access to more diagnostic data.

    A Controversial Right-to-Repair Car Law Makes a Surprising U-Turn

    >Car manufacturers could comply with the law “by using short-range wireless protocols, such as via Bluetooth,” to give owners or independent shops authorized by owners access to the information they need to diagnose issues with and repair vehicles, the letter says.

    Hopefully no manufacturers are allowing changes to the vehicle wirelessly. It should be read-only.

    4 Scientists reconstruct Pink Floyd song by listening to people’s brainwaves

    Breakthrough raises hopes that musicality of natural speech can be restored in patients with disabling neurological conditions

    Scientists reconstruct Pink Floyd song by listening to people’s brainwaves

    Sound clip is pretty creepy.


    Our entire existence may be a sort of stable spacetime bubble that can pop at any moment.

    Like ants nesting on a river bank, some only live a few days. A colony could live for many ant generations on a riverbank but when a big flood comes their entire world is wiped out.