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'I'm supposed to be dead' says Trump after assassination attempt
  • Basically, a massive narcissist was just martyred by someone in his own party. The narcissism will be even further off the charts now. His already unbearable cult of personality will got so far past 11, it’s going to be so much worse.

  • What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • Not saying to not have fun while you’re young. By all means, go for it. Just pointing out that a small amount of savings when you’re young pays off much more over time. If you wait, you’ll spend your later years catching up!

  • What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • I have two that I always say:

    Take care of your teeth. They’re the only set you get. Also they don’t tell you this when you’re young, but all dental care is either preventative or reactionary. They can’t actually “fix” problems. If you have a cavity, that starts you down a road that ends with a crown or implant. Use any dental insurance you have religiously, pay for a good toothbrush (Oral-B or SoniCare), learn to floss properly and do it all every single day.

    Second, save now as much as you are able. If you can adhere to it, look into the 50-30-20 rule. One thing it took me too long to learn is, given an otherwise living income, you won’t miss money you don’t see. When savings is automatically deposited from your paycheck, it’s out of sight and mind.

    Lastly, just be yourself, and be a good person to those around you.

  • 2 Swag Instances to 1 Cloudflaire domain

    I have the arr stack and immich running on a beelink S12 pro based on geekau mediastack on GitHub. Basically, and I'm sure my understanding is maybe a bit flawed, it uses docker-proxy to detect containers and passes that to swag, which then sets up subdomains via a tunnel to Cloudflaire. I have access to my services outside of my LAN without any port forwarding on my router. If I'm not mistaken, that access is via the encrypted tunnel between swag & Cloudflaire (please, correct me if I'm wrong).

    That little beelink is running out of resources! It's running 20 containers, and when immich has to make any changes, it quickly runs low on memory. What I would like to do is set up a second box that would also run the same "infrastructure" containers (swag, docker-proxy), and connect to the same Cloudflaire account. I'm guessing I need to set up a second tunnel? I'm not sure how to proceed.

    Toyota rumored to make an F1 comeback with Haas
  • It was sad for all the right reasons and fun for all the wrong ones. They spent an insane amount of money for, at best, mediocre results. Many of those results came from poor decisions at the upper levels of the organization. On top of that, all that money couldn’t produce a consistent race-winning car.

  • Toyota rumored to make an F1 comeback with Haas
  • If memory serves, they:

    • allegedly were the top spending or among the top spending 2 or 3 teams for much of that run (mainly competing with McLaren and of course Ferrari).
    • after building one full-size rolling-road wind tunnel, built a second one… reportedly, to verify the results from the first one!
    • never won a race

    Toyota’s previous run in F1 was simultaneously sad and fun to watch. The rate of return for the amount of money they spent was pretty bad! I genuinely hope they do better if they decide to come back.

  • Trump's Project 2025 is now being searched in Google more than Taylor Swift and the NFL
  • I’m hoping I’ll see more stories about this in the mainstream news, along with Dems reminding voters that Republicans said for years that “Roe was settled law,” and “they’re not going to overturn Roe.” Ending their statements with, “when someone tells you who they are, believe them.”

  • The left-wing French coalition hoping to introduce 90% tax on rich
  • I think I’ve had this conversation with you before. Anyone who uses the “they’ll just leave” argument as a reason not to do it simply isn’t arguing in good faith.

    This is a good start, for sure, but it should not be the end at all. The wealthier people get, the more effort they put into hiding/keeping that wealth.

    Income/wealth/property/capital gains taxation is a balancing act. You want everyone paying their share; and everyone simultaneously agrees with that notion, while wanting to pay the absolute least for themselves. I would also argue that people need to see the benefits of that taxation in the form of maintained infrastructure and properly funded services. If it all just goes into the pockets of, e.g., the US military industrial complex, people will be less inclined to pay taxes at all.

  • The Importance of School Students Volunteering for Fundraising
  • When I did this as a kid, I think the part that was missing was tying my efforts to tangible benefits. What did the money from selling popcorn, candy bars, or wrapping paper actually buy? This was never made clear to me, so putting forth the effort never had much value.

  • Is the golden rule really good?
  • This is what I came here for. Like you said, the rule is about how you treat others, and intentionally doesn’t account for how others treat you. As was already said, lots of religions have similar rules. They also have parallels to “lead by example,” “turn the other cheek,” “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,” “judge not lest ye be judged.” All of these are guidelines for community cooperation and fellowship. There will always be people who go against them, but if the overall community adheres to them it’s generally in a better position to be stable and succeed.

  • Developing GUI app on Immutable Distros
  • I had a 5-day weekend for July 4th, and spent a lot of it paddle boarding w/ my wife and some friends.

    I also had a new stereo, w/ wireless CarPlay, subwoofer, and reverse camera installed in my car. I work from home, so the car doesn’t get used much. I love it, so we will probably keep it as long as we can. It’s already 11-years old, but mostly looks new.

  • Siblings

    One can’t keep herself out of a box or anything resembling a box. The other is responsible for the never healing contusion on his sister’s ear (though, she sometimes starts it).


    I think she misses her old buddy

    Our mini schnauzer passed in January. They were pals.


    Do you drink milk from the cereal bowl?

    Do you drink the cereal-flavored milk straight from the bowl? I grew up doing this because my parents taught me how good that milk tastes. As I’ve gotten older, I feel a little self-conscious about doing it in public. It’s not something I notice other non-children doing.

    Editing to add: I do drink the milk from the bowl. As to when I'm eating it "in public:" hotels mostly. Self-conscious was probably the wrong word. I'm more wondering if people silently judge a grown person drinking cereal milk from the bowl. Not losing sleep if they do, just curious.


    SSH through ProxyJump w/ conditional RunCommand

    Trying to do a couple things. I have 2 jump hosts I can use to get into my cluster login node. From my laptop to the jump hosts is password. From jump hosts to login node can be key-based, so if I do it all from CLI: [me@home ~]$ ssh user@jump1 Password: [user@jump1 ~]$ ssh user@login1 [user@login1 ~]$ Same process if I use jump2.

    So first thing I'm trying to do is set up my ~/.ssh/config to use the ProxyJump host and key file to get to login1. I have the following: Host jump1 Hostname jump1.domain Host jump2 Hostname jump2.domain Host login1 Hostname login1.cluster ProxyJump jump1 #ProxyJump jump2 I'm not sure how to configure the IdentityFile entries for each jump host. The user on the jump hosts has different id_rsa keys in ~/.ssh, but both are in the authorized_keys file on login1.

    Second thing I'm trying to do is join or start a tmux session. From CLI, I can run: tmux has-session -t mysession || tmux new -s mysession && tmux a -t mysession I've learned that to just join a running session (tmux a -t mysession), I need to include "RequestTTY yes" in my ssh config entry for login1. What I can't get working is the conditional statement that will fire up a new tmux session if it doesn't already exist.

    3 Auburn fans react to Nick Saban retirement in most Iron Bowl way ever — rolling Toomer's Corner

    Alabama coach Nick Saban has retired, leaving some Auburn football fans happy enough to roll Toomer's Corner in celebration.

    Auburn fans react to Nick Saban retirement in most Iron Bowl way ever — rolling Toomer's Corner

    I mean, yeah! Glad he's stepping down, but have to respect the guy. Glasd to see students give him the same sendoff they did for Bear. Tradition!

    0 Auburn football lands Mississippi State transfer OT Percy Lewis

    Auburn football has added some experience to its offensive line in Mississippi State transfer OT Percy Lewis, who appeared in all 12 games in 2023.

    Auburn football lands Mississippi State transfer OT Percy Lewis

    Not sure what to think here, but happy we're picking up some OL help. Seems like we're still overlooking this group somewhat. I don't care how good the QB and/or RB are. Without a solid OL in front of them they will not be consistently successful.


    No. 11 Auburn hosts no. 9 Kentucky Friday (Gymnastics) No. 11 Auburn welcomes No. 9 Kentucky in home opener Friday - Auburn University Athletics

    The No. 11 Auburn gymnastics team kicks off its home schedule Friday, January 12 as the Tigers host No. 9 Kentucky in Neville Arena. The meet is set for 7:30 p.m. CT and will be televised on SEC Network.

    No. 11 Auburn welcomes No. 9 Kentucky in home opener Friday - Auburn University Athletics

    Thoughts on Saban's replacement?

    I've read some articles on this. On suggesting the students wanted "anyone but Dabo," to which I would ask, "so, Kiffin?" I think that would be pretty ironic, TBH. Given that Saban is helping with the transition, I don't know if that makes Lane's ascention more or less likely! Either way, it took Less Miles years to foul up the system Saban left at LSU. Then again, that was before the transfer portal was a thing!


    Cadillac steps down as RB coach Auburn running backs coach, former player Cadillac Williams steps down

    Williams’ departure comes after spending one season under first-year head coach Hugh Freeze, who not only made it a point to retain Williams, but also promote Williams shortly after hired as the Tigers’ head coach.

    Auburn running backs coach, former player Cadillac Williams steps down

    Sad news:

    > After five seasons back at his alma mater, Auburn associate head coach and running backs coach Carnell “Cadillac” Williams is leaving The Plains, he announced Thursday evening.


    Ole Miss Game Thread

    In case anyone wants to discuss. I’m busy so I won’t see the game. Have fun… Everyone.

    War Eagle!


    Auburn Ice Hockey Schedule

    Yep, ice hockey! Wish they came a little closer to home for me. I would love to see a game. They have an active FB group and some good looking jerseys for sale!

    Side note, gotta love South Carolina forever leaning hard (pun intended) into their mascot!


    Texas A & M Game Thread

    I think a lot of folks saw this as the first big test for Auburn. Then we watched the team struggle against Cal. Fortunately A & M are perennial underachievers under Jimbo. Then again, they are at home. I think the Tigers have a shot if A & M underperforms and they can play a complete game. Could be a win to set the tone of the season. I think a loss would do the same.


    UMass Game Tgread

    In case anyone’s interested. I’m crazy busy today, so I’ll be watching recorded.

    0 Auburn University announces two more trees on Toomer's corner can be rolled

    AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) - Auburn University announces that fans can now roll two trees on Toomer's Corner now. The trees have had enough time to grow and can now withstand rolling and the cleaning process the university said.

    Auburn University announces two more trees on Toomer's corner can be rolled

    Please, people, can we have nice things again?

    > The original Auburn Oaks were planted between 1937 and 1939 then were removed in 2013 after being poisoned in 2010. Two oaks were planted in 2015 but had to be removed after one had fire damage. The newest trees were planted in February of 2017 and the University asked for them to not be rolled.

    I remember the video footage of the one lady beating the crap out of the guy trying to light the TP/tree on fire.


    Photoprism or Immich

    I’ve seen a lot of recommends for Immich on here, so I have an idea what the answer here is going to be, but I’m looking for some comparisons between it and Photoprism I’m currently using Synology Photos, and I think my biggest issue is it’s lack of metadata management. I’ve gotten around that with MetaImage and NeoFinder. I’m considering moving to something not tied to the Synology environment.