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YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • It's funny that Republicans want to force women to have babies but then also complain about women that have too many babies and refer to them as "welfare babies" but also want to defund social aid programs and not provide additional resources to foster kids and orphanages.

    (I know that was a run-on sentence.)

  • Musk Donates to Trump, Tapping Vast Fortune to Swing 2024 Race
  • Well Trump said he'd cut taxes for the rich if they helped him get re-elected. Honestly surprised it took Musk this long to donate to him, especially with talk of Trump making making Secretary of Transportation.

  • Zelenskyy: If Trump Has Plan to End the Ukraine War 'He Should Tell Us Today'
  • Remember when Trump said he would get rid of the ACA and they had a plan to replace it? But he never had a plan and eventually said "who knew healthcare was so complicated?" (Everybody knew it was complicated.) This is the exact same thing.

  • The Supreme Court Is a Joke. It's Not Funny
  • Financial institutions have a TON of regulations against this sort of thing. You can't accept gifts, you can't serve on a board if there's a conflict of interest, you can't take politicians out for dinner, etc. This is seriously fucked up. Shit is going to get even more corrupt, but now they don't have to hide it.

  • Voters have no right to fair elections, NC lawmakers say as they seek to dismiss gerrymandering suit

    North Carolina's political maps are expected to give Republicans majorities in the state legislature, and the U.S. House of Representatives delegation, even if Democrats win a majority of the statewide vote.

    Voters have no right to fair elections, NC lawmakers say as they seek to dismiss gerrymandering suit

    Lawyers representing state legislative leaders were in court Thursday in Raleigh, arguing to throw out an anti-gerrymandering lawsuit that targets the state's new political districts.

    The lawsuit argues that the state constitution guarantees the right to fair elections, and it says the new districts violate that promise. The Republican-led legislature argues that no such right exists, since it's impossible to define what "fair" means.


    Post Sort doesn't save?

    Anyone else have this issue? I did a quick search so I apologize if it's a known issue, but I can set my post sort to Top Day in my user settings, but it eventually defaults to Active.