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The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • It's people like you that we can't have nice things. oh some Germans in Germany has started genociding Jews out of existence, so that must mean that all Germans are evil Nazis. you only consider moderation when their is a obvious utility. like oh you don't need alcohol to survive, but because some people get addicted to alcohol. we must ban alcohol, so no one will get addicted ever again. we seriously need to learn moderation and nuance. we really need to collectively agree that I'm not your mom and neither is the government. Otherwise we will be asking ourselves, what is the point of enjoyment? People who are miserable breath just fine, and if you enjoy something too much you might get addicted.

  • TIL "How do you dress?" means "Which pants leg do you put your penis down?"
  • No when ever a boner happens it just goes slightly to the side and even if it doesn't there's still a shirt to get past

  • TIL "How do you dress?" means "Which pants leg do you put your penis down?"
  • Am I like the only man here that wears underwear I've never worn underwear that lets my cock hang like do you guys get underwear that it is like 2 times the size of your waist

  • TIL "How do you dress?" means "Which pants leg do you put your penis down?"
  • I'm not even sure there were any men involved in writing this I typically have my thing pinned upward to avoid rug rash and boners turning my leg into a codpiece

  • TIL "How do you dress?" means "Which pants leg do you put your penis down?"
  • Did people just forget about boners like when that thing gets hard it goes up and if it's sheethed in a pant leg boy is that gonna hurt not to mention rug rash

  • The Morning Visitor by Dino Buzzati (1967)
  • Eh on one hand yeah it's probably insensitive to joke about rape but at the same time calling insensitive jokes is just going to bring more attention to it and now everyone is focused on fighting over a insensitive joke instead of focusing on helping those in need I suppose it's kinda like a scab the more you pick the more the wound bleeds

  • Restored my faith a little
  • Not only did baby boomers get their name from how their parents popped out babys twice as often as the generation before them but gen z has been populating way less often than their generation but it's getting to a point that it's becoming a world wide crisis I honestly hope people start having tons of kids pretty soon or else we might be facing extinction eventually

  • Should half naked pictures of anime characters be marked NSFW on Lemmy?
  • Eh I will admit there are places where wearing a bra in public is odd and sexual there are also places like Florida where women were bras out in grocery stores

  • Happy 4th
  • Now that the queen is dead everything titan said is now completely true

  • Japan declares victory in effort to end government use of floppy disks
  • Granted I'm too young to have handed floppys but from what I understand from my dad and other people the appeal of floppys today is not reliability but rather that normal people have moved on to USB and CDs and have long since thrown away their floppy drives and some people only know them as icon buttons making them pretty good spot to hide classified documents and government secrets

  • Japan declares victory in effort to end government use of floppy disks
  • As another guy joked it's really is genuinely more accurate to call floppy discs security by obsolescence because everyone doesn't have the stuff required to manipulate/read floppy discs and there are even people who don't even know what a floppy disk is and just think it's a physical save button

  • The longer you look, the worse it gets
  • Jesus Chrysler that's a crazy Christ

  • An Important Distinction [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]
  • Ok so let's entertain the opposite of patriotism and talk about self distane what is going to drive you to fix the crumbling rotting foundation or leaky roof because who cares if this crummy house rots and collapses on me if you don't care about your county then you won't have the drive to maintain it sure some might but those people who don't need motivation to do things are rare and far between if the world is hopeless then what hope is there of fixing it

  • Manslaughter
  • I think we need more manderan oranges

  • Does Starfleet even have sergeants?
  • We all live in a yellow enterprise a yellow enterprise

  • 'Affirmative'
  • Can't believe this line is the only reason I'm aware of red alert

  • hmmm
  • Sign: Incase of fire use elevator Me opening elevator: oh now I wonder what the stiares are like here

  • hmmm
  • Well that escalated quickly

  • What food makes you grow?
  • Tries aggressively winking but continues to fail due to lack of eye lids

  • Are you still living with your parents/family?
  • I'm 19 dropped out of college and still living with parents. Right now I'm really planning on just saving up to move to Japan because everything in the US is taxed to high hell and our government is barely functional. I'm just fed up with everything so I'm just going to keep myself sane by studying Japanese and minimizing my expenses

  • Where are some good places I can buy metric tape measures

    I live in amarica and noticed that every tape measures I find are imperial only. Hell even on Amazon I can't find a metric tape measure and you'd think they must exist considering us amaricans are the only people using imperial.

    Animemes credit crazy

    When a car guy gets esakaied


    Help all of my games seem to number my controller buttons

    It seems that steam is the only application that understands what my buttons are supposed to be called is anyone else having this issue is this a driver issue

    Textbook Piracy credit crazy

    Can anyone point me to a PDF for genki 1 3rd edition workbook


    Advice wanted for a speedometer cable not fitting

    I've gotten a 1956 bel air and after searing for the reason why my spidometer doesn't work and just makes noise ive found that the cable connector is to big to screw into the spidometer how can I find another cable that can screw into the spidometer or make the one I have work


    Question Motorola users has your screens cracked for no reason whatever

    I’ve just came from using a Google pixel that’s lasted me for 5 years before the battery died and since then I’ve gotten a Motorola edge one year in and the screen cracked in half while it was sitting on a table as I was watching YouTube then I got a Motorola edge and while I was at work I put my phone in my pocket for a second and there’s a crack on the edge of my screen do I just have really rotten luck or are Motorola’s prone to braking