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IT Nerd of 30yrs and avid hobbiest of genealogy, geology and science in general.

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Just sprinkle it on
  • "God works in mysterious ways my child..."


  • Trump ally Bannon ordered to report to prison for defying Jan. 6 probe
  • Imagine being the one having to check his prison wallet for deposits... ug.

  • sphincter? i never even met her
  • Or just, you, sit down to pee where it will all come out anyways.

  • US dog breeder fined $35m after 4,000 beagles rescued
  • I trained my beagle to do neither bark nor howl, but she whined incessantly lol. Point is, any dog can be trained at any age not to, so it's the owners fault (most times as there are exceptions), not the dog's.

  • Butts, breasts, and genitals now explicitly allowed on Elon Musk’s X
  • So TwitterX is the new 4Chan... oh how the mighty have fallen.

  • Trump's own biographer spills inside information about ex-president's jail worries
  • "You have to search me WHERE?!?! That's preposterous!"

  • Downey, Calif., bans Pride flag on city property; L.A. County, state officials clap back
  • Basically a suburban area of Los Angeles that consists mostly of well off Republican residents (except those south of the 105).

    Source: Commute from Lakeforest to Lakewood (south of Downey) for work.

  • We've got everything you want
  • It was only ever a jungle when the gardener didn't show.

  • Trump campaign raises record $34.8 million in donations after guilty verdict
  • My 101 yo Grandmother made a great statement about this:

    What we're seeing today with Trump is akin to the whole Jimmy Hoffa drama of my generation.

    Organized crime isn't new and always ends with the same slap on the wrist outcome. It's older than me.

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • Don't forget Pulse audio!

  • 28 Russian soldiers who were wounded and refused to return to Ukraine were detained and tortured in Yakutsk.
  • Blayt, the beatings will continue until morale has improved !

    Svolach Russian Army, they'll never learn.

  • Trump's plans for health care and reproductive rights if he returns to White House
  • Ranks right up there with repealing Obamacare, building the Keystone pipeline and placing bans on foreign lobbies lol... All promised, never delivered.

  • For all Island spawn enjoyers. 15 seeds with small isolated starter islands.
  • Someone's been busy trying to find the ideal starter haha.

  • Newsom signs bill allowing Arizona abortion doctors to work in California
  • Yuma, AZ. posted joke today:

    We'll sell cheap ammo, cheap gas and fireworks to Californians (fireworks are illegal in CA) in exchange for reproductive rights (which are illegal in AZ). Fair trade!

  • Ukrainian soldiers are joined by unexpected volunteers
  • For a moment there I thought Canada (geese) had joined the fight.

  • Smartmatic alleges Newsmax has deleted evidence in lawsuit over false vote-rigging claims
  • I'm so not looking forward to November's elections.

  • I was detained at a US airport and asked about Israel and Gaza for 2 hours. Why? | Ilan Pappé
  • Tell me, does it hurt to talk out your ass so much or is it just natural for you?

  • Michigan county refuses to certify vote, prompting fears of a growing election threat this fall
  • Get your 5G tinfoil caps boys...

    "These anti-democracy groups are taking these steps because they want to discredit the election if they lose."