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It's been fifteen years. - The Oatmeal
  • So, dude makes art on the internet and wanted to use his output to create a revenue stream for himself? Shocking, how dare he. Randall Munroe got popular doing xkcd, and now he's written books just to further make a name for himself. A damning indictment.

  • You have no idea the horrors they've seen

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    > You weren't there, man...


    You have no idea the horrors they've seen

    You weren't there, man...

    Too powerful for their Euro arteries
  • Similar, perhaps. I enjoyed visiting Costco in England and devouring jacket (baked) potatoes with Heinz baked beans (I'm aware this is Lemmy...), Shepherd's Pie and a hot cup of Yorkshire Tea - so the menu is localised too.

    I don't remember if they also had the typical American fare when I was there, because I was more interested in the British cuisine I had missed so much. They may have had the froyo and hotdogs. Im certain there must have been pizza, surely.

  • Has Anyone Ever?
  • Press and hold? I hadn't thought about that idea to be honest, I'll have to try that next time. I use Vivaldi on both Android and desktop, which is based on Chromium (the open source project base for Google Chrome).

    Edit - just tried it, didn't work for me. It's not an option in my menu. I'll try and figure out the dev console on mobile and post here if I figure it out.

  • Adventures jump
  • Fair point. This was the first thing I looked at when I woke up today before putting my brain in gear, and I was thinking of the example of being in a train carriage at 70mph and jumping up - because the air resistance is acting upon the train, not directly upon the passenger jumping up and down, they don't end up having the back of the train catch up to them at 70mph...

  • RESOLVED - Can't connect to home server from Android phone
  • Stock android without an unlocked bootloader will not give you access to the hosts file, and there shouldn't be a firewall you don't know about. Can you run a vbox or live USB on another machine on your network to see if it will see the server?

    I just saw you already answered about the same gateway and mask. Hm. I'm thinking there's probably a janky setting on your router, that's the only place I can think of that might have a poorly configured or unconfiugred firewall. Especially if it works on the cellular using the VPN.

    Good luck with it, I'm sorry I don't have the exact answer!

    Edit - just saw your edit. Computing is like that sometimes! Glad you got it working. 👍

  • RESOLVED - Can't connect to home server from Android phone
  • You could try changing your host server's IP address and see if it still has the same issue (maybe it's added to a hosts file, or perhaps you installed no root firewall?) Can you ping from your server? Not sure if ICMP echo traffic would be blocked by Android however.

    Do both your server and phone have the same gateway/subnet mask?

  • I think I would, too
  • This is why I like TickTick! I have been known to undo completing a task and turning the sound back on, to complete it again when my phone was on silent, just to hear the ping.

  • Android intent for instance links

    When we used reddit, and you found a link on Google or in an email that went to, it would open up that link in Boost. Same for the email notifications when you got an inbox message or a comment reply - following the link opened up your inbox in Boost, not your web browser.

    Since there are an almost infinite number of instances to match the URL for, is this behaviour just not possible with Lemmy, by the nature of the fediverse?

    I think I remember Android having a manual option to set default apps for certain links, so I'm going to try and set Boost the default app for links starting with my home instance. Not sure if Boost will necessarily understand the links though and how to process it..


    Thought experiment: could Spez just make reddit speak ActivityPub and turn it into a Lemmy instance?

    What if reddit joins the fediverse? What are the implications for that if it were even feasible? We would end up with subreddits as communities on Lemmy such as [email protected], perhaps.

    What are the community's thoughts on this, given the new app by Meta that has attempted to join our free society? Do we just defed, and hope that all the popular instances all do the same?

    Discuss 🤓