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Do you think people would be okay with 'Recall' if Apple did it?

With the recent WWDC apple made some bold claims about privacy when it comes to so called Apple Intelligence. This makes me wonder if they did something to what Microsoft did with Recall feature, would people be less concerned and to an extend praise their effort?

Do you trust apple with their claims?


Application icons in taskbar messed up after Gnome 46 update

Applications like EndeavorOS Welcome, Tor browser won't show their actual icons on the taskbar after Gnome 46 update. I have observed that applications launched by invoking the binary through terminal using ./ behaves this way. (Not sure about the EOS Welcome) Is there any fix to this?

OS: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64. DE: GNOME 46.1. Icons: Papirus [GTK2/3].

[Edit: This is not a freshly installed system. Icons were working fine till Gnome 45.]


[Funny Suggestion] Mozilla should make a moz protocol

Looking at the Mozilla logo, we could see a URI hiding (or not) in there. Like mysql://.


They should make it into a protocol like mysql here and incorporate 'a' in there then do something with it.


Does nothing launcher support work profile?

Basically the question. I use work profile (created with shelter). The stock android launcher supports this personal/work separation. But I want to know whether nothing phone launcher support this feature. I know you can install a third party launcher like lawnchair for this. But with these 3rd party launchers the gesture support is really bad.


[Question] If I selfhost a privacy frontend on cloud, wouldn't the original service get my server IP and track back to me?

Does cloud providers share the IP addresses and the alloted users to these big corps and defect the whole purpose of a privacy frontend? Are there any service (FOSS) that could randomise my servers IP?

Might be a noob question but I want to start self hosting.


Is Mull a good private browser for android?

Anyone using it?


[Question] Are there any Twitter/X mirroring bot that I could self host.

Preferably a docker image, but given the instructions, I could build an image. Any suggestions on the best practises are also welcome. Like the type of server (VM/Swarm/K8s) etc.


How does this math work?

There might be some simple explanation but i cannot figure it out.


How much should you spend on a smartphone

In the current spectrum, how much should one spend to get the best value? I know everyone has a different taste and budget. But analysing the current trend of smartphone culture could give a bit of insight into spending wisely.


Do you buy gadgets based on ecosystem preferences?

Apple, Samsung, Google etc. all have their own ecosystems and gadgets like Phone, Earbuds, Watches, Tablets, Laptops work better with each other or at least they are saying so. Do you make your purchasing decisions based on the above mentioned ecosystem preference or otherwise.


How to stop eating junk food?

I am eating too much junk and processed food while watching movies and youtube videos. I want to stop as it affects my health. Any suggestions.


Intel or AMD for ffmpeg?

With no graphics card specific compilation to the ffmpeg, which among intel or AMD is better for executing ffmpeg -i input -c:v libx265 -crf 26 -preset fast -c:a aac -b:a 128k output.mp4 Would tight integration between amd cpu + gpu help in this case?

Fyi. Currently i am using intel with cpu only mode for this and its pretty slow.


What are some good private email service?

The mail service has to be affordable (around 10 euros per year). Tuta was an option but their plans are somewhat overpriced for me. Anyone using their (Tuta) free plan? How is it?


Have you ever done something for yourself on your (job) company's infrastructure?

Like hosted a website or a server for your personal needs, or taken a smartphone given to you for work or something like that.