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The answer to your Google search may depend on where you live
  • So it is about languages instead of “where you live”. Can’t Harvard researchers get the title right?

    Or are they assuming that languages are only associated with where people live?

  • How is your week going ?
  • Biden is using Lemmy now?

  • How is your week going ?
  • I used to live in a city where 8 months of the year is around 30 degrees. No car. I would have multiple shopping trips instead of hauling big ones.

  • ok i think im learning how to do this
  • Ideogram has a magic prompt feature that turns concise prompts into elaborate ones. In this case I actually entered a short prompt in Ideogram but I didn’t like the output. Then I copied the magic prompt into Copilot and got what I wanted.

  • How is your week going ?
  • 30 degrees isn't too bad. I wish to be warmer here.

  • How is your week going ?
  • Once in a while I get motivated to feel "enough is enough", and decide to work on important stuff.

    Lately this hasn't happened. It's like a lack the energy to do anything useful.

  • How is your week going ?
  • Can't stop procrastinating.

  • The answer to your Google search may depend on where you live
  • I thought it was common knowledge by now.

  • So Powerful It Can't Be A PC - Interactive Unix - 1993
  • So Expensive. It can't be a PC.

  • Ampulex dementor reimagined

    ok i think im learning how to do this
  • Prompt: A whimsical and surreal photo featuring Betty Boop atop a massive, colorful fish. The fish leaps gracefully through a ring of flames, while Betty Boop maintains her balance and holds a box of Rice Krispies. The background is a blend of vibrant colors, with onlookers watching the spectacle in awe. The overall atmosphere is playful and nostalgic, evoking a sense of wonder and delight.

  • Have you ever been called a slur and how did you deal with it?
  • Completely ignore. If you respond in anyway, they achieve their purpose of being annoying.

  • Master Chief's Retirement
  • Yeah Cortana retired a bit earlier.

  • Master Chief's Retirement

    Essential movies to watch
  • That's inconceivable!

  • Essential movies to watch
  • My Neighbour Totoro is unique. In this film kids actually act and talk like kids. It is extremely imaginative and magical while not trying to be epic. It treats the audience as intelligent, curious people, giving a lot of quiet thinking space in between scenes.

    It is a masterpiece of film making. The other Studio Ghibili films are good, but Totoro remains to be my favourite.

  • Hello from the year 3000
  • So they use gamers RGB as makeup.

  • Essential movies to watch
  • 12 Angry Men

    My Neighbour Totoro



    The Truman Show

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Putting a lot of pressure on 2026 now
  • First time to see a Quest 64 meme!

  • [Community Challenge 42] Ultimate Ride
  • The Pombus


    A whimsical photo of a fantastical creature known as the Pombus. This enchanting being seamlessly combines the features of a enormous, fluffy Pomeranian dog with those of a vintage bus. The creature has a long, furry body, playful face, and agile furry legs that allow it to run swiftly. Its cheerful face is adorned with bus windows, a destination sign on its forehead, and headlights above its eyes. The Pombus is equipped with soft, furry seats inside its body for passengers, blending the organic and mechanical elements in a delightful and magical manner., photo, cinematic

    Clearly inspired by the Catbus

  • Flute Concerto for Poms

    Mars Curiosity Rover getting overtaken
  • Suitable environment for the BMW, as there is no need for turn signals.

  • The Animaltrix

    Inspired by The Animatrix


    It feels like ages since the Switch was released


    Casio BG-15 calculator boxing game (1982)


    Developers, please give us more visibility options.

    The aim of a streamlined user interface is appreciated, but the current trend towards extreme minimalism can be counterproductive. It often leads to a cumbersome experience where accessing common features or information requires unnecessary navigation.

    Take, for instance, the display of the author's name and instance. Certain Lemmy applications deem the instance trivial and choose to hide it, while others omit the author's details from the main feed entirely, necessitating extra steps to uncover them.

    Another example is the ability to view upvotes and downvotes as distinct figures. While some may only want the aggregate score, the absence of this feature overlooks the preferences of users who value this detail.

    Implementing optional features like displaying author names, instances, or separate up/downvote counts gives users more control over their app experience. This way, those who prefer a clean interface can keep it that way, while those who value specific details can have them readily available.


    Everybody Loves Tardigrades


    What are some science fiction novels that are relatively easier for non-native English readers?

    I am looking for scifi novels based on real scientific concepts, but with easy to follow plots and characters.

    My English level is proficient in a professional setting, and I have no problem reading academic, medical or scientific articles in English.

    I love watching documentaries on BBC, but I sometimes struggle watching dramas and sitcoms without subtitles.

    I am mainly trying to find audio books that I can listen to while driving. I am half way through listening to Carl Sagan's Contact on audio, it is great and not too difficult because I've already watched the movie many times.


    Anyone else used to have a 2400 bps modem like this?

    Really cool being able to see the status with the lights. And the cool dialup sound of course.


    Mass Effec T


    Pisa, Italy 2014




    O C


    Dogs Not Playing Poker


    Sponge Cake


    Western Style... windows?


    Just a plumber wearing a red cap

    He is short and plump with fair skin, bright blue eyes, a big nose, and a thick dark-brown mustache. He wears a red cap with an “M” logo, a red long-sleeved shirt, blue overalls with yellow buttons, white gloves, and brown shoes. He is often seen jumping and stomping.

    His facial features: Rounded face with soft features. Large, expressive eyes that are usually drawn closed when jumping or running. Black, bushy mustache that often covers his upper lip. Small, round nose and a chin that blends smoothly into his cheeks. Minimal lines or wrinkles, suggesting a youthful appearance. Bright blush on his cheeks, conveying a cheerful and energetic personality.

    His shoes are work boots with laces, reaching mid-calf.


    What is your favourite title screen and why? Here is mine.

    Game: Detroit Become Human

    Why: Chloe breaks with fourth wall in an immersive way. She is beautiful and expressive. The actress did an amazing job expressing the doubt and confusion of Chloe.


    My most memorable NES games

    Skipping some obvious ones like SMB/Tetris.

    From top-left to bottom right:

    • Punch Out
    • Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Famicom Disk System)
    • Gun.smoke
    • Bubble Bobble
    • Dragon Quest III
    • Volleyball
    • Pinball
    • Mighty Bomb Jack
    • Lifeforce
    • Double Dribble
    • Bionic Commando
    • Lifeforce (sorry duplicate)
    • Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun (Famicom)
    • Balloon Fight
    • Ice Hockey
    • Super Dodgeball
    • Soccer
    • Double Dragon II
    • Dragon Spirit
    • Jackal
    • City Connection