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Vote out the career politicians who don't really give a shit about you
  • The debate: honest to fuck, Trump looked composed and almost presidential next to Joe in that debate.

    I swear that my wife practically wanted to divorce me for saying this right after. I wouldn’t vote for him with a gun to my head but watching that debate, the Trump on stage that night was the President I’d want other world powers to wrangle with.

  • Interview: ‘Prodigy’ Showrunners On Giving [SPOILER] Closure And Sitting At Star Trek’s “Adult Table”
  • There was a fairly recent interview where he acknowledged getting another season on Netflix was practically a statistical impossibility because even the best shows don’t get one. I’ll see if I can find it. Bummed me out cause I liked the idea of a SW Rebels run.

  • OOF: Mike Johnson Gets Super Awkward When His Teleprompter Shuts Down
  • Right? I want my 30 secs back. They would’ve been better spent on Prime Day.

    Edit: serves me right for not using a /s but damn y’all. I thought it was obvious I wasn’t even remotely serious about Prime day.

  • Forbes rule.
  • Y’know! I’ve liked their articles but I’m put off by their membership model and pricing.

    Ars ropes me in pretty often. It has more good content than not. The Atlantic has snuck its way into my reading lists - though it’s pretty heavily opinionated more often than not.

  • Forbes rule.
  • It really is getting harder to find quality fact-based reporting. I rely on sources like Allsides and Straight Arrow News but even then it’s still just rehashing (course correcting) the flavor of the day reporting.

  • Alcaraz destroys Djokovic to win his second Wimbledon title and his fourth Grand Slam!
  • I’m sure his knee didn’t help but it seemed to me Djok couldn’t read Alcaraz at all. He usually breaks early or anticipates his opponent. He was reacting (and late) most of the time.

    Carlitos is this generations monster, and quite a gentleman too.

  • AVP has yet to sell 100k units
  • I’m going to retract that claim. I think it came in one of my tech newsletters but since I can’t find it, I don’t want to mislead anyone. Maybe I’m mixing it up with another tech product.

  • AVP has yet to sell 100k units Apple Vision Pro U.S. Sales Are All But Dead, Market Analysts Say

    Anyone in the U.S. who wanted a $3,500 Vision Pro may already have one. The only hope for increased sales is a rumored cheaper model in 2025.

    Apple Vision Pro U.S. Sales Are All But Dead, Market Analysts Say

    Design Portfolio Critique

    Hi all! I'm applying for Creative Director roles and am looking for feedback on my portfolio

    I'm specifically looking for thoughts on how the site presents me as a self-marketing tool. So not focusing so much on each individual piece of work but more about the content in the portfolio and its presentation. What is working well and what could be improved?

    I appreciate your valuable feedback!


    Le Tigre - TKO


    Sponge Design Furniture: just add water

    6 1930s May Whitley Self Defense (credit:@quantawealth)

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.

    Edit: Article with some background and history on her + a better and longer YT vid (hilariously titled “The Weaker Sex”)

    Home Improvement clearedtoland

    Smelly plumbing mystery - what is this? (extra pics in comments)

    Our laundry room sink has this bizarre attachment to to the back of the drain line clean out. It would almost seem like it was or is supposed to be a vent. Recently it’s started to give off a foul sewer smell when our washing machine rinses.

    Can I safely plug it? Maybe remove it if I can manage to pry it off? When I asked our plumber what it was, he just smirked and said it was a “crazy thing.”

    Home Improvement clearedtoland

    Leaky foundation help (pics in body)

    1950s house with block foundation. I’ve patched these areas with hydraulic cement. That didn’t work so I stripped and cleaned the areas thoroughly then repatched. It improved but still getting lots of leaking where the foundation and floor meet or just above.

    The main trouble spot sits next to the water heater where some old oil tank lines were. Can I safely cut those out with an angle grinder and try to patch that up? There’s a giant concrete hump that encases them where the water leaks over too.

    Our exterior is naturally moist. We’ve got a sump pump, French drain, gutters discharges all well away from the house. Short of digging up and putting in new footer tiles (which I definitely can’t afford now), I’m at a loss.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Waterproof paint? Block filler?

    !Image 1 !Image 2 !Image 3


    A self-contained doctor's office, powered by artificial intelligence, where you — the patient — draw your own blood and take your own vitals.


    Good thing they censor the prescription name, right?


    Which one of you bought this?




    Every time!


    Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 getting remasters early next year Hey Young People, The OG Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Remastered

    The first three Lara Croft outings will be made all pretty for modern consoles, out early next year

    Hey Young People, The OG Tomb Raider Games Are Getting Remastered

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    Wild Pigs of Europe Are Highly Radioactive

    Radroaches and radscorpions here we come!


    Damn typos


    Freakazoid, 95-97


    Longterm use of Proton Pump Inhibiters linked to dementia New link between acid reflux medicines and dementia

    Previously linked to a higher risk of stroke and heart attack, popular acid reflux medicines have now been connected to an increased likelihood of developing age-related dementia.

    New link between acid reflux medicines and dementia

    Link to study: American Academy of Neurology

    > After adjusting for factors such as age, sex and race, as well as health-related factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, researchers found people who had been taking acid reflux drugs for more than 4.4 years had a 33% higher risk of developing dementia than people who never took the drugs.


    Cutlery Bird (credit: Bill Sabin, Englishtown, NJ)

    Seen on This Old House. Took me a moment to see the cutlery.