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Any good sites that utilize Dalle 3 or Stable diffusion?

Preferably I’d like a site that uses Dalle 3 because it’s a let down how ChatGPT only generates one image at a time now, but sites with stable diffusion will work as well. I tried googling sites that use Dalle 3 but no luck

After Palworld Was Accused of Ripping Off Pokémon, Its CEO Has Accused Other Companies of Making Palworld Clones
  • I agree. Plus there’s a difference between ripping off and being inspired/influenced. Is palworld a Pokemon-esque game? Yes, but it’s not a rip off or clone since it’s different. Now if they gave the pals evolutions then yeah that would def be a red flag lol.

    These actual clones are actually ripping off palworld.

  • Can someone give examples when to using organic and snug supports in purse slicer?

    When would be good times to use the organic supports and the snug supports on Prusaslicer? I know organic is good for small parts but like I can’t find anything that says what snug and organic is more optimal for


    What can I use to readd rounded part on print?

    I accidentally sanded my print a little too much, I don't want to reprint it since it took 12 hours, is there something I can use like clay or putty that I can apply to readd the rounded art that is sandable and that I can put primer on and paint over?


    Asking a girl out for comic book store date?

    I met a girl that I'm interested in and enjoys comics like I do, would something like asking her out to a comic store be dumb? I have a hard time talking to girls so not sure if this would be a dumb idea.


    Nozzle size for masks and helmets

    Is there a recommended nozzle size for masks and helmets? Like is 0.4mm good, or would something like 0.6mm be better since the print will be big.


    Filament recycling options for PLA, PETG, and TPU

    I've been doing a lot of research but a lot of the stuff I find is about recycling filament scrap yourself and making it a new spool which I would love to do however I don't have the time or the space to do that. Are there services that recycle PLA, PETG, and TPU I'm in the US.

    Heck I'll even send someone the scrap if they want to recycle it themselves.

    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Agreed I was thinking the same thing. There could be a liberal congress person with the same ties. You shouldn’t blame them though. That’s like being related to an infamous serial killer and people blaming you for the murders even though you had nothing to do with them.

  • Does matcha tea need to be combined with milk or can I use water?
  • Oh you can drink the powder? You don’t need to remove it?

    Is there a tea like matcha that would be good to cold brew?

    It’s that simple to put in a jar and drink? Like I don’t need it to set?

    By immediately you don’t mean in one go right? Like I can drink it in like 2 hours right?

  • Does matcha tea need to be combined with milk or can I use water?

    I want to start drinking tea more instead of coffee, I really like matcha tea but whenever I’ve had it it was with milk, but I want to drink more water and want to know if I can mix water and matcha tea?

    Also I have a cold brew coffee maker, could I put the powder in the filter as I submerge it? How long would it last in the fridge (assuming I can)?


    Airbrush or traditional painting when coloring prints?

    Since I got back into 3D printing I really want to fix up my prints now with sanding and coloring. Would airbrushing or traditional painting (paint brush) be better?


    DIY dry box questions

    I'm thinking of making a dry box for my printer, however I have some questions:

    1. Will using PVC pipe as a "roller" (if that's the right word) that I'll place my filament spools on be good enough? Or do the spools need to go on something more concave? Maybe I can cut some grooves for the spools to sit in? I know there are dry boxes that use like holders that you screw in, but I want to limit the amount of holes in the box.

    2. Does filament have to be spaced or can I put the spools in the box to where there is no gaps but they can still move freely?

    3. Does it matter if I use M6 or M10 pneumatic couplers to feed the filmanet through or is it just personal preference?


    Excuse my ignorance, but could someone explain why that tween Elon agreed with recently is considered antisemetic?

    Again, excuse my ignorance, I'm just curious since I don't really know the context and everything else I found has confused me. So I'm hoping someone might be able to explain it and give me much better context.



    Prusa MK4 failing X-axis test

    I ran a selftest and the manual test and the X-axis keeps failing. I don't know why.

    I tried:


    adjusting the X-axis belt

    Adjusting the cables

    I've had no luck with anything :/

    Edit: I've watched a video and the extruder just hangs on the left side it for most the time it doesn't go left then right, right aaway

    Edit 2: I found the issue that I completely overlooked cuz I was annoyed...the bearing was sticking out somehow



    Can I plug Nevermore filter where I circled?

    I have a Nevermore filter with 24v fans, would it be fine to connect them to the parts that I have circled on my Prusa MK4?

    Or is that dangerous?


    Can anyone recommend terrible horror films?

    I love horror movies especially the cheesey type of horror movies that are so stupid that they are great. I do prefer the ones that would always appear on SyFy, but any other type (that is not like the ones on SyFy and look a lot better) is fine too.


    If I stop drinking does that decrease risk of cancer?

    I’ve been drinking for 7 years. Typicall I’ve only drank 3-4 drinks a year. If I stop drinking now, would that help decrease chances of cancer? If it does will it take a long time?