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main account for [email protected] because it's down so often

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An interesting sidenote...
  • "You're a traitor!" Bang "You're a traitor!" Bang


  • What is your heart's desire?
  • An end to capitalism. An end to companies destroying the world because of greed.

  • Ghosted restaurants
  • I looked for the post, I couldn't find it but there was evidence that she made it up for clout

  • Ghosted restaurants
  • This was thankfully debunked as fake

    Edit; I looked for the post, I couldn't find it, IM SORRY. There was evidence that she made it up for clout but I don't remember anything more than that.

  • We are living in the strangest of times
  • Yeah I know it's just you'd think they'd remember their roots and not be a fuckin class traitor

  • We are living in the strangest of times
  • Why are we seeing so many rappers who were so anti government and anti police support trump???

  • Democrats Need to Wake Up From Their ‘West Wing’ Fantasy
  • It's a game for them, it is for almost everyone at the top, they don't actually understand what's at stake, and some don't care. Most of them are rich, old, and privileged. All the things that we care about don't even apply to them, they're fine either way. The only difference is the donors pay them to be more left leaning.

  • I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • There's other types on cars

  • Thick, hairy thighs
  • I mean no disrespect, I just had a giggle because I read this just like:

  • How Long Should Hardware/Software Support Last?
  • I think it should be supported for a decade and the open sourced so that it can be archived and maintained by those who care.

  • Spider identification
  • Looks like a brown recluse. What would you say is the size? Nickel or quarter sized?

  • Caught in the Net: Using Infostealer Logs to Unmask CSAM Consumers
  • 100%, they test it on people like this first so the general population doesn't care

  • Armed to deter cops
  • The black panther method, 10 outta 10

  • I ❤️‍🔥 Piracy

    It's painful to not be able to see everything at once.
  • Good to know, I'll have to try that too

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Now wouldn't that be fun lol

  • The aliens need our gold! The proof? 3.
  • Acadian myths?? Acadians were Catholic lol

  • Got a Point
  • That's because it's not walkable between home and the gym

  • TIL that credit card numbers are validated using Luhn's algorithm. If it doesn't work with Luhn's algorithm, it's not a valid card number.

    You can read about Luhn's algorithm here


    You don't need to open up like THAT

    me irl candyman337



    Sidebar still very very laggy, basically unusable

    Since the much earlier version of this app, the sidebar has been basically unusable, it almost completely freezes up anytime I do anything on it. Is there any fix for this? Is this a know issue? What's going on?

    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how the sidebar renders my subscriptions. As soon as they load everything in the sidebar takes forever.

    This is the thing that has kept me from using this app despite basically being theost feature rich lemmy app.


    Doge Companion +10 affection +5 intimitldation to enemies


    Choose your gamer exlir wisely


    Hat of Nu Metal Knowledge


    Aventador the Delivery Car

    +10 speed

    Must have high dex or else


    TIH Inverted Centaur

    cursed comments candyman337

    TIH Non-Virgin Tarzan


    TIH salmon nuts


    TIH Non-Virgin Tarzan


    Andrw Tate impression kills her


    Sisyphus's must listen playlist


    Every 90s music video ever


    Looking for: Photo Viewer app for local and NAS files

    I'm looking for a photo viewer thay allows you to view local storage and connect network storage

    But I also want to be able to move and copy to and from network storage and local storage

    And modify (ie delete, move files, etc) the files in network storage

    I have fstop currently, but thay allows only read only access to network storage

    Anyone have any recs?

    I can set up most network file sharing standards so that's not really a limiting factor


    if comments are broken on an instance (like they are right now) the app will crash if you edit certain settings.

    Just about anything to do with comments that tries to fetch dara from the server will crash the app if comments aren't working


    Is it time for to work with other hosters to have "sister" instances?

    Lemmy.World is rapidly growing, maybe it’s time for some holsters to group together and distribute Thay load to other instances.

    Maybe custom ui logic could be made for the sign up page that auto signs you up for an instance that is an official sister instance to the main it could tell the user why ( to reduce load on a single server) and have a choice for the user to opt out.

    Just a thought. I mean I made a new account because I was having trouble posting on my .world account, and I can't even login to jerboa still.

    IMO I think in order to fully utilize part what makes the fediverse great, this should be supported natively. Thoughts? I’d love to hear from the admins and community mods.