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Kap Bambino - Under Tender

Connection: "under" in title

New idea. Is this possible? Sub groups!
  • That being said Lemmy has probably less than 1% of society. And Cleveland has a finite number of potential users.


    Pretty much the same concept, but on an individual basis. So, lets say I subscribe to videogames@instance and I also subscribe to gamers@instance. Those communities have NOT grouped for whatever reason, so YOU group them for yourself.

    So now when you post, you'll post once, and it will post your new post once in videogames@instance and once in gamers@instance.

    I see where you're coming from, but the problem is instances and communities (not "sublemmies") have different moderation styles and focuses, and this would just muddy things up unless it's very specific and deliberate.

  • Connect A Song can

    Alice In Chains - Over Now

    Connection: "over"

    Connect A Song can

    Mad Season - I'm Above (Live at the Moore, Seattle, 1995)

    Connection: "above" in title

    ‘Embarrassingly simple’ probe finds AI in medical image diagnosis ‘worse than random’
  • They used one to create the dataset for their experiments:

    In their experiments, they introduced a new dataset, Probing Evaluation for Medical Diagnosis (ProbMed), for which they curated 6,303 images from two widely-used biomedical datasets. These featured X-ray, MRI and CT scans of multiple organs and areas including the abdomen, brain, chest and spine.

    GPT-4 was then used to pull out metadata about existing abnormalities, the names of those conditions and their corresponding locations. This resulted in 57,132 question-answer pairs covering areas such as organ identification, abnormalities, clinical findings and reasoning around position.

  • [Discussion thread] How are you all guys doing on your niche communities?
  • Also @[email protected]; the auto add feature is for adding new local communities to the tool automatically. With it, users don’t need to add their communities manually to the tool because it will do it automatically.

    I see, I thought it meant the manually added communities were put into a queue of some sort and each instance admin would manually choose when they get added. I'm glad that's not the case. Thank you for clarifying and for the wonderful tool.

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    David Bowie - The Width of a Circle

    Connection: circles

    Retro Ads, Promos, Fliers, Etc. can

    [1984] ATARI - MS PACMAN

    1 Nation Shrugs After Hearing Trump Guilty Verdict, Unpauses ‘MILF Manor’

    NEW YORK—In the wake of the landmark trial that made him the first person to both serve as president of the United States and be convicted of a felony, the entire nation reportedly shrugged Thursday after hearing about the 34 guilty charges for Donald J. Trump and then unpaused the most recent episo...

    Nation Shrugs After Hearing Trump Guilty Verdict, Unpauses ‘MILF Manor’

    Beef Well Done: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Hip Hop's Family Feud | Ruff Criminal

    Great overview of the beef (with full context) now that the dust has settled a bit.

    1 U.S. Army Recruiter Has Bound, Gagged Civilian That Teen Can Shoot Right Now If He Enlists

    KERRVILLE, TX—Offering an added incentive in the hopes of enticing the young man to sign up for the military, U.S. Army recruiter Henry “Tex” Teevens revealed during a job fair Thursday that he had a bound, gagged civilian that 18-year-old Milo Carnes could shoot right now if he enlisted. “Yeah, bud...

    U.S. Army Recruiter Has Bound, Gagged Civilian That Teen Can Shoot Right Now If He Enlists

    [BUG] Embedded image not appearing

    Can someone please check this comment I made and let me know if you see the inline image?