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The real lesson for America in the French and British elections
  • The big flaw of this article is that it compares legislative elections to presidential elections In France too, presidential elections end up in a duel between far right and an unpopular and disconnected candidate

  • Is it better to rent a cheap/shitty place, or rent something suitable that you struggle to afford?
  • how the fuck is you working from home her problem ? In my euro shit country she wouldnt even dare saying something like that

  • Forgot name of medication I was given while living in France
  • clozapine ? A quick search returned : Olanzapine, quétiapine, lithium, halopéridol, carbonate de lithium, aripiprazole, rispéridone, brexpiprazole, Asénapine, paliperidone, ziprasidone (en), lurasidone et clozapine

  • Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Quasi-Confesses to Molesting 12-Year-Old Girl
  • This photo highlights his weird orangeness just fine

  • Slur filter censoring the string "the app" (without a space in between)
  • I can't see any mod comment, not sure why

  • Tasty color
  • Orange cat good

  • Would you rather be stuck in the woods with an updated Windows 11 or a Windows 7?
  • Windows, the only OS you must hit the start button in order to halt it

  • Closest subway line from you, France
  • And between 50% and100% of your transport subscription is paid by your employer (in Paris, at least)

  • Does it seem odd to track my lifespan?
  • That's long enough

  • AI nowaday is like Bluetooth 20 years ago: they put it everywhere where it's almost never useful
  • Say what you want about bluetooth, but I'm amazed by the battery life of those devices

  • Louisiana lawmakers vote to remove lunch breaks for child workers, cut unemployment benefits
  • They probably deserve the right to work with an empty stomach

  • Mozilla is testing new tab wallpapers in desktop Nightly
  • Maybe that took them 10 min

  • Breaking the law for real
  • Let me guess..your car is a BMW, right ? You got to be the moron in a BMW ?

  • What todo app are you using?
  • 40€/year...ouch

  • Chromium Manifest V3 Explained for Toddlers
  • Since 2020, apparently...I didn't know

  • Chromium Manifest V3 Explained for Toddlers
  • I don't care I use Internet Explorer