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Series: Conservatives of Lemmy: What do you think has gone awry in modern society and how might it be constructively addressed?
  • Can you define conservative?

    I am right-leaning and voted republican until Obama. My beliefs haven’t changed, but as the tea party took over, the parties shifted, and now my vote is typically for a conservative democrat, as the republican party strays farther and farther right.

  • Beautiful but worrying 🌍
  • If it’s a cycle, ask them when the dinosaurs will come back. When they say “not like that,” ask if the continents will come back together. When they say that won’t happen, ask them to confirm that everything is changing, except the climate.

  • Putin Threatens To Supply Weapons To "Regions" For Retaliatory Strikes On Western Targets
  • There is a school of thought in intelligence that the current generation of russian leadership have a “win or die trying” outlook, because they are a generation removed from the leaders that conquered germany and had nothing to prove. There are rumors that putin considered it acceptable to nuke warsaw to win the crimean conflict, which matches his belief no one will stop him in ukraine, and he only needs to wait for trump to save him. It’s worth a pause… but I’m glad to see europe pushing back now, and putin should be afraid his choice will become “everyone dies, or just I die.” Because the people around him don’t want to be part of the everyone.

  • Cleric/moon Druid gish builds in 5e

    I was thinking about crazy optimizations today and I’m surprised we don’t hear more people talk about this combo. A cleric that can cast lvl 3 spells can concentrate on spirit guardians and wild shape, and by becoming a large creature you can create a 40 ft field of fast moving justice taking the dodge action - that include spider forms, which allows ceiling walking to create the disco ball of death moving around a room out of melee reach.

    I’m surprised I’ve never seen this build being abused.


    Sharing the Load

    I play with a group where we love to help out the DM with adventures; this is a batch of dragonoids I’m printing for our combats in a 5e Dragonlance campaign.

    I print them, another player paints them, we all benefit from adding to the realism with 3D models. As a DM I love it when players help add to the realism of the game, and our DM trusts us not to push too much but to help if asked.

    Just wanted to throw out this slice of gaming life in case it sparks ideas for anyone. Printing minis, building terrain, helping with play lists.. this can all help make the DM job easier and make a better game experience for everyone.

    Or buy pizza. No one minds if you buy pizza.