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Leaky bags
  • Go buy a set of Tupperware. Yes they are plastic, but the set I have I got from my Mother. She bought it back in the 1970s. And one of my Grand kids will still be using them after me and Grandma are long gone. That's a pretty good use of plastic.

    The large one I have will hold 5lbs of flour without issue, the next size down will hold 3lbs of sugar easily, then next size smaller yet a bag of brown sugar. Now my Grandmother, she bought flour by the 20lbs bag. And she had a wooden box in her pantry that she stored the whole bag in. She baked a LOT of bread and other baked goods nearly every day.

  • Leaky bags
  • Yes there are bits and pieces and whole insects in your flour. And they are impossible to remove. So there are actual legal limits as to how much insects parts can be in the package of flour.

    Things like meal worms tend to come from poor home storage though. If you store your flour in an air tight container, they aren't much of a problem. Unless it take you years to use up a bag of flour.

  • Linux best
  • Nice! Your parents are willing to expand their horizons and don't fear the unknown in search of something better. This old Grandpa prefers running a good distro myself.

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • So does Slack. But while they are 2 of the foundational distros, neither is the first go to choice of the average user. Neither distro caters to the mainstream user. If you are choosing either of those two distros, you are definitely old school and/or are looking for a solution to problem that is perhaps more of an edge case.

  • Linux best
  • Most people are simple users, they have little interest in setting up mail servers or websites. They just want to use a computer, not work a computer. And those are the people you need to convince into giving a Linux distro or three a try - Mom and Dad, your little Brother, Auntie Sue, and Grandpa and Grandma.

    Fortunately, you can easily get a mini desktop computer from Amazon on the cheap, I picked one up for $90US last summer purely for distro hopping, and then install a distro to see if you like it or not. It's cheap and easy. Toss in a $20US wireless keyboard and mouse combo set, and an old unused monitor, and for less than a Saturday night out, you got a rig to surf Linux distros to your heart's content to see the power of the Linux desktop.

    In fact it's my belief it's these dirt cheap modestly spec'ed mini computers that should come with a Linux distro pre-installed. And not the $1000US+ laptops that Linux is currently available on from the factory. Much like Chromebooks, these cheap little computers could and should be the gateway to increased adoption of Linux for the home users.

  • A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • Hey, I replace LibreOffice on my Linux installs every time with OnlyOffice. I don't really need a full up office suite anymore. And I find OnlyOffice is a bit simpler and easier to use. But it's not for everybody.

    Plus, it keeps me away from trusting Google Docs.......

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • Most pets don't work because their owners don't bother to train them to do any work. And interestingly enough, I have indeed seen a Chihuahua herd cattle. There was No Fear. It was amazing to see that little toothed monster chase a 2000lbs bull around a pen and into another and then into a barn on command from the farmer that owned him. And a Mastiff will gladly hunt fox, cougars, wolves, and even people if you want them to. They will also happily Netflix, popcorn, and chill on the couch with you after chewing up that human also.

    Why don't my dogs talk? Well, they just don't have the physical voice box to form the sounds of human speech, (as you well know). But that doesn't mean they don't communicate with people. Actions, like tail wagging, barking in various tones and volumes, rolling on the ground all communicate emotions and situational reports. And us humans understand them just fine. My little Russian Spaniel does her best to "talk" to me with a near continuous stream of moans and groans, and erffs when she sits with me in my recliner. It's almost annoying when she doesn't shut up. And they understand my communications. My dogs understand verbal, whistle, and silent hand signals and respond correctly and instantly to them when I'm afield with them. Parrots, have a natural physical ability to mimic other sounds, (as do a lot of other birds). So they are doing what comes naturally to them - a human is not required.

    There are lots of dogs out there that do jobs they were never bred for. Seeing eye dogs, dogs trained for deaf people or assistants to people confined to a wheel chair. Turns out Labrador Retrievers are really great at this kind of work. And I have trained retired Springer Spaniel hunting dogs to work in a hospital as therapy dogs. But that's not why or what those breeds exists for. Ever see a trained animal act at a circus? They are often what most people would call "mutts". Mixed breed dogs doing amusing things like ride bicycles and drive little cars around and jumping through burning hoops of fire. And you can often see little Chihuahuas preforming in those acts. All doing things none of them were bred for.

    I like the cats that we have. One, a grey and white is an excellent mouser. But he comes from a very long line of barn cats and has a wild streak in him. The other two, are far more interested in cat toys and sleeping in laps and beds than in any mouse - and that's fine. A warm kitty in the lap purring away is a calming and enjoyable thing to have on a cold winter's day. But I'm under no illusion that cats or most other pets can be trained to do all the things my dogs can do.

    Dogs are humans oldest and closest companions and co-workers for a reason.

  • EV sales slowdown is mostly a Tesla problem, according to sales data
  • They can do it now as it is. Even ICE vehicles can track your acceleration, braking, speed, and even lane weaving, (and yes it can/could affect your insurance rates). There are a few that do so now. They have 'Black boxes' like airplanes that can have data accessed in real time if it's wanted. The tech is simple and cheap and it's been around for a while.

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • Let me know when you can train a cat to herd sheep or train one to hunt and retrieve game on command. I've got 3 cats and 4 dogs here. The cats make nice and often amusing lap warmers. But beyond catching the odd mouse, they can't do work.

  • Minnesota bluewing

    I'm getting tired of the weather

    These "critical fire" danger warnings from NOAA are really starting to wear on me. Living in drought conditions for 2 years is killing everything. I watch the radar and there is rain falling all around me, but very few drops for this area. And living in the middle of a forest makes for uneasy sleep.

    It might be our turn to burn like Canada.