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The Great Push starts today! The Great Push Returns for Dragonflight Season 4!

Blizzard has announced that The Great Push returns for Dragonflight Season 4 and this time, groups are REQUIRED to have a healer!

The Great Push Returns for Dragonflight Season 4!

Really enjoyed last years. Can’t wait to see how this one goes!

For anyone unfamiliar with TGP, it is like NFL Redzone but for WoW.

Advice wanted: Combining current solutions into one home server
  • I run the same for years and has been rock solid.

  • Something from the old days
  • Yep, there was the Hidden Cup a couple months back that was awesome to watch.

  • Someone appreciates you at least
  • My issue is that the leftovers become really dry. I've started adding 20g of tomato paste, which is about 1/6th of a 6oz can, and that keeps it moist.

    You can freeze the rest of the can into smaller chunks that you can take out when needed.

  • BAD PROXMOX UPDATE WARNING Alex Kretzschmar (@[email protected])


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    And I'm Spent, gonna go get the meat sweats now.
  • Yep, I’ve had 18+ hour cook times with larger butts.

  • testing Billygoat

    test post


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  • A guide on how to pirate e-books using IRC
  • I remember getting movies off irc. Was how I watched Super Troopers.

  • anime_irl
  • Of course, bear loves to get down.

  • 'You could be the next Fico,' Georgian PM claims he was told regarding 'Russian bill'
  • Olivér Várhelyi, the Hungarian commissioner responsible for EU enlargement, revealed on Thursday night that the warning came from him.


  • he was number 1
  • A cool guide for How to prepare for the exam
  • The sixth step looks like a scythe at a glance.

  • Bankrupt Steward Health puts its hospitals up for sale, discloses $9 bln in debt
  • Shameful is putting it lightly…

    Investors at Cerberus, meanwhile, aren't the only ones who scored a home run by inflicting financial pain on Steward. In 2021, MPT loaned the hospital chain's operating team, including de la Torre, $335 million to buy out Cerberus. Steward then turned around and paid its new owners, including de la Torre, a dividend of about $100 million. A few months later, de la Torre bought a $40 million yacht named the Amaral, which features a library, a gym, and a whirlpool on the top deck. Just after that, Steward filed with the government to delay paying back pandemic-era loans, citing "extreme financial hardship."

  • Godzilla Minus One becomes the most pirated movie in the world - Dexerto
  • IIRC this all came about because a different company has the rights to Godzilla in the US and that US distributor didn’t want -1.0 to cut into the sales of the new Godzilla Kong movie, which is all bullshit.

  • Helldivers 2 CEO: Well that's depressing

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    > Well that's depressing


    Well that's depressing

    Home Assistant 2024.5: Just a little bit smaller
  • Tbf, if you know how to install Linux from a usb drive the proxmox should be a breeze. After you run though the install, go to the url it prints out and mess around. The UI is pretty straight forward.

  • Critical notifications in Home Assistant Critical notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs

    The configuration and behavior of critical notifications differ between iOS and Android.

    Critical notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs

    I just got a large batch of water leak sensors and was setting an automation to send a notification to my phone and I was worried that I would miss the notification. I found this page in the documentation for doing critical alerts. On iOS the notification stays persistent, even after unlocking the device. What’s really nice is that if you have an Apple Watch, the notification will also show up there and play a sound if the watch is on silent mode.

    Even though I hope I never get one of these notifications, I’m really glad that this functionality exists within Home Assistant.

    Just thought that was really neat.


    Dynamic island swap tap and hold

    Any way to swap the actions for tapping vs holding? To me it makes more sense for a tap to expand it and a long press to open the app. Searches popped up results from last year that it is not an option but did they add it to iOS 17?


    Router for multigig internet

    So I’m finally upgrading to multi gig (either 2gb or 5gb google fiber) and will need a new router. On att 1gb atm. I’ve narrowed it down to either the QNAP QHora-301W or the [TP-Link AXE16000 ( Curious if anyone else with google fiber is using either of these?

    Also, I’ve read conflicting posts about being able to use your own router to directly connect to the fiber(such as using an SFP module on the to link router). Admittedly I know very little about SFP and am trying to figure it all out prior to ordering in the next few weeks.


    Riddles community

    I initially made this to test out creating a bot for lemmy but after some digging I noticed there isn't a 'general' community for riddles so feel free to post some good(and bad) riddles. Maybe Catatafish can use them for the next traveler seeking passage through the esophagus.


    Catatafish Riddles -

    Answer these riddles and the esophagus will let you pass.

    Just a community to post riddles.

    Created this to test out making a lemmy bot and thought it would be nice to share them. Fair warning, some can be straight trash.

    [email protected]


    Can't use swipe gesture to back on macos in proton mail

    So I'm having an issue where the two finger swipe to go back to the main inbox doesn't work when viewing an email. I can swipe forward from the inbox to go forward to the page that an email is on. This only occurs on Firefox. I tried both Chrome and Safari and both allow the gesture.

    Any clues as to what can be causing that?


    Custom domain catch-all use

    So i've set up a custom domain to use with protonmail and was curious if anyone else uses the catch all in this manner.

    I was thinking that when a new account is created on $website I would use a custom email address that would then be caught by the 'catch-all'. So say the domain is, and the website is, then when signing up I would use [email protected]. Previously when using gmail I would use [email protected].

    Does anyone see any issues doing it this way? Thanks!


    Well that was a wild end to TGP

    Holy hell, what a way for


    Echo to finish it out in first by one shotting Nelf Lair. Hats off to them.

    Group C was an entertaining weekend from start to finish.

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    test 3

    yep here we go again

    main Billygoat

    Test two

    woah woah feeling good on a Wednesday


    Would love to see this implemented for MacOS menu bar Please animate the close, minimize, and maximize buttons in full screen on macos

    On safari and opera, instead of moving the tab bar down to reveal the title bar, the close, minimize and maximize buttons slide in from the left next to the tabs. This is similar to the design of firefox when not in fullscreen. The animation that shifts the tab bar down is horrid to look at and disr...

    Please animate the close, minimize, and maximize buttons in full screen on macos

    This is one of the small UX items that I feel would improve FF on MacOS. The shift when moving the cursor to the menu bar sometimes makes me miss click on a tab.

    Example here


    Really enjoyong the Mythic+ Great Push

    This style of broadcast is perfect. It is like Red Zone but for 5 mans. Just non stop dungeon action.

    They need to start the stream with “Seven hours of commercial free Warcraft starts…NOW”

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