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Will Trump go to prison for felony hush money conviction? Experts are split - ABC News
  • Gotta think long term.

    The problem with this approach is it literally is the weaponization of justice that the right loves to screech about. Timing Trump's trials or sentences to hurt him the most politically is twisting justice to our own ends, even if done in a theoretically altruistic manner. True it might lead to the best outcome for the country, but is that the risk we want to take- that if Trump does win, he won't see any punishment for his crimes at all?

    On the other hand, I recognize this is the exact moral quandary that the right loves pushing non-conservatives into, and while we're arguing amongst ourselves about the best way to unfuck this pretzel they're busy burning it all to the ground. So I wouldn't say you're wrong necessarily, just that it's an uncomfortable path to tread.

  • Pro-Trump influencers fire up fears of migrant 'invasion' ahead of U.S. election
  • On the one hand, I want you to say it must still be 2017 because there's no way time is moving that fast.

    On the other hand, 2017 was the first year of Presidential Dipshit McCheatsatgolf's misadministration and there's no way I want that to still be a thing.

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  • Regressives should be silenced. Anyone who says "We need to return to a time when X" really just means "I don't like that my race/gender/nation/sexual preference/religion doesn't have as much control as it used to".

  • For Republicans, raw milk is the new masking
  • Once upon a time this was called "virtue signalling" but I think "vice-signalling" is better. A historian named David Perry defined it as such:

    a public display of immorality, intended to create a community based on cruelty and disregard for others, which is proud of it at the same time.

    In other words, being an asshole just to prove you belong with the other assholes in the rectum. And then you realize that everything the right does (and has been doing for decades) to "Own TEh LiBz!" can be ascribed to this:

    • Drinking raw milk
    • Anti-masking
    • Anti-vaxxing
    • Destroying their Dixie Chicks CDs
    • Not watching Disney
    • Destroying their Yetis
    • Tanning your Tucker Carlson
    • Claiming the Battle Flag of Virginia as their heritage
    • Etc.

    That's why right-wing boycotts are usually ineffective- on the surface they might be mad about something, but since they're only performative said boycotts don't last long.

    On a deeper level, however, this is more disturbing as it's another step on the road to fascism. Fascist groups are all about their purity and so members are driven to prove their inclusion in the in-group lest they be purged next. This creates a downward spiral of more and more extreme acts to maintain that facade of inclusion, which gets worse and worse for the people who have to exist with those assholes.

  • Nancy Mace faces potential ethics probe after listing DC townhouse on VRBO
  • Really? You don't remember her as the one who was almost late to a Republican prayer breakfast because she was doing married-people things with her unmarried boyfriend?

    Or the one who had her driveway spray painted with "Antifa" messages that looked remarkably like her handwriting?

  • YouTube is experimenting with server-side ads
  • You think Google didn't already think of that? From Youtube's ToS:

    Right to Monetize

    You grant to YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access). This Agreement does not entitle you to any payments. Starting November 18, 2020, any payments you may be entitled to receive from YouTube under any other agreement between you and YouTube (including for example payments under the YouTube Partner Program, Channel memberships or Super Chat) will be treated as royalties. If required by law, Google will withhold taxes from such payments.

  • “War on white America”: Influential Texas group hosting pro-Christian nationalism conference
  • So Republicans don't move leftward... and that's the Dems' fault? Jesus Christ, you're so willing to create apathy and division on the left/center-left axis that you'll ignore the prime cause staring you in the face:

    The GOP could move back towards the center, they choose not to.

    It is not the Dems' fault Republicans have no desire or intention to stop their full-on fascism train.

    And before you "B-b-b-b-but the Dems!" yes, it's bad for them to move rightward too. But chasing the rightward movement, and causing the rightward movement, are obviously differing degrees of bad.

  • “War on white America”: Influential Texas group hosting pro-Christian nationalism conference
  • He also wrote The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (a libertarian revolution on the moon), Stranger in a Strange Land (a hippie sex cult started by a Martian), and one of my oddball favorites, Job: a Comedy of Justice (a man who lives through Armageddon by jumping through different universes).

    It's almost like you can't judge a speculative sci-fi writer by just one of his books.

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  • Yes, and... ?

    You don't eliminate bigoted and hateful ideology by allowing it to fester in the dark. It must be exposed for all to see.

    These two assholes have succinctly summed up the problem: assholes advocating for a white Christofascist ethnostate are emboldened by the lack of consequences that anonymity provides. Musk doesn't want freedom of speech, he wants freedom from accountability of speech.

  • Windows 12 May Require a Subscription

    References to subscription 'edition,' 'type,' and 'status' found in a test build of Windows.

    Windows 12 May Require a Subscription

    [A]n INI configuration file in the Windows Canary channel, discovered by German website Deskmodder, includes references to a "Subscription Edition," "Subscription Type," and a "subscription status."