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Texas asks people to avoid using their cars
  • I can ride my bike to work as its about 10k away, but it's so damn hot im sure I'll get heat exhaustion before I get there. In May there was a heat advisory and basically told people, unless you have to, stay indoors after 10. The only way to be outside is in the shade in front of a fan drinking something cold.

  • Militarized Cybertruck cop cars are coming
  • I'd be more worried if they switched to old white tacomas. switch to persistent car chases. Never speeding, just following along waiting for you to run out of fuel. Oh you going off road? That huge dent on the roof is when it rolled over back in '03. I got 2 jerry cans my partner can pour while still driving.

  • Trump's conviction and a course correction for the GOP
  • IIRC, both parties have been sued for pushing candidates away or for helping others. Basically they argued they're not government entities and can do whatever they want. The problem would be if they nominated someone else would the ppl go along with it or protest.

  • The Heat Wave Scenario That Keeps Climate Scientists Up at Night
  • I wonder if building houses like deep freezers would be viable. Doors, windows all at about 2.5m so the cold air is trapped in the living space and any air loss is the hotter upper part when people leave the house.