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What's the best reason to vote for Trump?
  • The answer is neither of them probably, though I think Kamala has a chance of ending it. She's less hawkish and further left than Biden. Trump only serves himself and his rich buddies, who happen to own defense and oil companies. So there is no way he would end the war.

    But I also think you're not asking this question in good faith. So yeah I guess we're done here.

  • What's the best reason to vote for Trump?
  • And like I said, that guy lies nonstop. If you believe anything he says, you’re the sucker. It doesn’t matter if he says he will stop a war, or give everyone a million bucks, or turn straw into gold. The guy is a conman and a liar, and you seem to be falling for it. There’s nothing else to say here, you’re either a troll or a fool, or both. I say good day.

  • People who pray at night to your God. What do you pray for and has any of it become true?
  • Community support is great, and an actual action separate from prayer. Usually when people have said they would pray for me, my first thought is “why didn’t you pray for me before this shit happened?”

    Of course I keep it cordial and thank them, but it does really irk me.

  • When even Golden Sacks says it's bullshit.... Goldman Sachs: AI Is Overhyped, Wildly Expensive, and Unreliable

    One of the world's largest investment banks wonders if generative AI will be worth the huge investment and hype: "will this large spend ever pay off?"

    Goldman Sachs: AI Is Overhyped, Wildly Expensive, and Unreliable
    Costco raising membership fee for the first time in years - but hot dog price remains
  • I pay a little extra, but so do you. So if you really want to split hairs, my card situation means I’m taking advantage of you, especially if you don’t use a rewards credit card. But yes, we all pay for credit card fees. I may as well minimize my personal impact from this. That’s the game, nothing we can do about it.

  • Costco raising membership fee for the first time in years - but hot dog price remains
  • They make plenty of profit off of me when I shop there. And the credit card company makes profit off me too, by the fees they charge merchants when I use their card. (though none off of balance APR, as I pay it off every month). The net result is that we both benefit from the exchange. This is a mutually-beneficial relationship. Not everything is zero-sum.

  • Costco raising membership fee for the first time in years - but hot dog price remains
  • It’s not just discounted goods, there are many other perks of the membership. For instance, I have a $0 annual fee credit card from them which does a cash back on purchases. Last year, just through regular spending, I received $1200. That alone paid for the membership many times over, not to mention all the other things.

  • They did not reply.


    Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?

    I’m new to the bidet scene, and this one has me slightly confounded. Should I install a new towel rack next to the toilet? Should my wife and I share the towel? Do you wipe first? There are so many unanswered questions in the ways of bidet-ing!


    Seriously, where do I go?

    I live in an affluent part of South Carolina. It’s become completely overrun with Trump assholes and degenerates. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. Where can we go?

    I don’t want the bitter cold of the northeast or Chicago. I don’t want coastal California, it’s insufferable. What are my options? Why can’t we just be fucking normal?!


    Simpsons did it rule Image of Egyptian High Priest’s Daughter Likened to Marge Simpson

    After is discovery in 2023, Reddit readers have just picked up on the depiction of a character resembling Marge Simpson on the inner lid of a 3,500-year-old Egyptian sarcophagus.

    Image of Egyptian High Priest’s Daughter Likened to Marge Simpson

    of law


    NPR stations are the original federated model.

    Different stations produce different shows and share them among each other. That’s federation, baby.


    Why do men call their father their "old man", but their "old lady" is their wife?


    So which is it?


    What's the point of putting it in H if you can't show it off?


    Aggressive pharmacy rule


    Modern Journalism Rule


    Forced Arbitration Rule


    Dear conservative idiots: Beautiful women are always ok

    Political Memes baggachipz

    The golden boy and ad revenue are the reason


    Deep investigative journalism


    Read posts don’t show differently

    Anybody else notice this? When I load a post or its picture, there’s no indication that the post has been read. For the record, I view in compact mode.


    Random-ass prediction: Siri 2.0 at WWDC 2024

    Siri was introduced and integrated into iOS and macOS over ten years ago. In that time, little has changed about it. There are articles from 2016 complaining about how far it was behind Google and Cortana (RIP).

    In the meantime, LLMs have changed the game when it comes to language understanding, context, and ability to execute based on natural language instruction. All the tools are here: Speech-to-text through libraries like Whisper, and of course the LLMs themselves which interpret language and context to a revolutionary degree. Text-to-speech is already solved.

    So, ignoring the "AI hype" and seeing what these tools actually are and can do, it naturally fits that a better personal assistant could be created by combining these pieces and leveraging the existing iOS and macOS APIs to improve Siri's functionality by an order of magnitude, or more.

    Apple remains the only big tech company not publicly diving head-first into the LLM race, but it's relatively well-known that they're developing one internally. As that was reported last July right around WWDC 2023, it was obviously not ready for an announcement. Besides, that one was all about Vision Pro anyway.

    So, that point, coupled with the fact that Apple tends to be last on the trend train but offer a more polished experience, would make WWDC 2024 the perfect time to reveal an "all new" or revamped Siri which could run locally on, say, newer iOS devices or Macs with Apple Silicon. I use SuperWhisper on my M2 MacBook Air and it works amazingly well. It would also be a good carrot to get people to upgrade their phones, iPads, and Macs. Besides, what else would be important at WWDC next year? I don't see much else on the horizon, other than the real launch of Vision Pro.

    Anyhoo, my random unsubstantiated thoughts. Talk among yourselves.


    Talk Gooder


    Talk good