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Many Americans are still shying away from EVs despite Biden’s push, an AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds
  • I have driven almost every Tesla and literally every single Ford electric and hybrid vehicle they have made. My brother works for a dealership. There's lots of things I don't like about electric cars full stop but a fair few of those things aren't unique to just the electric car market up to and including the amount of tech in all new cars which I am very much against. I have made up my mind for myself.

    If you meant for the average consumer to make up their mind for themselves, I'm definitely with you on that. But I don't understand why the "it works for me crowd" don't want to admit that it may not work for everyone or even the majority. And that's what I'm responding to. It's not just you. There are a lot of people who don't want to listen to anyone who says there are downsides that make it untenable for them.

  • Many Americans are still shying away from EVs despite Biden’s push, an AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds
  • Comfortable compared to what? That's subjective. So unless you've got some kind of consumer data to back up what most people want and how they feel about it, I'm just gonna say that's not super helpful. Especially when considering the other problems that I have with new cars altogether.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • They've killed a fair few of the services I've liked over the years. But there are other services I still like (with caveats) that I still use so it's a mixed bag for me. If they kill those services I'll move on to others.

  • Sighted people, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about the blind community?
  • The use of accessibility tools including apps to be the eyes and ears off blind or deaf people. As someone with hearing damage who will likely lose a significant part of my hearing in old age I'm surprised and pretty happy with these services and how great they've become in such a relatively short time. That being said I have so many suggestions to make it easier and make the services better.

  • Trump Bitcoin Conference fundraiser tickets top out at $844,600 for Nashville soiree
  • Bitcoin and other crypto currency like it rely on there being enough to circulate. China has several times over the amount of mining potential the US does. It's seems prohibitive to investment to make it a US only mined currency.

  • Neighborhood 'sheriff' who tried to screen homeless campers stabbed to death by camper
  • Did I say that? Where did I say that he deserved anything. Your whole argument is predicated on my having said something that I very explicitly did not say. If you're upset that I don't feel sorry for him, I'm gonna direct you to the loads of people out there living on the street who I do actually feel sorry for because that is a failing of our society. This guy though? I don't have any bad feeling towards him. I'm just not surprised.

    If anyone wants to help there are dozens of organizations out there with the benefit of checks and balances to make sure people get a fair shot at help and they need volunteers and paid workers all the time. Instead, this man chose to be a homeless camp's HOA. You have a good day though.

  • Neighborhood 'sheriff' who tried to screen homeless campers stabbed to death by camper
  • You're missing the part where it was only the ones that met his approval that he was willing to help. I don't agree with it when actual aid nonprofits do the same and I don't agree with it when some random does it either. If you want to help the homeless you take the good with the bad. Drugged out people need food and water too. If they're a danger to themselves or others that doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of one random guy.

  • Many Americans are still shying away from EVs despite Biden’s push, an AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds
  • Depends on their lifestyle a whole lot. That's the point. If you're single with no kids? Doesn't seem like spending 20 minutes a week to charge is a lot. If your commute is about 20 minutes each way? That may be fairly reasonable. My husband drives 71 miles each way per day 5 days a week. He can't charge at work and there are no chargers in the area. Our apartment complex doesn't have chargers. The closest ones are a 15-20 minute drive away and always packed. This is what I mean when I say it's doable for some but not for all or even a majority.

  • Many Americans are still shying away from EVs despite Biden’s push, an AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds
  • I don't disagree with that but I have never been to an apartment meeting in my life. I have lived in apartments for the last 15 or so years, and most of them have been owned by huge conglomerates who barely fix amenities when they break. I waited on a tap for my tub for about a week, a replacement garbage disposal for about 6 months. The drain for the pet grooming shed was flooded for about 2 months before they did anything about it at the most recent place. They let the gutters freeze and fall off the building during the winter and didn't replace them til 8 months later. EV chargers are just not something I think the management would even care about unless it's making them money. And even then they'd weigh that against the number of people living there who drive EV's and probably decide against it.

  • You're Being Lied To. The EV Market Hasn't 'Stalled'
  • I don't want a new car full stop. Too much tech. Too many new integrated features to break. Too much spying. Not enough maintenance that can be done by the owner. If you gave me a car with less tech and a battery I'd probably be fine with it. But I have to listen to all the BS from people who work on electric cars several times a week, and I gotta tell ya, I'm not convinced to buy any new car. Not just EV's or hybrids.

  • Adidas removes Bella Hadid from ad campaign after criticism from Israel
  • I mean... It's original founders were both members of the Nazi party. Their own history on their site doesn't mention it but it's true none the less. This is really just a knee-jerk reaction to seem non-antisemitic because they failed to drop Kanye West for being openly antisemitic for months.

    Doesn't seem reasonable or fair but here we are.

  • Neighborhood 'sheriff' who tried to screen homeless campers stabbed to death by camper
  • It's been my street. Literally I grew up in Germantown PA, and have lived in Seattle long enough to have had a whole ass homeless encampment living outside my apartment building and going through our dumpsters. Breaking into the building in order to have somewhere warm and dry to sleep. You don't get to pretend I don't know what I'm talking about just because you're mad that I don't have sympathy for a man who literally put himself in harms way using untried methods to make himself judge and jury over vulnerable people.

    I've walked past people in the goddamn hallway with needles in their arms. I've literally had to interact with people who are high out of their minds, their speech completely unintelligible because they can't get meds they need and they're using street drugs to self medicate. Homeless people are vulnerable people with a whole host of problems including having the live outdoors. Making them "pass tests to gain the approval" of a man with literally no authority over anyone just because he caged the wording to say he wanted to "help" doesn't change the fact that he did something dangerous and he paid for it with his life.

  • Fucking uneducated internet atheists
  • Says the person who's intellectual ideas on religion are basically force fed to them probably from birth. Religion doesn't often have new ideas of its own. It's all parroted nonsense. Don't get mad at people for feeding you back the same crap that's been fed to you by your religion of choice just because it doesn't fit the same ideas you've been brainwashed to agree with.

    After having read your diatribe below in response to the preacher's kid, I am gonna double down and say you're also riddled with fear and guilt and part of your religious experience seems to have been heavily made with fear mongering bullshit. Further you also seem unable to take your own advice and have a serious logical conversation about religion.

    You can't say that God brings positive things to the world and ignore the negative things that people who believe do in his name. That's always been garbage.

  • Many Americans are still shying away from EVs despite Biden’s push, an AP-NORC/EPIC poll finds
  • Even if we made enough to buy them, the infrastructure is still not great to support the people who need them most. Live in an apartment? Maybe you're lucky enough to have chargers nearby but for millions of Americans they can't charge at home. If I have to go somewhere to charge that adds time to my commute either to work or on the way home. If I'm already spending an hour or more on the road each day just in commute time that 15 minute charge every other day or what have you adds up.

  • A Novel Approach to Youtube Ads Clever workaround speeds YouTube ads up instead of blocking them [Video]

    A super clever workaround for YouTube's crackdown on ad blockers sees YouTube ads sped up dramatically instead of blocking them.

    Clever workaround speeds YouTube ads up instead of blocking them [Video]

    Instead of blocking them, this extension speeds them up to x16 and also mutes the ad. Experiencing a 30 second ad in 2 seconds is pretty funny. And it works on Edge and Chrome.