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xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • I saw a few used VW E Golf listings in my area for $6K. Battery health was at 85%. We're not as far as you might think.

  • Hot Topic Core (satire)
  • Great, now I'm back in highschool.

  • Here's what's happening to ad blockers in Google Chrome (and other browsers)
  • So, downvoted, huh? By fellow open source users who don't want to hear the truth?

    The truth is that you might have experienced this, but this might not reflect the average user's experience. My older ThinkPad feels no difference in better life based on the web browser.

  • If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • I used to be a Janitor, and now I'm a web designer. I still go to trash businesses and make them all pretty.

  • Ctrl + Shift + A
  • I literally use GIMP every day at my job. It's a very powerful application that makes my life easier.

  • The US healthcare system is broken...
  • Always ask your pharmacist is what the out-of-pocket price is. Sometimes it's cheaper than your insurance copay.

  • Am I old now?
  • Where I live, 90% of places have a working tap to pay, but 10% still need that chip to be entered.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • Security theater: All you stuff is encrypted but they have the decryption keys

    Proprietary App Store: The apps and the store itself are proprietary and I don't trust Apple.

    Gaslighting their customers: Images shared with Android users from iPhone are purposely crushed to a unreviewable quality. The idea is to convince people that Android takes terrible photographs.

  • Missing cold pizza
  • Sasauge, Eggs, Homefries, Biscuit, and two OJs.

  • I 100% support this new Harry Potter
  • The term "Bang Noodles" is now part off my permanent lexicon.

  • Get rich quick
  • Admittedly, I bought an Nvidia card for AI. I am part of the problem.

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • It never went away.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • Like, literally no one is stopping you from using Adobe stuff. No need to be salty, you do you. ✌

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite prototype that runs Linux emerges from Tuxedo:12-core CPU with 32GB RAM and surprise, surprise, Debian
  • There will be some growing pains, but the x86 compatibility layers are getting surprisingly good. Personally, other than Steam, I don't have any software this is incompatible with ARM.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • My desktop was given to me by my job. My laptop, I rode a bicycle to my friends house and paid him cash. What does that have to do with my promotion of being Adobe free?

  • Have you got any weird questions FROM the opposite gender?
  • how we ride bikes without smashing our balls

    I'm a man and I... I don't know...

  • wayland was a mistake
  • Wayland is dope.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • If it's textbook, can you describe the textbook examples?

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • This also matches my comparison.

    Maybe someone who makes the GIMP uses photoshop. I actively don't, and I recommend that others stop using it.
    Maybe someone who delivers my food uses petroleum. I actively don't, and I recommend that others stop using it.

    All these elements influence my decisions. If you want to continue promoting Adobe and Big Oil, that's on you.

  • For your consideration, updog

    Installing is easy just add:

    alias updog="sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y"

    to your .bashrc or .zshrc


    Hot Take: SAG Joining the Strike will Make Deadpool 3 better

    When it was just the writers strike they had to keep going forward but no one was allowed to write gags or improvise gags. Now that the actors are striking the whole production can't go forward.

    There's a high chance that the two strikes will end together and production will continue without any limitations. We might have the film delayed but I'd rather wait a bit longer for a better film.


    It's time for a new generation.

    I hope you enjoy this painstaking remaster of one of the best desktop wallpapers of all time. Now it's up to you to configure your theme to match.


    New fares are coming to Metro on July 1st. Fare Capping - LA Metro

    New fares are coming to Metro on July 1. Metro is simplifying how you pay your fare on bus and rail.  It’s easy to use, equitable and sustainable. These changes […]

    Never pay more than $5 a day, and never more than $18 within seven days.


    Hey, just, uh, wanted to clear the air a bit.

    Hey, just, uh, wanted to clear the air a bit. You know when you're saying "Linux," what you're probably referring to is what some folks call "GNU plus Linux," if you really want to get into the weeds of it. But don't sweat it, alright? I'm not here to be a buzzkill or anything.

    See, what we call "Linux" is actually just a part of the whole thing, man. It's the kernel, the core, the... engine, you could say, of the operating system. But the GNU stuff, that's the body of the car, the seats, the steering wheel. You need both to take a drive, you know?

    But look, it's not a big deal. We're all just trying to get from point A to point B, right? So, whether you're saying "Linux" or "GNU plus Linux", it doesn't change the journey. It's just semantics.

    Sure, I get it. Richard Stallman and the gang over at the Free Software Foundation, they put in a lot of effort into the GNU software, and I respect that. But sometimes you gotta go with the flow, man. And right now, that flow is "Linux". It's simpler, it's what people know, and frankly, it's the Linux kernel that's making the whole thing work in the first place.

    So next time you want to get technical, feel free to drop a "GNU plus Linux". Stallman would probably give you a nod of approval. But if you're just chilling out, hanging back, and you say "Linux"... well, it's all good, man. Linux is just Linux. And there's nothing wrong with that.