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Anon tries to keep his hands busy
  • This sounds like it's written by someone that's not 18 currently. Posting on 4chan but not applying online? Biking for applications in person sounds like some old people thing back in the day.

  • At 11,000 feet up, scientists find Earth broke a scary record
  • There is, air was so good during the covid 2 week lockdown, India was able to see their Himalayan mountains that were previously obscured by pollution for the first time in decades. We are polluting daily and stopping for even 2 weeks shows signs of healing. gonna need a lot more than 2 weeks to go back to 1900's co2 levels tho

  • Urban Microcars
  • Hate how inefficient the market is, mostly because of alcohol and now mobile phones while driving, safety has made larger cars more marketable. I don't trust my fellow Americans to drive properly and not crash into me with their oversized trucks that never do any trucking work

  • New type of burn-in Gamers report memory RGB lights are damaging GPU backplates -

    RGB lights can be dangerous to GPUs An usual issue.  Gigabyte & MSI RTX 40 GPU with burned backplate, Source: Reddit/DefectedCat Two Redditors within a 24-hour period have shared similar stories about their RTX GPUs being affected by an unusual problem. The backplates of their MSI and Gigabyte graph...

    Gamers report memory RGB lights are damaging GPU backplates -

    TIL why YouTube buffers when my network is fine. Set network to prefer IPv4 or disable IPv6 Configure IPv6 for advanced users - Windows Server

    Provides step-by-step guidance for how to use the Windows registry to disable IPv6 or certain IPv6 components in Windows.

    Configure IPv6 for advanced users - Windows Server

    I have 2ms ping to YouTube and my network is wired 1gbit so it was odd to get so many buffering issues. So i did a search and this solution immediately solved the buffering issue! Prefer IPv4 or disable IPv6 and it's buttery smooth


    What's the best android emulator for windows?

    I just tried WSA and it's pretty laggy even on rtx 3080 and amd 5600x