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Biden to call for 5% cap on annual rent increases, as he tries to show plans to tame inflation
  • 5% raise cap is lame! way lower than wage increases! a 1000$ rent after 5 years is 1300$, which after 5 years becomes a 30 % increase

    Him and his filthy rich Democratic politicians are so disconnected from reality that this seems to them like a revolutionary policy

  • EU charges Elon Musk’s X for letting disinfo run wild
  • Thierry breton himself does't post on mastodon, If my memory is right he had an account on mastodon but doesn't post there! celebrities need and audience that's why they are hooked to Twitter and are trying to shape it to their liking.

  • EU charges Elon Musk’s X for letting disinfo run wild
  • They need to first move out their official's accounts out of twitter If they really want to lead by example, there is Threads and mastodon and what not!

    Seeing how Facebook and Instagram have been shutting down posts about Israeli atrocities in Gaza. and deleting Palestinian Journalists accounts, Such moves to try and police what is fake news and what isn't by governments according to their own interests and biases is an attack on free speech and freedom of the press.

  • Hakeem Jeffries says he met with president; big Democratic donors reportedly freeze money in objection to Biden candidacy – live
  • People are really missing the point intentionally, it isn't about Biden's Ability to govern in the next presidential Term, but about his ability to convince the swing voters about that, and on that front he is failing, and keeps falling in polls after every public event, he is 6 points behind Trump in most swing States

  • Biden News Conference Megathread:
  • First Time I hear about Hamas using Ballistic missiles. Boy they leveled up pretty quickly. maybe Biden should outsource missile manufacturing to them, US will be cutting billion of dollars in R&D.

  • Trump lied and Biden got tongue tied at the first debate. So why is the world only focusing on one?
  • Your loyalty to Joe biden won't get Him reelected, in fact it will do the exact opposite, denial of reality will come smacking hard the day of election, because the election will be sealed by the unaffiliated undecided electors, and Biden's mental acuity won't win them over.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • They let you fight on identity politics, while they keep raking in most of the profits. divide to conquer

    Do you know that many Big money election donors, donate to both parties at the same time ?

    Do you know that in the previous Congressional elections the Democratic party Funded many Republican campaigns ???

  • Considering the Heavy involvement of CGI in today's action films, shouldn't we consider them to be just hyper realistic cartoon films ?


    How many users will chrome browser lose after phasing out manifest v2 this June ?

    give your estimation in percentages !


    Github Enshitification, This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view

    Are you guys fine with these new shenanigans from Github. I found a bug and wanted to check what has been the development on that, only to find out most of the discussion was hidden by github and requesting me to sign-in to view it.

    It threw me straight back to when Microsoft acquired Github and the discussions around the future of opensource on a microsoft owned infrastructure, now microsoft is exploiting free work from the community to train its AI, and building walls around its product, are open source contributors fine with that ?


    YouTube is severely rate limiting Invidious instances

    Today most Invidious instances are experiencing very harsh ip address rate limiting, it is becoming very very hard to watch yt videos through

    91 meta anticurrent

    Worldnews .ml modding is on par with reddit's censorship

    I know that lemmy's moto is if you don't like it here make your own, but for communities with big sub numbers and where current event discussions happens. banning controversial political opinions is not what I would have expected from the fediverse after having left corporate media, which could be excused for having to answer to investors and what not!

    After I got a comment banned for what I think is nothing else but controversial, where it received quite the same amount of upvotes and downvotes, I took a look at that community's mod log, and there is nothing to be cheerful about. the same reddit mods have made it to the fediverse and are trying to turn it into the same hive mind other social media are, it is a shame it is turning out to this.


    Gaza drone video shows killing of Palestinians in Israeli air attack | Al Jazeera Newsfeed


    VPN and Tor use on the lemmy verse, is it banned ?

    Hi, I have noticed for three days now not being able to post comments from my account while connected via Tor (I was left waiting for a spinning wheel )! I thought at first It might be a problem with LW servers but after three days, I concluded they are banning Tor and VPN users from posting, I Have found a user post on their help community about VPN and tor ban.

    then I tried signing-up to but was greeted with a couldflare of non ending page reload after solving captcha. so I created this account hoping to test this instance and ask Lemmy users with privacy concerns about where this is headed and should we expect the rest of Lemmy instances to go the way of reddit and entirely ban users behind proxies ?

    The fact that very big instances hold the majority of the communities and discussions on lemmy and the fediverse in general is concerning. and adopting tactics like shadow banning and dark patterns is concerning as well. I dropped reddit for the same practices and I will drop Lemmy if it carries on like this.