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How do I verbally say 2.1 ng/kg

I know the ng means nanogram

But I’m curious how would I say the above line of 2.1 ng/kg

For context I got it from this paragraph

a lethal dose of 1.3–2.1 ng/kg in humans

Would it be

2.1 nanogram per kilogram?

Also if I wanted to write that as a decimal number how would i write that?

King Charles portrait turned into Wallace and Gromit character by animal activists
  • ~~If it were something that could easily be removed I'd laugh

    Since it appears to be a lot more permanent. Hopeful they do jail time for vandalism.don't destroy artwork.~~

    Edit : I've been told it its over glass. So in that case. Then it's good for a laugh.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • No agency/group/organization can possibly account for all factors. They are going to fail to take something into account.

    That something is going to blow up in their face.

    I remember when the government tried to tell truckers they couldn’t charge more to ship products. The government failed to take into account a little item called gas, to this day I can’t figure out how they screwed that one up. Guess what the truckers did.

    They put the keys on the dash and said f u. Ask truckers who drove during the 70s and 80s and they will tell you about it.

    This too will blow up in people’s faces.

    Is rent getting out of control? Yes. But if someone says “ oh we’ll just put a cap on how much can be increased and that will fix the problem”. It tells me they are just delusional. How do we fix the problem? I don’t know. But yeah this will end badly.

  • Hamas attacks Israel-Gaza border crossing as cease-fire talks appear to fizzle

    The attack on Israel's Kerem Shalom prompted officials to close the terminal, disrupting critical shipments of food and other humanitarian aid into Gaza.

    Hamas attacks Israel-Gaza border crossing as cease-fire talks appear to fizzle

    If I sign up on a hot air balloon ride and there is bad weather can I get my money back?

    Each of the companies that we have talked to for Hot air balloon rides have said you pay for it in advance, then if there is bad weather, you don’t get your money back. You just have to reschedule for another day. We have a friend who had to make many many many trips an hour and a half each way and each time on the way there, they would get a call to say sorry it’s too windy or some other item. It took a long time before they actually got there actual ride.

    So what I’m wondering is, is there any company out there that actually just gives a refund if you can’t take the ride because of inclement weather.? This is in the United States.


    Random alarms or sirens for tornado drills at random times is stupid.

    In the United States it used to be on the first Wednesday of each month during the summer they would run a tornado alarm. Namely it was to test the alarm system, to make sure that everything was working.

    And we knew if it was Wednesday and the first Wednesday of the month I mean. And those alarms went off we knew not to worry too much about it.

    For some genius reason they decided to run them on different days, it’s pretty much just random at this point. Which is stupid because the only thing it does is makes everybody ignore the alarm.


    Young love

    still don't have the eyes quite right, but getting closer to what I want.

    0 Colleges Are Facing an Enrollment Nightmare

    A botched effort to streamline the financial-aid process may prevent a huge number of students from going to college in the fall.

    Colleges Are Facing an Enrollment Nightmare

    Enough blame to go around.

    Edit: non paywall link Free link