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I am trying new things, don't mind some dumb questions.

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Not everything can be done in constant time, that's O(k)
  • Did you write an algorithm to manually drag and drop elements?

  • Corpos being corpos
  • Ckeditor lol?

  • YSK: You don't need Gmail to create a Google account
  • Can we use Google email service with a custom domain email? As far as I am aware, it requires some Google service suite.

    Also, what happens when you lose access to the custom domain? Do they verify the domain ownership periodically, or do you just own it?"

  • new preference war just dropped
  • does '?' have type definition in elixir or this is generally agreed design pattern?

  • new preference war just dropped
  • First one are method name, second one are status name.

    def open_file_dialog(self):
           self.dialog_file_open = True

    Yoda level preference war.

  • Taking your ideas for my next linux app
  • Not the programming language, datalog here is referring to highly interlinked knowledge base,

    canvas is logseq whiteboard version of Obsidian, like for mind map or creating data flow/logic diagrams.

  • Taking your ideas for my next linux app
  • nope, logseq is good for canvas and new knowledge base, but doesn't fit for the my existing datalog requirements.

  • Taking your ideas for my next linux app
  • I was talking about the community extension integration, now about editors, I was easily able to switch between them. The one I was having the most difficulty with was Logseq."

  • Every tech thread on Lemmy
  • Welcome to LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition)

  • removed
  • Wasn't trying to be troll, more like expecting humours reaction like

    "So you think, here is this one with same design" or "fine, I will make one now"

    but guess it didn't came out as I had in my head, I thought it more like expression but maybe it appeared as position of announcement/declaration.

  • removed
  • I totally expected a url to 1:1 open source alternative .

  • Scarlett Johansson denied OpenAI the right to use her voice. They used it anyway.
  • compliance isn't admission of guilt but again it's OPENAI.

  • Dutch court convicts engineer to 5 years for maintaining crypto mixer Tornado Cash
  • About the licence, how are you going to prove that your data was indeed used in training a Model ?

  • Taking your ideas for my next linux app
  • unrestrictive nature of Obsidian is simply top notch.

  • Light weight Local peer to peer file sharing application which has well to do client and host for android and linux.

    I want to do this kind of transfer.

    ``` host/client A: dir: - file a - file b - file c - file d [host B][download]

    host/client B: dir: - file a[ host A] [download] - file b[ host A] [download] - file c[ host A] [download] - file d

    ``` Also, I am not looking for syncthing, I need something which syncs meta data(not sure if this is the right word) not the actual files., and option to download individually or as per selection and run in background like KDE CONNECT.


    How you all prevent Password/OTP/TOTP deadlocks?

    I have read quite a few posts about preventing account password takeover from various malicious ways, and many OPSEC measures are there to prevent it from happening.

    Consider a case where you face a total blackout or technical failure. Now, you need to log in to your password manager, which requires either OTP on email or TOTP. You don't have access to the TOTP app because the backup is stored in cloud storage, whose email login also requires OTP.

    How would you prevent such from happening?I haven't found a satisfactory solution or explanation for that yet.


    HeliBoard, a privacy-conscious open-source Android keyboard based on AOSP/now-unmaintained OpenBoard, is now available on F-Droid

    cross-posted from:

    > HeliBoard keyboard is an improved fork of the now-unmaintained OpenBoard keyboard. It does not require internet permission, allowing it to be used 100% offline. > > ### Features > - Add dictionaries for suggestions and spell check > - Build your own, or access them here, or in the experimental section (quality may vary) > - Additional dictionaries for emojis or scientific symbols can be used to provide suggestions (similar to "emoji search") > - Note that for Korean layouts, suggestions only work using this dictionary; the tools in the dictionary repository cannot create working dictionaries > > - Customize keyboard themes (style, colors, and background image) > - Can follow the system's day/night setting on Android 10+ (and on some versions of Android 9) > - Can follow dynamic colors for Android 12+ > > - Customize keyboard layouts (only available when disabling system languages) > - Multilingual typing > - Glide typing (only with closed-source library ☹️) > - Library not included in the app, as there is no compatible open-source library available > - Can be extracted from GApps packages ("swypelibs"), or downloaded here > > - Clipboard history > - One-handed mode > - Split keyboard (only available if the screen is large enough) > - Number pad > - Backup and restore your learned word/history data > > ### Hidden Functionality > > Features that may go unnoticed, and further potentially useful information > > - Long-pressing the Clipboard Key (the optional one in the suggestion strip) pastes system clipboard contents. > - Long-pressing keys in the suggestion strip toolbar pins them to the suggestion strip. > - Long-press the Comma-key to access Clipboard View, Emoji View, One-handed Mode, Settings, or Switch Language: > - Emoji View and Language Switch will disappear if you have the corresponding key enabled; > - For some layouts, it's not the Comma-key, but the key at the same position (e.g. it's q for Dvorak layout). > - When incognito mode is enabled, no words will be learned, and no emojis will be added to recents. > - Sliding key input: Swipe from shift or symbol key to another key. This will enter a single uppercase key or symbol and return to the previous keyboard. > - Hold shift or symbol key, press one or more keys, and then release shift or symbol key to return to the previous keyboard. > - Long-press a suggestion in the suggestion strip to show more suggestions, and a delete button to remove this suggestion. > - Swipe up from a suggestion to open more suggestions, and release on the suggestion to select it. > - Long-press an entry in the clipboard history to pin it (keep it in clipboard until you unpin). > - Swipe left in clipboard view to remove an entry (except when it's pinned) > - Select text and press shift to switch between uppercase, lowercase, and capitalize words > - You can add dictionaries by opening the file > - This only works with content-uris and not with file-uris, meaning that it may not work with some file explorers. > - Debug mode / debug APK > - Long-press a suggestion in the suggestion strip twice to show the source dictionary. > - When using debug APK, you can find Debug Settings within the Advanced Preferences, though the usefulness is limited except for dumping dictionaries into the log. > - For a release APK, you need to tap the version in About several times, then you can find debug settings in Advanced Preferences. > - When enabling Show suggestion infos, suggestions will have some tiny numbers on top showing some internal score and source dictionary. > - In the event of an application crash, you will be prompted whether you want the crash logs when you open the Settings. > - When using multilingual typing, the space bar will show a confidence value used for determining the currently used language. > - For users doing manual backups with root access: Starting at Android 7, some files and the main shared preferences file are not in the default location because the app is using device-protected storage. This is necessary so the settings and layout files can be read before the device is unlocked, e.g., at boot. The files are usually located in /data/user_de/0/<package_id>/, though the location may depend on the device and Android version. > > ### Planned features and improvements: > > - Customizable functional key layout > - Will likely result in having the same functional key layout for alphabet and symbols layouts > - Support for alt, ctrl, meta and fn (#479) > - Less complicated addition of new keyboard languages (e.g. #519) > - Additional and customizable key swipe functionality > - Some functionality will not be possible when using glide typing > - Ability to enter all emojis independent of Android version (optional, #297) > - (limited) support for customizing all internally used colors > - Add and enable emoji dictionaries by default (if available for language) > - Clearer / more intuitive arrangement of settings > - Maybe hide some less used settings by default (similar to color customization) > - Customizable currency keys > - Customizable clipboard toolbar keys (#513, #403) > - Ability to export/import (share) custom colors > - Make use of the .com key in URL fields (currently only available for tablets) > - With language-dependent TLDs > - Internal cleanup (a lot of over-complicated and convoluted code) > - (optionally?) move toolbar key pinning to a setting, so long press actions on unpinned toolbar keys are available > - Bug fixes > > ### What will not be added: > > - Material 3 (not worth adding 1.5 MB to app size) > - Dictionaries for more languages (you can still download them) > - Anything that requires additional permissions


    Slow firefox update download.

    Operating system: Linux Mint Package manager: APT

    We are here talking about updating Firefox, which comes pre-installed with the OS.

    While other packages go up to 13 MB/s, Firefox downloads remain at a maximum of 500 kB.

    ``` Get:1 virginia/upstream amd64 firefox amd64 124.0.2+linuxmint1+virginia [74.3 MB]


    Should I switch to different source?


    Issue with website(personal project) loading on firefox, work fine on chrome.

    I am working on a personal website that loads perfectly on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers but crashes or doesn't bother to render on Firefox and Firefox-based browsers. I'm unable to narrow down the issue.

    This issue doesn't occur in any mobile device browser(firefox or chrome).


    source code:


    Limitation of using drag and drop Images in GitHub readme. md?

    Limitation of using drag and drop Images in

    One I am aware of is the size limit that no image size should be >10 MB. Are there any other limitations when using this (for example: retention period, storage capacity, etc)? I want to link those images outside Github.

    I am aware of uploading images to the repository and linking by



    Alternative to s3?

    Which has a dashboard and can of course be self-hosted.


    Nginx response buffering issue

    it's weird, as files being buffered are less than 100kb and the network is fast on the client side.

    log: >[warn] 9#9: *10937 an upstream response is buffered to a temporary file /var/cache/nginx/proxy_temp/5/09/0000000095 while reading upstream, client: <IP ADDRESS>, server:, request: "GET /static/fonts/fontawesome6/webfonts/fa-solid-900.woff2 HTTP/1.1", upstream: "http://<SERVER IP>/static/fonts/fontawesome6/webfonts/fa-solid-900.woff2", host: "", referrer: ""


    how does the status monitoring website work under the hood?

    I am talking about the services which let you monitor the status of a website whether the website is up and operational or down or under heavy load.

    how do they work under the hood?

    for example:

    I am building something similar for monitoring my web projects.

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    Added LinearArray as mod

    Appointed @[email protected] as mod, He/She will be sharing the same community moderation team from Reddit/discord.


    SSH client with termius-like interface.

    Already using Termius and xpipe, also what are good practices for backing or migrating config from one system to another?


    How much we can trust mojo🔥 performance benchmark by modular?

    was reading this update by modular

    Since we know Mojo isn't open-sourced yet, how much of benchmarks we can trust?


    Resume review, Backend developer, Fresher


    Mentioned links

    Portfolio: GitHub:

    Project: Gecom- Github live

    K9archiver-GitHub live case study

    Torswitch-GitHub PyPI


    Technical Resume Review

    Are there any community similar to "resume reviews" subreddits on Reddit?

    [update] As suggested by @[email protected] and @[email protected]

    made post in [email protected]


    Any suggestion on this project?

    Hey devs, I am working on a project that requires restricting a fastapi from public access, but data generated from API needs to be made available to clients. So, came up with this workflow, what do you all suggest?