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This is a little believable...
  • Family Feud, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, these shows are on during the day while kids are at school, they are not and have never been a family show. Yes family is in the name, and how many children have competed? if it was for kids and adults it would be on in the evening with Jeopardy. It's for bored housewives and guys who call things degenerate.

  • Same day shipping
  • it says "sent him to God" no mention of Heaven. God being the energy of the universe that makes up all things in which we return to once our bodies piss off the right FedEx delivery guy (or girl)

  • The Bitcoiners were wrong: a blog post about privacy and bitcoin, and how they failed to design a cash alternative
  • How much energy is used by our current financial system? How much energy is consumed serving ads to every human on every platform every second of every day?? No one ever questions that totally necessary use of our limited resources 🙄

    Edit: Didn't realize you guys like ads.and the federal reserve so much. That's gonna be a pretty major Yikes from me, Bros.

  • Deer mlem

    (or would this be considered technically a blep?)

    Florida Scrub-Jay

    It's funny that pics has a small fraction of the subscribers that catpics has. I get it though, I wasn't subscribed to pics on Reddit, and I almost didn't subscribe here. It was a cesspool of bland pictures with sob-stories. This pics is much better. Anyway here's a Scrub-Jay.

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