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[DEV] Custom Notes in ShatteredPD!
  • "Left gear on floor 17"

  • what would be a funny thing to teach my 5 y/o niece?
  • The drums.

    Or a less chaotic-evil suggestion, that water-drop sound made by flicking your cheek.

  • Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away
  • I have this exact same pact, but in Australia, so it is between me and the snake population.

  • Love me Shrek, 'ate Tories. Simple as!
  • Turned 90 degrees, the middle pic could be seen as a shit-club-sandwich.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • This is an excellent resource!

    2D and 3D map render took a hit, which may be why it is not added to the mainline maps.

    I'll keep the street number map deactivated, and enable when needed.

  • Google Maps tests new pop-up ads that give you an unnecessary detour
  • Any links for the OS data street-number scripts?

  • What makes you feel like you're in the future right now?
  • Like the progression of LEDs over the past 40 years, an outstanding increase in brightness and colours.

  • What makes you feel like you're in the future right now?
  • Also, listening to

    Kool Keith - Earth People

  • Small talk
  • From coffee or tea.

  • What makes you feel like you're in the future right now?
  • Aeropex - bone-conducting earphones

    Coolify2 - Personal neck AC/heating with peltier technology

    GrapheneOS - Able to use a smartphone to its full potential, without the tracking/bloat/handholding of other default OS choices.

  • What's a song you know that is really obscure but still amazing?
  • I love his enthusiasm for music so much, makes me smile to this day.

  • Andrew Tate can leave Romania while awaiting trial, court rules
  • Here's hoping this pathetic mong goes on the lamb again and gets hungry for pizza.

    A closed mind coupled with a tiny sense of empathy, Tate has made such miniscule effort towards being a human.

  • Everything going on has got me down, I need a break. What's something good that's happened in your life recently?
  • A pic of dolphin surfacing (not potato, just compression artifacts)

  • Anyone got any cool science tats? Drop them here. 👇👇
  • DIY Penrose energy, good energy.

  • Everything going on has got me down, I need a break. What's something good that's happened in your life recently?
  • On Sunday, my family and I watched 3 dolphins play in the boat wake, 5m away, for 4 minutes, as we came back into dock.


  • Watch recommendations

    Is the Amazfit Bip still a good choice for simple duration/route/heartrate/step/sleep tracking?

    It works with gadgetbridge out of the box, with no need to connect with other software or create a remote account. 20-30 day battery life.

    I saw the PineTime today, which looks interesting.

    I've tried a Bip Pro, but it requires a connection and account before being usable with gadgetbridge.

    What are the other options to consider? Which watches have higher accuracy for sleep/HR/step metrics?

    Linux during the mid to late 90s (Windows 95 and 98 era)
  • I used it in a university course in '95, not sure what distro, but customising your shell prompt, and setting automatic timed updates for the wallpaper in tvwm certainly felt like the future. Different and electric.

    We would play the linux shareware first release of quake in 12-16 player. Hiding the executable by renaming it ekauq... didn't work, still got removed from our directories.

    There were installfests at the local LUG, which were a fun way to share tips and help others.

    One Linux support business existed in our town in the 90s, installing and fixing Linux boxen for businesses. Mostly home/hobby use though. was covering the majority of Linux news. Either MS FUD or the nonsense SCO lawsuit, amongst all the positive advances.

    Linux conferences were a fun way to make it more real and see many of the big names behind the movement and technologies.

    Installed RedHat 4 or 5.1 around 98 and then found the power of Debian. Currently running Trisquel GNU/Linux because it is a fully libre distro with no proprietary blobs or other obfuscated parts.

    Many thanks to RMS and all FLOSS contributors, there is such an incredible spectrum of tools available for free use. It has been great to see the progression and expansion over the decades.

  • Scientists find desert moss ‘that can survive on Mars’
  • So, which locations on Mars' surface are the most hospitable for this moss? (considering radiation, temperature and water levels)

    Also, is a highly irradiated monoculture going to be a stable O2 producer, or is the species going to experience some mutated spinoffs?

    Probably a simpler way would be to just start-the-reactor.

  • Cursed wretched marketing
  • Still red with no logo.

  • Feelin' the burn
  • In the arcade it was infuriating and seemed a highly difficult 1CC, but compared to the whole spectrum of 80s arcade games it was good.

  • wholesomememes ace_garp

    But what about second tastiness?


    Boggle - drag to highlight words 5 x 5 Boggle

    Online logic puzzles, optimized for mobile devices

    5 x 5 Boggle

    Dropdown menu at top for other modes.

    This one at least describes the 1400 partners they will share your information with.

    Has an opt-out option too.


    How Doom's Enemy AI Works

    Know your enemy.

    This video is an interesting behind-the-scenes look into the capabilities and senses of each different enemy in the 1993 videogame DooM.

    • Bonus content and nostalgia:

    A look at where consumer available FPS began with Maze Wars+ (1987)

    Maze Wars+ was the first experience of a networked-multiplayer-graphical-game for many people, and completely mindblowing for the era.


    Perth Aurora Photo thread

    I'm interested if anything was visible from the Perth metro area. Will it only show up in dark-sky places away from towns.

    Can also post if you saw it anywhere else in WA too. Location, day and time etc.


    Sodom - Agent Orange

    Top old-school thrash.


    And Now for my next Number, I'd Like to return to the Classics

    TIL - The RTRFM 4 O'clock Classic intro is from here.

    test ace_garp

    test posting of a link


    Oink! - Don't eat pigs, cos they're made from ham..

    A treasure from the past. Print run was 2.5 years through 86-88.

    Lying halfway between Buster and Viz, was Oink! A cheeky, pig-themed, politically aware comic, that generated some hilarous lampoons of other comic strips and media personalities.

    Great writers, who came from, and went on to do some further outstanding works.

    Favourite strip was New Wave Dave.


    Looking for the right community to post a comic-strip, that has low-level NSFW(comic nudity).

    c/comics says no NSFW in the community info.

    Where is an appropriate place to post this? Can be on any instance.

    More info: It is a one off art piece. Not an ongoing webcomic.


    Dr NIM - A boardgame that is a switched-automaton from the 1960s

    A video by mathematician Matt Parker describing the workings of a toy automaton.


    [TOMT] A comic strip of devolution. Starts with an office worker pushing a copier out the office tower window, ends up as primitive group chilling around a camp fire.

    I remember there being no text or speech, some fire-extinguishers sprayed all over the place, someone hunting with a bow and arrow across an office desk.

    It was in a step-by-step airliner-safety-card style of art.

    First saw this about 10 years ago on some other site.


    Adam Savage shouts out Perth this week - Rebuilding his (Very Unusual) Bathroom

    Timestamps are

    Perth: 1-40seconds

    Australian saying: 11:55min

    90's Music ace_garp

    Dream Warriors - Wash Your Face In My Sink

    1990 started off smooth.


    WA Sunsets - post them here

    What are your top WA sunset pics? Post away in this designated sunset-zone.

    Pic included - Leighton beach last night



    Allegiance - Torn Between Two Worlds (Perth, Australia 1994)

    90's Thrash metal. Always delivered a quality live show! Big \m/


    TIL: There is a breed of goat that is half black and half white -- The Valais Blackneck goat

    (Full disclosure, I learned this yesterday.)

    Found in this video, at the 1min mark:


    Death Metal Summer | The Art Gallery of WA -- Photo exhibit by Deanna & Ed Templeton

    Surprise find of the week.

    Huntington Beach street-culture writ large. Deanna Templeton and husband Ed share their photos from the last 20 years. (Yes, that Ed Templeton of Toy Machine)