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Four in five people want more climate action: UN survey
  • I disagree with it being heroic, but i really appreciate the sentiment. I imagine more people would do it if it was more affordable. I've gotten some flack from my family for it being costly (minimal flack, more like a double check), but it's worth it (and they understand once i explain it).

  • Four in five people want more climate action: UN survey
  • I spent a lot of money to install solar, got new efficient windows, and got a heat pump to reduce gas usage. I'm thankful to have the financial freedom to make these decisions, as well as to have referrals for affordable options.

    We're trying to be better about plastic usage and waste in our household.

    I did these to reduce my energy usage. They'll save money long term eventually, but not enough to be worth it monetarily. I can't control much but i can at least try to do what i think is better.

  • please don't leave meeee
  • Oh man, that's all i ever do. I'm never on a good run where i can just switch to something else, I'm always just stuck. Id love if it got a rework somehow, like maybe only -.4x for using your most used hand

  • Dragonforce
  • I'm definitely not an expert so don't take my point of view too seriously. However, I'm guessing so because it's a meme directed at a community that should understand it, but nobody seems to understand it at all. A lot of AI is just crowd sourced language models, so it'll just put commonly used words together that may or may not make sense, depending on the prompt. In this case, it looks like a prompt of something like make a meme about a niche metal band using the I'm too afraid to ask template.

    I also question any poster who makes a post like this but then doesn't engage anyone. Just drop it and move on. This person seems active on other subs, so i wouldn't guess bot account, but that would leave AI. He or she has no idea how to respond to the comments because they don't understand their own post is my guess.

  • Dragonforce
  • IDK if hated is the right word. This seems like an AI generated meme to get a rise out of a community.

    That being said, allegedly dragonforce was annoying to see live because they used to get too drunk to play their own songs. They seem to be more sober now, and they play pretty well.

  • Someone has to do it, so why not me?
  • I think they're referencing the manga/anime death note. So they're just writing in the names of countries hoping they will die.

    Did a light google search, looks like the individual is the former prime minister of poland (between ww1 and ww2), and a fairly prominent statesman, who I'm guessing hated those other countries.

  • I haven't watched too many full games this season, including playoffs, but I'm so glad I caught this one. The fadeaway from gobert was absolutely nuts. You could see from the middle of the third quarter that jokic was gassed, and nobody else besides Murray was hitting any shots for Denver.

    This was an unbelievably exciting game, though I'm still confused as to why Denver seemed to give up right at the end after getting a steal. Seemed so odd.

    And really, Naz had a game changing performance. He stepped up big when Minnesota needed him to. Just.. wow. Incredible comeback.

  • Weekly thread: what was your favorite run this week? May 18th 2024
  • Trying to gold all the decks, on an early Green Deck run (i forget which, i think red or green stake), i found an early burnt joker, followed by a brainstorm, a blueprint, and a perkeo. Eventually got blackboard as my fifth joker.

    Spent the entire time moving around my Jokers around, getting 3 negative copies of Pluto for high Card from perkeo each round, then a high Card discard x3 from burnt each round. Ended with something silly like level 80 High card. Didn't push far into endless, but it was the easiest and most interesting time I've had beating Ante 8.

  • I mean have they seen our stipends
  • Living in the USA, my experience looking into this was similar. However, there are some doctoral programs in europe that are free even for international students, which is actually quite tempting.

  • Fallout: New Vegas & Fallout Television Series (SPOILERS FOR BOTH)
  • Sorry I'm late to this, but the board suggests the destruction happened some time after 2277, not that it happened in 2277. The fall of shady sands apparently is before the bombing.

    New vegas has been confirmed canon by bethesda.

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • I don't think this is a particularly fair take. Some people bought at high prices because it seemed like the right move (in 2008, for example), market crashes, you're stuck with your investment even if you're underwater (upside down).

    It's definitely not fair to assume what his costs are compared to the cost to rent. It isn't necessary to have the example above to reside in an area where mortgages far exceed rent. Northern Virginia in the USA is a good example, where townhomes can easily exceed 1 million USD, which would typically require a 30-50k+ down payment plus closing costs, and would then be 5k+ in a mortgage. Rent that place for 4500 and that's a loss on monthly costs, but of course the landlord is earning long term equity (and that is the value, but they may not be turning a profit).

    Edit: I'm simply stating that it's unfair to assume the original commenter is lying about not making a profit. I'm not suggesting they aren't experiencing a net gain in equity.