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I can't stop doing it
  • I meant getting banned was part of the experience

  • I can't stop doing it
  • get banned for rule 1

  • Missing cold pizza
  • Sausage, Egg, water

  • Everyday, as an American
  • I'll measure in miniature Jack Daniel bottles before I give up mph

  • Aptoide app store hits iOS in the European Union
  • I remember using aptoide to pirate a DS emulator on my first tablet years ago. I got to play Ace Attorney like I wanted (RIP Emuparadise) but the battery never saw a temperature below fever levels until it died

  • You've just fallen
  • why your brian bullying you

  • the sub war is over
  • we did it reddit !

  • It must be a test
  • True!

  • The r/FluentinFinance subreddit, a regular on the front page, may be a massive influence campaign

    The post in the screenshot was from January; the original poster has since been suspended for a reason I could not find, even with reveddit. Since then, the same 6 accounts mentioned above seem to be in some sort of limbo, as most of them have been suspended, but still post the same topics regularly.

    If you look at the comments of the most repeated posts, there is some acknowledgement of the constant reposting ("Mom said it was my turn to post this, blahblahblah") before being derailed back into the slop in question, but oddly enough, I have not seen any comments directly calling out the sub for botting. I did find one post on the sub itself that got little traction before it was deleted by an automod.

    Looking at other subs on the subject, it seems that several people have been quietly banned from the sub for making the same observations. My guess is that joking about people rehashing topics is preferable to people coming to find that your entire subreddit is some sort of psyop.

    Anon has a pet peeve
  • In Budokai Tenkaichi 3 you can end sagas real early if you're good enough. Like, if you stunlock Nappa to death as kid gohan before Goku arrives you get funny dialogue that's basically "Huh, I won."

  • YouTube offers virtual trophies so you can feel bad about quitting premium
  • My favorites youtubers aren't getting paid dick without having to downgrade their content with algospeak, even then they're very vocal about how much they begrudgingly abide by it and push viewers to patreon saying whatever they make there is worth a lot more than what they make from ads

  • playboi rule
  • average carti fan

  • fedbear