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Some windows help please
  • Do you have room for 2 SSDs in the case? If so, install windows on one and Linux on the other. Then set the BIOS to boot from the Linux disk and grub will let you decide which OS to boot from. This way, windows won’t interfere with Linux.

    I’ve been using this for months and it works well. Except when I hit a Debian bug that configured grub to not look for OSes on other drives! But that was fixed.

  • Anyone familiar with SFTPGo?

    I’m trying to set up a group so multiple users can share a folder. I created the group and a folder for it but I’m not what paths I should use for both. The result is that the user can see the group folder in the web UI but an error occurs after clicking on it:

    “Failed to get directory listing: Unable to get directory contents"



    Windows 11 and local accounts How to Create a Local Account in Windows 11 Pro

    Learn how to create a local account in Windows 11 with our simplified setup process by logging into your personal PC without using a Microsoft account.

    How to Create a Local Account in Windows 11 Pro

    Does this trick actually work?


    In person ASL courses in Ottawa?

    Bit of a long shot, but are there any in person ASL (sign language) courses in #barrhaven or perhaps south west #ottawa?


    Help finding budget gaming laptop

    I’d appreciate some assistance in finding a budget gaming laptop from a reliable source. I can pop into BestBuy (who enjoys that anyway!) or Canada Computers but are there alternatives? I’m look for something to play older games, like strategy games as wargames, but I’m not bothered about the latest games. I also want to do some development, likely using Eclipse+Java and also use docker-compose in VirtualBox. Maybe I’ll also mess around with Unity3 or the Unreal engine.

    A reasonable spec is: 16 or 32Gb 512Gb+ SSD Decent discrete GFX card but not the latest Current or previous gen AMD or Intel 2+ USB 3 ports FHD monitor Nothing too heavy though I won’t be travelling Budget is probably $1100+tax

    Is that reasonable? Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.


    Best chipset for Linux laptop, Intel or AMD?

    I’m considering picking up a cheapish laptop for development, with the intent of installing Linux on it. Typically it’ll be Java development or other stuff in docket containers. Is there a best chipset to pick for Linux or are they pretty much identical these days?


    Ghostery browser and android?

    I was looking at browsers in the Play store and saw the Ghostery browser. It's now apparently based on Firefox, and I assume the Ghostery (plugin/extension) functionality is built in. Does it protect privacy better than other browsers and is it worth trying out? I currently use Firefox on android but I detest it's UI decisions. I've no idea if Ghostery has a different UI or not.


    Self hosted video chat

    If I self host some kind of private video chat service, is the video data transferred direct from connected peer to peer? Does it go through the self hosted service instance? Or does that depend on which video server is used?

    Barrhaven YurkshireLad

    Tornado in Barrhaven?