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Nazi Propagandist Nick Fuentes Caught on Stream Watching Gay Porn
  • .ml and dishonesty.

    Name a better duo

  • death sentence
  • We also criticize our government for doing this.

    Where is that hypocrisy?

    Maybe in the fact that the Chinese citizens can't criticize their own government for fear of being disappeared. Their only avenue is to criticize 'the west'.

    It's sad watching these types say anything at all about hypocrisy.

  • bUt BoTh SiDeS dA sAmE
  • In 2008

    Check calendar

    As it turns out, as the date changes the world changes as well. Sometimes you can't have it all, sometimes plans have to change.

    Sorry you don't like the progress we have made 👉👈

  • Has anyone else noticed a large influx of Trolls lately?
  • They're fighting to remain federated; they feel the disdain from every sane /c and can (surprisingly) see the writing on the wall this time that soon they'll have to make sockpuppet accounts if they want to continue to troll.

  • Has anyone else noticed a large influx of Trolls lately?
  • Like when all the rightoids show up to a discussion and spam image macros of pigs shitting on their own balls?

    Get real, this is a left-centered platform, 98% of the trolls aren't right wing, not by a country mile.

  • David Copperfield faces allegations of sexual misconduct from 16 women, including minors
  • Finally!

    My David cop-a-feel jokes will TAKE OFF

    Edit; I am not as creative as I thought

  • DeSantis Signs Law Deleting Climate Change From Florida Policy
  • So they're forgoing FEMA assistance and relief for "natural" disasters?

  • President Biden announces a series of tariffs on green energy products from China.
  • So end H1B visas and refocus tax dollars on infrastructure and education you fucking prick.

  • It's voluntary though
  • Not all ideologies can be successful, might be a good thing to keep in mind.

  • It's voluntary though
  • Another enlightening comment where you sidestep the conversation to laude over others from your imaginary horse.

    Care to explain why it's nonsense or should we just trust you bro?

  • It's voluntary though
  • He literally wrote a paragraph explaining why it's pertinent..

  • Ron DeSantis signs bill scrubbing ‘climate change’ from Florida state laws
  • The people voted this way. It's only sad for a tiny minority of people living in Florida AND reality.

  • Alarmed by Russia’s progress, US tries to accelerate shipment of anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine
  • 3 days of progress in only 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days

  • if you are here now, you will find joy
  • Nicely dressed terrorists!

  • Growth as an end
  • Nah.

  • Growth as an end
  • Yea I wonder. I wonder if you've ever seen anyone on chemo lmao

  • Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government
  • I wonder if it's legit or just another attempt at manipulating markets

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • Just got my bill from the sun today. I guess it takes time to snail mail over 93M miles.

  • It is very therapeutic to garden, though.
  • It scaled and was feasible before the industrialization of production.

    I think you mean, you don't want it to scale or be feasible.

  • Posts jumping so boost can load ads

    Anyway to get a more stable UI without paying boost or do I just switch clients?

    can anyone ID this deposit?

    ‐-----------------------‐-update 11-11‐----------------------

    After more research and some lucky talks I believe this to be epidote from tailings out of the Wolverine Mine, a few miles from where I found these pieces.

    ‐-----------------------‐-original post------------------------

    Was rock hounding on the southern shore of Lake Superior. Found these green crystal deposits that formed like geodes, specimens are small, the largest is about the size of a corn kernel. A local said it could be chlorasolite but I don't think it matches based on color and clarity. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    recently moved my jade tree inside for the season. barely made it through the front door.

    Repotted it into a 5gal bucket because large pots are pricyyyy. This tree is about 5 years old and has made hundreds of props that inhabit friend's houses around town.


    How to propagate ficus elastica properly (afaik)

    Some big dumby with my name (T'was me) posted earlier this week with a totally not correct way to propagate ficus elastica (rubber tree, tineke) from a leaf. So anyway here is the proper way to prop it with pictures.



    • Step one: mark where you would like to make your first cut (i use a loose zip tie). This cut will make the mother tree bush out at the highest node. Plan ahead, and make your cut.




    • Step two: process the props by cutting up from the bottom every 2 leaf nodes. leave 4-6 leaves/nodes at the very end of the piece (this last chunk is your reward, you are doing great).



    • Step three: Remove the lower leaf entirely from each piece, and the lowest 2-3 leaves on the largest piece. !


    Step four: dip the bottom of your cuttings into rooting hormone. Be generous.




    • Step five: firmly grasp your new cutting and gently cram them into the pot you forgot to fill up with a fast draining potting soil before you started. Be sure to completely cover the lower node and keep the dirt about as high as the remaining leaf-node.



    • Step six: Put the smaller props in any excessively humid environment where they can still get some indirect light. I use my favorite clear tote under a canopy, lightly sealed. Keep the soil moist.


    Roots should form in 6-12 weeks. Some may take a long time, some may die. I'd bet youre glad you made 5 now, huh?


    If you know what to do with all these leaves please let me know;


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