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Like a prion
  • Not immediately, your cells could continue to function without the DNA in the nucleus, until they try to divide. Then you will turn into soup, it's basically what happens when someone is exposed to extreme radiation.

  • The return of pneumatic tubes
  • The Hyperloop was very successful, it prevented billions of dollars of investment in mass transit, then evaporated before it could reduce the market for cars.

  • N.Y. couple finds safe filled with over $130K while magnet fishing in lake.
  • If I found that, no I didn't, and now one would hear about it.

  • What can Democrats actually do about Thomas’s and Alito’s corruption?
  • Did the supreme court rule on if the president could use seal team 6 to kill people?

  • Doctor accused of illegally obtaining health data of Texas Children's patients, in crusade against Transgender medical treatments
  • Did he nickname his skull and brain, "The Law" and "The Truth"? I'm just asking questions, this is not a call for violence.

  • lemmy user(ule)s: "this sign won't stop me because i can't read"
  • Using a slur to insult someone, regardless of if they are a member of that group, shows that you view it as an inherently negative trait, and that people should be ashamed of being a part of, or associated with, the group.

  • save father theresa was art
  • I'm out of the loop, what did Jimmy Kimmel do?

  • Guess the Episode [Medium]
  • ||Lisa's first word season 4 episode 10||

  • Missing cold pizza
  • Bacon, eggs, hash browns, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

  • "Genocide is good if an Anti-Imperialist Country(tm) is doing it!"
  • Next your going to say Russia isn't trying to steal our precious bodily fluids.

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • I'm just saying, I think the comic is framing the wolf as a protagonist and advocating for an anarchist anticapitalist message, but the wolf murdered 3 people, including 2 who were so destitute they had houses made out of sticks and grass.

  • The end of an era?
  • Id put my money on the wheel mount failing because the whole wheel turns into a lever trying to break it every time it hits a bump.

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Notice how the pigs didn't use violence and now the Wolves have their property.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • They have decided that the damage is worth less than the cost of serving videos to users with add blocks. Only time will tell if they are right.

  • Le Murca
  • Isn't that the Bi-gender Pride Flag?

  • classic late 90s early 00s 40k scratch built Thunder Hawk.

    I was cleaning up old bookmarks and found this turn of the century site is still up.

    Punk Xtallll

    The Living End - 'West End Riot' (Official Music Video)

    Music from my misspent youth at the close of the 20th century.


    How does the Rogue Trader Entourage work with attached units?

    If the Rogue Trader Entourage is attached to a squad of Imperial Navy Breachers, and someone uses Precision to kill the Rogue Trader; now that there is not a character in the unit does it split into 2 units on of breachers and one made of the rest of the Entourage?