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Construction workers are dying from suicide at an alarming rate, with an estimated 6,000 construction workers dying as a result of suicide in 2022
  • I don't think there's anything inherent in construction that is causing a higher suicide rate. Construction labourer is a job just about anyone can get and male dominated.

    I've hired some people who seemed like they weren't in a great place. It's low skill and it doesn't hurt to take a chance on someone and hope the stability will help get them on the right track.

    I haven't had any coworkers take their own lives, but I could see someone at the end of the rope being more likely to find a job on a construction site instead of a dentists office

  • Statewide plastic bag ban passes the Massachusetts Senate
  • That's pretty much how it goes. For the first few months you find yourself in line without a bag, so you pay an extra couple bucks. Now I've got enough reusable bags in my car it's not a big deal anymore

  • Sovcit got a ticket.
  • I have to imagine there are times they come across a bill collector or someone either doesn't know their job or just doesn't give a shit and lets them off the hook.

    You're working at Comcast in the collections department, you're having a shitty day and an envelope full of legal looking papers comes across your desk saying to void a $300 bill? Fuck it, push the 'void' button and on to the next one, who cares.

  • What a family of four is required to make to live comfortably
  • No kidding. I picked a random city in Michigan, found a nice house, new build for $390k. Mortgage is 2,652/month, which leaves $75,176 for necessities. Barely $6000/month for food, electricity and the lease on two lexii? That's not living

    Ok, even if I take out income tax with no tricks to bring it down, take home is 160k. 80k/year on necessities, 48k after housing is taken out. 4000/month for utilities, food, car and gas? There's no sense breaking down a "comfortable" budget of necessities after that, this whole thing is out to lunch, as far as Petoskey Michigan is concerned

  • Columbia faculty members walk out after pro-Palestinian protesters arrested
  • I just checked back and that picture is gone from the article. It had a crowd of people with 4 or 5 if them holding up signs on what looked like printer paper with messages like "protect our students" but the signs and fonts looked unnaturally crisp, almost like a meme template

  • What are some good role models for men?
  • I found it to be saccharine garbage. I struggled through one season because I always heard good things and I truly hated it by the end. It's on the level of Paw Patrol for dramatic tension

  • Guess the Episode [Genius at Work]
  • Is it the episode where Bart gets kicked out of school so Marge teaches him about a book I want to say is called Johnny Tremaine who loses his hand in a war? "they should call him" Johnny Deformed"

  • ‘If you don’t have money to go to Europe by boat, you try to get there by starting a relationship with a tourist’: Sex tourism plagues Gambia
  • “We want tourists that come to enjoy the country and the culture, but not tourists who come for sex.” Hamat Bah, Gambia’s minister of culture and tourism, also stated in a television interview: “If you want a sex destination, you go to Thailand”; a statement for which he later had to apologize

    Wild comment

  • If you have some cold water evaporating, is it possible to make it evaporate sooner by adding hot water?
  • Oh no, not the mbappe Mpemba effect effect. I refuse to accept that as a real thing, there is just no way the warm water freezes faster. I've read dozens of articles about it, eventually finding some that confirmed for me it's probably just measuring error or subtle differences that aren't being noticed. But that left me thinking if I had to search so hard for the one article that confirms my gut instinct I shouldn't lean into it too hard

    Like you have two cups of identical water, eventually the warm water becomes the cold water. If I then use that previously warm water as my cold water and start the experiment over with another glass of warm water, what now? And don't tell me water has memory.

    My favorite explanation is imagine two cars on a track 100 meters long. The far end is the track is hard asphalt and cars can drive fast. The track gets rougher and muddier the closer you are to the finish line, so the first 50 meters are covered in seconds, the next 25 meters are slower, and the final 5 meters the cars are crawling. You start one car at the 100 meter line and one starts at 10 meters. If you're observing this race from the top of a 50 storey building above the track, you'd understandably think "wow, that car that started far away was so much faster! For sure it won" even though in the last few feet it was neck-and-neck.

  • Not only is "Seinfeld" vastly overrated, any claim that it pioneered the concept of "a show about nothing" is ridiculous and imbecilic.
  • I fully hear you and I liked talking about it. Your rant was the perfect spot for me to get out that same aggression and counter-rant.

    And it's important to put these unpopular opinions out there and fight it out. Sometimes I google "does anyone else hate this popular shit?" and it's annoying when I can't find other people with the same takes.

  • Not only is "Seinfeld" vastly overrated, any claim that it pioneered the concept of "a show about nothing" is ridiculous and imbecilic.
  • you’d have to tell all the people who believe the show WAS “a show about nothing” and think that’s AWESOME.

    Who are these people? Show me. You've got an image in your mind of some blithering idiot who drools over the show strictly because "it's a show about nothing" and that makes you mad. Can't really argue with a strawman like that, but if you ever come across them rest assured they're wrong in their premise and feel good about yourself

    People like Seinfeld because it's a light sitcom that can make a majority of them laugh at the situations it's characters get into. Nothing more.