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TFS Campaign/Story Discussion Megathread
  • The first cutscene of the campaign is kinda a very quick summary of the relevant events of the past few expansions. There are videos made by popular content creators online that cover the story in more detail (you don’t need to watch the 10 hour one, other content creators have made shorter ones).

  • I'm writing this from a crappy laptop with 2GB of RAM and a dull screen.
  • The ideal is “plays fine at lowest graphics settings on old hardware” while having “high graphics settings” that look fantastic but requires too-of-the-line hardware to play reasonably.

    Generally this is almost impossible to achieve.

  • viruses
  • For reproduction purposes, many parasites require a specific host to reproduce in. An interesting example is a worm that mind controls a snail and gets itself eaten by a bird, and then reproduces in the bird. Surprisingly, both the snail and the bird survive this process. (Granted, the difference between this and a virus is the virus uses the RNA decoding infrastructure in the infected cell to reproduce itself, while a parasite just is adapted to reproducing in the environment of the hosts body, but uses its own cells to do the reproduction).

    However, there are many, many examples in nature of some essential task (often some part of the energy production/absorption process) that are done by a different organism. Some particularly interesting examples:

    • there are a handful of animals that eat plants, absorb the chloroplasts, and use those to do photosynthesis

    • In most animals, even in humans, a lot of the digestion process is done by bacteria living in your digestive tract. Some illnesses are caused by issues with the digestive tract bacteria, such as them dying out.

    There are other animals adapted to living in environments or using things produced by other organisms. Hermit crabs get their name from their behavior of borrowing shells created by other organisms.

    Really the only organism that can truly live “by itself” would probably be something like algae.

  • Raspberry Pi Smart TV?

    I want to try to set up a Raspberry Pi I have as a smart TV box and I was hoping I could find some advice.

    My main requirements are:

    • can run Moonlight
    • can be controlled from a Bluetooth game controller (that should also work in Moonlight)

    What would be nice:

    • can run VLC or Plex or something
    • can support AirPlay
    • can be used for some actual streaming services like Netflix

    Any suggestions?


    Ubuntu 22.04 has difficulty reading from SSDs

    Update: I was wrong about a couple things:

    • I’m having issues with 2 different NTFS drives. The ext4 one is fine.
    • The issue appears to be driver related. If the drive auto-mounts by udisks2.service, it shows up as “type ntfs3” with the output of mount, but if I mount it manually it shows up as “type fuseblk”. It seems that the fuse-based driver works but the ntfs3 one is broken.

    I’m at my wits end with this one.

    SSDs on my computer:

    • a drive with a Windows 11 install
    • a drive with an Ubuntu 22.04 install (the OS I use the most)
    • a drive with an Ubuntu 20.04 install (for a piece of touchy software I needed that didn’t seem to like 22.04)
    • an NTFS drive to share files across OSes
    • an EXT4 drive to share files across OSes

    These are all physically separate drives, not partitions of the same drive or something like that. They all SATA SSDs except the Windows one which is nvme.

    Ubuntu 22.04 is acting up. It seems that it can write to the NTFS and EXT4 drives fine, but has difficulty reading from them. If I write a file e.g. echo “hello world” > test, the file appears but trying to read it, the file seems empty. I reboot and I can read the file.

    When I first encountered this, I thought the NTFS drive was failing, so I did a large rsync (to back up the data) and got some read errors, and then ran a SMART test which came back clean.

    Since then, with further testing, only 22.04 seems to have these issues. Both Windows and 20.04 can read and write fine. However, Windows caught some filesystem errors with the drive after the large rsync.

    I’m about to reinstall Ubuntu but I’m worried about making things worse somehow. It would be nice to have an idea of what’s going on.

    Any advice?