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What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • I worked in the ED for a decade and this is very true. Avocado injuries might be the most common non allergic good injury. I do mine like this guy says. Usually 3 or 4 a day. I only use butter knives to cut them and the wacking the seed still works. I then take the knife and make either slices or grids in the fruit while it is in the peel and use a spoon to scoop out the pre cut flesh

  • ADHD Life Hacks which worked for you?
  • I went through something similar and had my blender sitting for a while. Then I had kids and decided to get on the smoothie train again.

    What I found regarding blandness was never add ice, never add water. Use whole milk or heavy cream or half and half. Unflavored yogurt is good and tastes like fruit when blended with frozen fruit. Bananas turn into a smooth thick liquid when blended. Frozen Bananas are often recommended but don't help texture as much.

    To summarize, frozen fruit is already bland and cold, don't add water or ice. Skim milk is water for this use case so avoid it.

  • People are seizing, being intubated after eating microdose chocolates
  • These internet chocolates never contain mushrooms according to everyone I've known or read about who have had them. If you're lucky you get 4-aco-dmt which is safe and hard to tell apart from the real thing. This is an unregulated market and no one else cares about your health. Be careful out there.

  • Why we gave up on learning how to play an instrument?
  • I've played and given up the mandolin several times over tge past several years. Longest continuous before now was maybe three months. What I've learned through my own learning process is:

    1. Practice in time. Even if it's slow.
    2. Playing with backing tracks helps a ton
    3. Posture is key. On my current streak of playing I was able to go from playing the melody of kids songs to the rhythm of some grateful dead songs (at 80 bpm instead of 140 bpm) after spending time watching videos of how to hold and sit. I then had to relearn all my fingerings but it didn't take nearly as long this time.
    4. Sucking is just part of learning anything new. I guess one either enjoys the act of improving independent of the current result or one doesn't.

    Post script: The reason I quit when I do is because I become frustrated with plateaus. I now believe a lot of these plateaus came from bad mechanics. My pinky could not reach the 7th fret no matter how much I practiced. I could not switch chords without destroying my rhythm or muting extra strings etc.

  • Morgan Spurlock, documentary filmmaker behind 'Super Size Me,' dies at 53
  • His show had an episode with a mom trying to drink like her college daughter. The mom starts going out most nights, eating like shit and feeling bad during the day. The part that has stayed with me for almost 20 years is how the mom was definitely having a good time towards the middle of the month. When I first saw it I was a little younger than the daughter and now I am a little younger than the mom was at filming. When I question if I should start drinking more again, I think of that lady and say "Maybe."

  • ‘A deranged fringe movement’: what is Maga communism, the online ideology platformed by Tucker Carlson?
  • MAGA communism is when instead of returning the means of production to those doing the work one just starts a authoritarian state capitalist regime. I don't think the government funding gyms is some terrible thing but it won't stop the "feminization" these people decry.

  • I'm not here for a good time I'm here for a looong time
  • I had a super similar avb edible experience except instead of oil I water cured the avb and put it into cookie mix. I use about a Mason jars worth. The cookie was very herbal tasting and the chain of events went intense come up -> anxiety -> 5/6 hour black out -> anxiety -> stoned for 12 hrs. 6/10 would only recommend if schedule properly cleared.

  • How can I access my own ebooks?
  • I keep my dropouts free ebooks in Dropbox and use moonreader + to read them and sync across devices. Until I lost my library in a hdd failure I had 10k books self hosted with calibre and that was straight forward and worked well. I do also use Google Books for things I buy and like it although it lacks some QoL features of moonreader

  • DeSantis Vetoes Blanket Social Media Ban for Youths Under 16

    The statute, passed by the Florida Legislature last week, would have required sites like TikTok and Instagram to deny accounts to underage users, even if their parents permitted them to do so.

    DeSantis Vetoes Blanket Social Media Ban for Youths Under 16

    Japanese Breakfast - Say It Ain't So (Weezer Cover) Japanese Breakfast - Say It Ain't So - YouTube Music

    japanese breakfast's cover of say it ain't so by weezer, recorded live at electric lady for spotify. i'm once again back and testing the wrath of spotify.

    Japanese Breakfast - Say It Ain't So - YouTube Music

    String arrangement of Weezer's "Say it Ain't So"

    0 A City’s Campaign Against Homelessness Brings Stories of Violence

    Local officials called for residents to deter the homeless in Kalispell, Mont., but unhoused residents said they were then accosted and attacked.

    A City’s Campaign Against Homelessness Brings Stories of Violence

    archive sad to see this happening here. Roving gangs of youth harassing the homeless with support from the local government should worry everyone.


    Beeper Mini fix incoming


    Beeper Mini is down

    Well it was a fun few days but beeper mini is down. Someone supposedly affiliated with the project said on reddit it was on Beeper's end but people testing it say Apple has blocked something.

    21 Police say there’s an active shooter in Lewiston, Maine, and they are investigating multiple scenes

    Central Maine Medical Center said staff were “reacting to a mass casualty, mass shooter event” and were coordinating with area hospitals to take in patients.

    Police say there’s an active shooter in Lewiston, Maine, and they are investigating multiple scenes

    Ontario RAT II

    Been my EDC for about two years. Holds an edge well and all the mechanical parts are still tight. Recommend to anyone looking for a budget knife but not gas station knife. RAT II


    ‘Fully expected the downfall’: Inside DeSantis’s brawls with Fla. Republicans

    Sort of hit piece against DeSantis by members of his own party who support Trump.

    Archived Link


    How Donald Trump tried to undo his loss in Georgia in 2020

    Breakdown of known information regarding possible Georgia indictment.

    Archived Link


    The hidden way Bidenomics is already weakening Trump’s 2024 hopes.


    Our democracy is menaced by two dragons. Here’s how to slay them.

    archived Link

    Time to expand the House.


    Democrats press Homeland Security about domestic extremism among employees.

    Reports of Oath Keepers in the Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol officers collaborating with militias continue to concern Congress.

    Archived Link

    3 Ex-Social Worker, 32, Pretended to Be a Boston High School Student, Police Say

    Shelby Hewitt forged documents and enrolled at three different public high schools, according to records. Her motive for doing so was unclear.

    1 What Will Happen to Prigozhin and His Wagner Fighters? Here’s What We Know.

    Days after an uprising in Russia, Moscow said the charges of “armed mutiny” would be dropped. Here is how the events may affect the mercenary fighters, President Vladimir V. Putin and the war in Ukraine.

    0 Opinion | Yesterday’s Putin Is Gone

    He survived a brief revolt, but the cracks in his system are now evident.

    7 Senate Report Details Jan. 6 Intelligence and Law Enforcement Failures

    The report by Democrats provided the most comprehensive picture to date of how federal officials missed, downplayed or failed to act on multiple threats of and plans for violence.


    The Titan’s pilot was an explorer, not a villain

    Glowing profile of CEO and pilot of Titan sub. Archived Link

    2 Greek Youths, Shaped by Debt Crisis, Plan to Vote for Stability

    Many children of Greece’s traumatic years of economic collapse have opted for pragmatism over radicalism and say they will back a conservative on Sunday.

    0 Facing Brutal Heat, the Texas Electric Grid Has a New Ally: ‌Solar Power

    The amount of solar energy generated in Texas has grown exponentially. Some Republicans question the state’s increasing reliance on renewable power.

    2 House G.O.P. Uses Spending Bills to Pick Partisan Policy Fights

    Republicans are tucking dozens of policy mandates into government funding bills, in an effort to use their majority to force politically charged votes.