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LGBTQ+ activists warn against normalizing Europe's far right
  • I don't understand the feeling of being a different gender than what I was assigned at birth, and I don't need to - I can accept that others may have those feelings just fine.

    Why do you think others need to force themselves to fit your understanding? Why do you need to understand them to respect them?

    Answer is - you don't.

  • Biden campaign launches Pride Month push as allies work to shore up LGBTQ support
  • Read up on the problems with fptp voting system and maybe you'll understand that not voting for democrats is actively helping republicans.

    If there was any party that had a chance of beating republicans and promised to replace fptp then that would be the party to vote for, unfortunately no such party exists.

  • [Question] Unable to access someof my LAN servers from WAN

    Hi there,

    I am pretty new to Linux, so apologies for any stupidly obvious answers I might miss; I have a Raspberry Pi with some self hosted stuff to use in my LAN - however I have recently decided to host a Gogs (git) server on there also (as well as a Wordpress server).

    Heres the issue - my Plex server is accessible from WAN, the Wordpress server is half working and the Gogs server is only accessible from LAN.

    Basically if I connect to the server with LAN IP it works, if I use WAN IP it doesnt (The server at IP is taking too long to respond). One weird thing I noticed is that the Wordpress server - if I try to go to that via WAN IP it doesn’t work, but if I go via the DNS it works fine.

    The Gogs server is using Docker, Wordpress just uses nginx. I have a static IP and have forwarded the correct ports on my router, I also have a new modem for fibre that I have not used before - not sure if that matters.

    I'm mostly focused on getting the Gogs server accessible from WAN, I'm not too fussed about Wordpress right now since that works via DNS anyway.

    Really appreciate any possible solutions you guys might know


    Has development stopped completely?

    I just checked GitHub and it looks like the last branch update was 3 months ago, is the Dev MIA or is this a planned break?


    Is there any Firefox extension to automatically reject cookie popups?

    I'm so fed up of these cookie popups requiring a few extra clicks to reject, are there any extensions that will automatically opt out or reject additional cookies?


    Best GPU for under £600?

    I'm looking for a new GPU, finally upgrading my 1060 12gb. I have a £600 budget, would like it to be fairly modern and atleast 12gb vram, anything over 128 bitrate too.

    Let me know your current GPU if it meets specs, and what your opinion of it is!

    I've been considering the Intel Arc A770 but a bit nervous about the drivers


    What class will you play in SoD?

    Personally can't wait to see what warlock will be like as a warlock main from retail


    Is anyone who are on steamdeck seeing their game freeze when trying to load a save?

    My loading screen looks like it completes, then it flashes black, displays the loading screen again, but after the flash the loading animation has stopped and the screen is completely locked up.

    Edit: It looks like the issue was because I had saved in orbit, I'm not sure if the location matters, but I was orbiting Volii Alpha, loading an earlier save while on the planet worked