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I need help. OpenDNS is blocking a lot of sites on my phone. How do I stop it?

I've been looking this up for days, and at a complete dead end now. Everything I find basically comes down to remove the dns address, turn it off, or change the address to None of this works.

You can see in the picture that it's turned off, and there are no saved addresses to remove. It won't even save an address if I enter one. I can't find anything else on my phone that references dns or network settings. I'm only using cell data, not connected to any wifi. Changing the setting to automatic doesn't do allow me to visit sites either. Changing a setting and power cycling the phone doesn't change anything.

I've spoken with my carrier, there are no parental blocks on my account. I'm the only person on the account. No one else has access.

When I go to a site my browser tells me the site is not secure, mentions opendns, and gives me the option to continue anyways. Doing so only routes back to the same not secure message. I can't go any further.

I have no idea how this got on my phone, but it's been on it for a couple months now. I'm sure I'm forgetting some info, but I've listed the main things. Any help would be appreciated, this is just stupid at this point.

If there's a better /c/ to ask about this in let me know. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Lem453 got me back online with thier suggestion. Select the bottom option “private DNS hostname” and enter either or

Lots of good info provided by people too in the comments. As much as this has been frustrating for me on a daily basis it's also given me new knowledge on how my phone works, so that's pretty cool.