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Wander Wander

30-something grey wolf therian and furry. Admin of lemmy instance and mastodon instance.

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Closing Registrations. Reflecting on viability of continuation of Yiffit

Hello, Unfortunately I am not able to take care of Yiffit as it deserves. Unfortunately, having been blocked by, Yiffit is not a good instance to explore the lemmyverse because it is restricted. At the same time, I feel like there's countles off other sites where Yiff can be found in a better way.

I have closed registrations for the time being as I gather feedback and collect my thoughts.

Thank you and apologies.

Pending Tasks by Yiffit administration
  • Thank you! I just upgraded the lemmy version. I thought it would be difficult but it was more painless than I thought.

  • Yiffit has been upgraded to Lemmy 19.2 (you can now disable blur in your personal user settings)

    Was more painless than I thought. There's also 19.3, but that requires a pict-rs config upgrade and I'll leave that for another day.

    Are there federation problems with Hexbear or did they stop moderating with Yiffit?
  • Ah, I did not know this was a problem. The only reason I haven't upgraded yet is because it could break the current config. In any case, I'll try doing it as soon as possible.

  • Welcome back. What happened?
  • I'm working on it. Apologies for the downtime. I added enough resources to keep this from happening for another year, although I'll try to migrate to 0.19 this week.

  • Welcome back. What happened?
  • Yes, I'll upgrade this week at latest. Sorry for keeping us back. Historically that used to be the safest decision for Lemmy, but I do realize it's been a long time.

  • Welcome back. What happened?
  • Thank you. I'll add that to the status monitor. Do you have experience in system administration? I am basically unable to take proper care of yiffit at the moment, often being out of town and I need some help :(

  • Welcome back. What happened?
  • I'm sorry. Apparently the Lemmy server component went down but because the frontend was still responsive my downtime monitor didn't detect it as down.

  • Is the instance still accepting new users? (Yep, still does!)
  • I'm still around, but busy. I'll try to enable push notifications.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • It can be made easily via their API, but depends on what features you're looking for. What is it that you miss from the web version?

  • Forest Passion [M/M] (by Blotch)
  • I think you might mean Kenket or Blackteagan, but blotch?

  • Is the fandom a result of a Soviet army experiment!?

    Kneeling and Waiting [M] (By Skylardoodles)
  • Yes, so the bot currently uses a library that I compiled on windows and the whole bot only runs on windows right now, which I need to change because it's not viable to keep it running from my PC / dev environment.

  • is there a way to refederate instances just for me?
  • Yes, but It's pretty hands off since 99% of security stuff is managed for you by the Lemmy software, including rate limiting. Just make sure you use a secure password and if you want put the instance behind cloudflare which is super easy to do.

  • Apple’s MacBook Pro memory problem is worse than ever
  • Don't buy Apple. As simple as that. You know when a company gives you the creeps? That's how I feel about Apple.

  • Members can now create communities without need for approval first

    I have enabled once again the possibility of creating communities without the need of prior approval. Any Yiffit user is now able to create their community.

    Since things have slowed down considerable and I'm introducing new automated tools such as the Yiffit helper bot, it's now possible for me to put in place some safeguards and allow community creation without the need for approval.

    Pending Tasks by Yiffit administration
  • Good idea! And yes, the idea is to edit it or strike things through as they get done.

  • Pending Tasks by Yiffit administration

    For the sake of transparency, I'm sharing a list of pending tasks that I know are pending. Hopefully this will also let you know that I'm aware of it and will progressively take them on.

    1. Currently the helper bot does not post if it can only find an e621 result, even if that e6 post has sources.

    2. Currently the community list updater bot is not scheduled and needs to be setup to run at least every day.

    3. The helper bot needs a dedicated username.

    4. Publish revised version of recommended tagging for posts

    5. Hold vote/poll to name the mascot

    6. I am testing a utility that will allow users to automatically share images they like when browsing e6 or FA.

    7. Make a statement regarding the removal of the Pokeyiff community, but to sum it up, it is unfortunate that its creator decided to delete it, but I don't think it would be right for me to meddle with their decision as I want community owners truly feel that a community is theirs, even if that means deleting it.

    8. Update the main welcome post.

    Failed Hunt Pt. 10 [S][NonCon] (By Ruaidri)
  • What exactly failed about this?

  • Access home server from anywhere
  • I'd say to start with CF tunnels unless you need non-web based applications. Cloudflare tunnels require you to have a domain, though.

    It has the added benefit that you have network monitoring, logging and some filtering for security that they do on top and you get to manage everything from their web interface.

    be warned that the first time can be a bit confusing, but since it's done using their web interface it's easier than if you have a problem making wireguard work.

    1. Create a tunnel with a public hostname that will be the url to access that service. During the creation of the hostname specify you want it protected by L7 application firewall.
    2. Create a new self-hosted application in cloudflare application section and for starters use the default login email and in rules specify the list of emails that are allowed to login

    you should now be able to access your application from anywhere.

    Alternatively, if you have a DNS server in your home network you can add a private IP range to your tunnel. Let's say Then when you connect with their pseudo-VPN (cloudflare warp or cloudflare ONE) you can directly use your home network's ip address from that device. If you tell your device to use a local DNS server that resolves your internal services, you'll be able to connect to them that way.

  • Based battalion (by Jay-Shell)


    Goth Arctic Fox [F] (YiffyMix AI)
  • AI images are not allowed in our communities. Apologies. Please stop or I'll have to give you a temp ban. I'll leave this up for a while so that you can see this message.

    Thank you!

  • How to Fight Insomnia [F] (By Moddish)
  • Generally speaking it doesn't matter if the artist is the uploader or not, because it'll take the e6 artist tag. But, it's true that especially recent images are not on e6. I've edited the bot so that it will always post results if it finds a furaffinity, Weasly or twitter link but state that it might be the comissioner's account instead.

  • How to Fight Insomnia [F] (By Moddish)
  • Sorry! It now posted. Initially it wouldn't post if it couldn't verify an image's artist on e621, but I now have it say a message that it could have linked to the commissioner instead.

    If the image has an e6 version, it'll use that to verify the actual artist.

  • The Yiffit Helper bot is now live!

    Hello, after a few test posts yesterday, the new Yiffit Helper bot is now live. You can see a couple of examples here:

    and here:

    The goal of the bot is to boost our appreciation for the work that artists do by linking directly to their gallery and post-submission. This is especially useful for little known artists who will appreciate if you follow them, favorite their image, or check out their gallery.

    Please note: the bot only runs in communities where @Wander is a moderador. If you'd like to enable the bot in your own community, leave a comment here or send me a PM with the name of your community. You're free to choose whether to enable the bot or not.

    Also, aside for the test runs that I've been doing, the bot will not comment on old posts to avoid notification flood. Instead it's set to now run every 30 minutes for new submissions.

    If the bot fails to make a comment for your post, it probably means that it couldn't find a good match. It's not a perfect solution that will always work, but hopefully it will work as much as possible.


    Fuck Zodiac Signs, which is your favorite furry crush?


    At some point in time people will link to stack overflow, forum or similar support articles that are over 100 years old.

    Even if it's just an archived version, someone somewhere will find utility in IT or coding advice posted over a century ago.


    What is the name for the feeling of nostalgia, loneliness, eeriness and liminality that comes when listening to songs like subwoofer lullaby?

    Subwoofer lullaby from Minecraft:

    Please note that I'm not referring to nostalgia from having played Minecraft a long time ago. The song felt this way since I heard it the first time.

    Here's another song that has a similar feeling to it

    Is there such a concept as 'liminal music'?

    It's not exactly the same as frisson, I think, but it still makes me feel goosebumps sometimes




    Happy Halloween! This is you now.


    Summer breeze (by foxapm)



    You're not supposed to feed them (by Nomax)



    Artemis (by evenstevenh)

    Artist: https;//


    Is there any q&a site where answers can be edited collective, as in a wiki, in order to create the best possible reply?

    Just like wikipedia, but instead of articles it's questions.

    Potentially allow for several answers, but the main goal would be to create the best answer using the same criteria we use for wiki articles.


    Now I want to watch this


    Chillin' in the car (by Freeedon)



    Nuzzle Nuzzle (by Chemodan.chik)



    African Nomad (by Darknatasha)