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Oregon man who drugged daughter's friends with insomnia medication at sleepover gets prison term
  • 100% the guy is an irresponsible creep with terrible judgment and should never be allowed around a kid again.

    But as far as any evidence and testimony provides, that's as far as it goes and we do not need inaccurate, alarmist commentary to emphasize how wrong what he actually did was.

    If someone punches somebody else, and then a third party screams about how that bastard murderer killed a guy, then it turns out he didn't kill anyone, it ultimately discredits the actual story.

  • Anon loves pickles
  • You've been projecting so much, It's not surprising you find yourself mired in it.

    Pretty symptomatic of your myopia that you think I should help you. I punished you for being insulting, vain and aggressively ignorant.

    Enjoy your shame.

    Good meme, though.

  • Anon loves pickles
  • This is going to shock you, but you are crying into a mirror.

    You're proud of your ignorance.

    I educated you.

    You threw a tantrum.

    Learning new things clearly makes you scared, ashamed and aggressive, but those aren't the positive traits you apparently think they are.

  • Emerging Psychedelic Mushroom Alternative More Toxic Than Fentanyl, New Research Suggests
  • Haha, yeah but the disclaimer should go at the top.

    I agree mushrooms are amazing. I'm pretty interested in how we're going to take advantage of the material properties of mushrooms, seems like you can make pretty sturdy construction materials from them,woven fibers, styrofoam. I remember reading someone was working a mycoplastic, leather, tons of biomaterials.

  • Emerging Psychedelic Mushroom Alternative More Toxic Than Fentanyl, New Research Suggests
  • Maybe don't share random unverified information in the first place for the sake of community safety and responsibility.

    No studied psilocybe species contains any dangerous amount of secondary toxins so far, but there are dozens of species that haven't been tested thoroughly or specifically for secondary toxins, and we're discovering new psilocybe species all the time, so sticking with the species we do know only contain psilocybin and psilocin is a lot safer then assuming anything about such a vast and growing group of fungi, especially when misidentification is so simple.

  • Anon loves pickles
  • Nope, you're confused(hopefully).

    Defecating in a private toilet is, for most people, an entirely different situation than dining in public.

    You're mixing up defecating with eating your meal, okay, maybe that's how you roll, but spare us the details.

  • Mulling Over Morphs #34 - The Prophecy

    A great book for Cassie, although her books are always the most difficult because so many of her choices are to go against her nature as a pacifist and make some kind of sacrifice for the greater good. Like literally letting two different aliens control her in different books.

    We get to read some impressive morphing showcases here and this inside cover is great.

    Quotes Varyk

    I've never looked through a keyhole without finding someone was looking back - Judy Garland

    What a cool lady.


    Mulling Over Morphs # 33 - The Illusion

    The gang has a great plan to disrupt a dangerous new weapon and the plan mostly works until


    Tobias is brutally tortured to the brink of death by a sadist voluntary controller.

    He and Rachel finally kiss at the end after she saves him and doesn't kill the sadist much to my disappointment. Tobias convinces Rachel that killing his torturer would make them as bad as the torturer, and I do not agree.

    Weird skin tones in that double andalite drawing. And a segmented rattlesnake tail, which I don't think we've seen before either and the tail has never been described looking like.


    has the font size and color for the points been changed in the update?

    I'm having trouble seeing the points and I noticed that they're a dull gray and I believe tinier than they used to be.

    Has anyone else having trouble reading the points in the smaller new font or is it update panic mode and I'm not acclimatized yet?


    Miyazaki & Moebius Catalogue D'exposition (2004-2005)(with link) Miyazaki & Moebius Catalogue D'exposition (2004-2005) : Monnaie de Paris : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    A catalog for an art exhibition by the cartoonists Hayao Miyazaki and Moebius that ran from 2004 to 2005 at Monnaie de Paris in Paris, France.

    Miyazaki & Moebius Catalogue D'exposition (2004-2005) : Monnaie de Paris : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    Thought I'd throw this up since the link is missing from the op and it is a very cool catalog.


    Mulling Over Morphs #32 - The Separation

    Mean Rachel and nice Rachel! Marco can date nice Rachel and mean Rachel can break his arm!

    It's a win-win.


    wow, how good is "careless whisper"

    It's unfortunately such a pop culture joke that I've never listened to it before now.

    I just listened to it, and it's amazing.


    Mulling Over Morphs - #31

    In which the brutality of being child soldiers is explicitly spelled out to dispel any doubt that these kids are not irrevocably traumatized when


    Marco reveals he had a plan to kill tom the whole time in a way nobody would suspect the animorphs of doing it. And obviously in the last book a bunch of them tried to kill Marco's mom, so their moral compasses are pretty much destroyed by having to constantly kill things and make awful no-win decisions result in them hurting people, themselves were being tortured. Oh right, they torture Chapman in this book also.

    I like this book because they really let you know that things are not going to be okay and these kids are not going to pull up out of the trauma that's going to shape the rest of their lives. This war has already ruined their morality and ethics and general social interdependency, and things are not going to get better.

    This is kind of the book where you know things are not going to get better or get wrapped up neatly, no matter what happens.


    Mulling Over Morphs # 30 - The Reunion

    Otherwise known as the book that makes everybody cry or throw up


    out of sympathy for Marco's tortured relationship with his mother or because he has to morph into a cockroach.

    It's interesting that Rachel has the final sympathetic role in the book, but makes a sort of sense since Cassie, Tobias and Jake conspired to try to kill Marco's mother and he might not feel great about that right now.

    Marco gets so hopeful every time he thinks about saving his mother, it's pretty crushing.

    But I mean, she falls off a cliff and there's no body, so...t b continued.


    how can I remove an LLM from my Ubuntu computer?

    SOLVED by joneskind

    I have Ubuntu 20.04.1, I've installed ollama and a couple llms, it's amazing, but tinyllama is gibberish and I've just realized I don't know how to remove the llms from my computer or where they're stored, or anything about them.

    Mistral is very impressive btw


    The successful domestication of Belyaev foxes

    I learned a lot about donestication from this video. I knew domestication was basically eugenic, but I didn't realize it could happen in so few generations.


    Mulling Over Morphs #29 - The Sickness

    The concluding scene in which


    Cassie actually goes through with the surgery at having a bit of a breakdown

    was maybe the most stressful thing I had ever read up to that point.

    I had read a more dramatic events in other books, but I knew the gang so well that it was extremely harrowing seeing Cassie make this decision.


    TMNT Mutant Mayhem is great!

    This is the most fun I've had with any Ninja turtles media since like that comic book where they had to fight a bunch of stuff some kid drew because he had a magic crystal.

    The art is beautiful and very cool, the jokes were really fun, the turtles have great personalities and everyone is a great voice actor.

    I had so much fun watching this.

    There were even a few spots in the movie, like more than one where I was on the edge of my seat enthralled by the action sequences.

    Highly recommended.


    Mulling Over Morphs # 28 - The Experiment

    Hilarious when Marco suggests that ax sees how many cinnabons he can eat before exploding, and ax says, oh yeah no, I already did that.

    Also, how weird is this inside cover, why is Cassie giggling and pointing at a cow?


    Mulling Over Morphs #27 - The Exposed

    Always makes me shudder, when the gang is inside the ocean acquiring some monster.

    Especially giant squid, Reading sphere at 10 years old or however old I was terrified me.

    Pretty horrifying when they're all half drowning trying to demotph and remorph in the ocean.


    praxcrown5 drew a heavily stylized Anubis-derived erek the chee.

    Little too megaman for my preference,but still very impressive work.